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Smart watch GPS tracker

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The Smart Watch ST GPS 312 is a smartwatch designed for tracking people’s movements. With a modern design, available in various colors, it enables parents to precisely remotely locate their child, as well as monitor the movements of elderly and dementia patients.

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The Smart GPS watch for tracking the movement of desired individuals operates on the principles of GPS and GSM technologies.

By connecting to the GPS satellite network, the device receives all movement information in real-time, and thanks to the SIM card inserted into the watch-locator, it establishes a connection with mobile telephony. Data from the smart GPS watch is tracked via a free application that needs to be installed on a mobile phone.

The Smart GPS watch is powered by a rechargeable integrated battery that guarantees uninterrupted operation for up to 45 hours in StandBy mode.

How the smart GPS watch works

The GPS locator in the tracking watch features a touch screen, an integrated GSM chip, a SIM card slot, a microphone, a speaker, an on/off button, and a charging input.

The SmartWatch ST GPS 312 operates over GSM/GPRS 3G/4G wireless internet and the GPS global satellite system. Real-time human positioning is possible in several ways, by connecting the smartwatch to a mobile phone and computer: via free software for mobile phones or computers, via PDA mobile phones, and Google Earth maps.

Before use, it is very important to charge the watch’s battery, which takes about 2 hours. After that, it is necessary to insert a SIM card from any mobile operator and enable data transfer.

All options of the smart GPS watch are tracked via an application that is installed on a mobile phone by scanning the QR code found in the instruction manual. The application then launches, and you need to register and create an account. The phone is connected to the smartwatch via the registration QR code. By filling in personal details and setting the required parameters, the connection of the device is completed.

It is important to choose the local time zone, and enter and memorize phone numbers (up to 10 numbers) that the watch user can contact by calling or via messages. SOS numbers are entered by priority and the watch owner calls them in case of danger by pressing the SOS button for 5 seconds. The watch calls SOS contacts in that order until a connection is established or the call is rejected twice.

Using the Disable in Class option, you can remotely set the time when calls will be blocked, while the child is in class, training, or the person is otherwise engaged.

The personalized GPS watch is compatible with all iOS and Android mobile phone models.

GPS locator options in the wristwatch

The smart GPS watch for tracking movement allows you to find out where the person wearing it is located at any time from any distance.

In addition to real-time locating, the GPS locator in the watch has other practical options:

  • Two-way communication via calls and messages
  • SOS alarm
  • Restricting movement within a predefined zone
  • A fall alarm alerts parents and caregivers with an automatic message or call
  • Watch and alarm
  • Weather forecast
  • Step counter and speed of movement measurement
  • School mode – blocking calls during class
  • Unauthorized use warning via a light sensor

The smart GPS watch is easy to set up and use. It features a decorative silicone strap and practical protection against water, dust, and dirt.

Who it is intended for

The locator in the smart GPS watch is primarily used for monitoring children’s movements. In addition, it can be used for locating adults, elderly, dementia patients, and anyone who needs extra supervision.

This practical GPS smartwatch gives the person wearing it a sense of independence and freedom of movement while giving peace of mind to parents and caregivers.

  • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.





Type Dual camera
Front camera resolution HD
Rear camera resolution HD
Photo resolution 2MP
Real time viewing Yes


Screen type IPS touch screen
Screen resolution 240 x 280 px
Touch screen 4,29cm (1,69”)
Screen diagonal Yes
Color screen Yes

Power supply

The possibility of working on batteries Yes
Battery type LiPo
Battery capacity 1.000mAh
Battery life: Up to 5 days in standby mode
Integrated battery Yes

Data storage

Internal memory capacity 2GB


Type SIm card NanoSIM
Operating frequency 2G, 3G, 4G
Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes


Geofence Yes
SOS button Yes
Remote control Yes
Overspeed alarm Yes
Third Dimension Sensor Yes
Remote shutdown of the vehicle Yes
The possibility of video calls Yes
GPS sensitivity -165dBm
GPS accuracy 5 m

Physical characteristics

Waterproof device IPX7
Device material ABS plastic and silicone bracelet
Working temperature -20°C to +65C
Product storage temperature -40°C to 85°C
Protection system Android
Device color Black, Blue, Pink
Work mode indicator Yes
Port type 4-pin magnetic connector

Weight and dimensions

Weight 150 g
Width 29.9 mm
Depth 59 mm
Height 31 mm

Packet Includes

  • USB cable
    USB cable with four-pin magnetic connector, good conductivity and quality insulation, which protects your device in any situation. It serves as a charging device.
  • Instructions for use
    It serves to guide you and adequately use all the functions of the device. In the manual, you can find detailed steps on how to operate the device in the easiest way.

How to use

Additional information


Black, Blue, Pink

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Is there an option on the device to set an allowed movement zone?

Yes, there is. A movement zone is defined, and if the tracker leaves this set zone, it immediately sends a warning that the restricted movement zone has been crossed.

Where should I put a GPS tracker for an older person?

You can give them a GPS tracker in the form of a wristwatch that they wouldn’t take off, or put a smaller model tracker in their favorite jacket where you would make a special pocket.

Does the tracker have a help button if an older person gets lost?

If the older person gets lost or disoriented, they can press a button – a panic button or SOS button which sends their location to the person who should come to help.


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Smart watch GPS tracker

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