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Spy USB flash

A spy USB flash represents a device for accessing a computer that is password-protected. It can be used to circumvent the code and unlock PCs, laptops, and tablets. The way it’s used is extremely simple and all you need to do is plug it into the appropriate USB port on the target computer.

A spy USB flash drive for accessing a protected computer can be used to control children, marital or emotional partners, employees, business associates, and in all other situations when it is necessary to unnoticeably and secretly get the relevant information. It’s a very practical device, very useful to have in case you yourself forget or accidentally change the access data, or in case this is done by your children or someone else from the house.

The password for accessing the computer can also be changed by a hacker attack or by activating malicious programs. Reinstalling the operating software system in these cases is not the best solution, because all the data, the installed programs, files, and documentation are lost in this process unless they are stored in an appropriate manner.

Another way to access a protected computer is to have special programs for breaking the code, but we certainly do not recommend doing this because they require previous preparation, take a long time, and are unreliable. In covert operations that require speed and discretion, this is not a good solution, especially since some versions of these programs that are downloaded for free from the Internet can seriously damage the computer.

How to use spy USB flash and its features?

A spy USB flash looks like any other device of this kind. It is used by connecting the device to a USB port located on a computer or laptop. After a few seconds, you enter the computer and you can do everything you want on it, as if you typed in the correct password, and even changed the Windows password. When restarting a computer without a USB ByPass, the code will still be there, the same as before, unless you have changed it or turned it off.

An important feature of this spyware device is that it does not leave any access traces. Therefore, the owner or user of the computer cannot see that someone has accessed the computer even when it comes to top operating system experts. This is very important for further monitoring and insight into all activities on the target computer.

A spy USB flash can be used to control children or marital or emotional partners, for controlling and supervision of employees, and business associates as well as in all other covert operations. For example, you can use this device to enter a password-protected computer and install spyware PC software.

With the spyware PC software, you can find out absolutely everything the user is doing on the computer and the Internet. The program works unnoticeably, does not take up much space, and all the information collected is sent only to you by e-mail.

In which situations can a spy USB flash be used?

If your children or spouse spend a lot of time on a computer and social networks, it’s time to react, bypass the code, and see for yourself all their activities. You can get valuable information about what your kids are doing on the Internet and social networks, who they are chatting and hanging out with, what kind of games they play, and whether they share their personal information with suspicious individuals. This way you can protect them from many unpleasant situations.

Also, if you suspect the loyalty of your spouse, you notice that he or she is spending too much time online and hiding his activities, do not wait, but confirm or disprove your doubts. This will relieve you of unnecessary stress and you will get the opportunity to take concrete steps in order to resolve this situation according to the information you have received.

A spy USB flash is also very useful for controlling and monitoring employees, business associates, and partners. If they are protecting the computer they are working with the code, it can be a sign that something is happening. So, check how your employees are doing their job, whether they harm you with some unauthorized actions or may even transfer confidential information to your business competition.

Call us and order this multipurpose and practical spy USB flash. We will also recommend other products from our range that can solve any problem you might have.


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