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Spy USB Flash

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A spy USB flash is a device for accessing a password-protected computer. It looks a bit different from an ordinary USB flash memory, it connects to the USB port that any the tablet, laptop and home computer today has and in less than a second it bypasses the Windows password.

Bypassing password allows full access to the computer as if the correct password was typed so that the password can even be changed. When restarting a computer without a USB By-pass, the password will still be there, the same as before, unless...

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The Spy USB flash drive represents a device for accessing a computer that is password protected. It can be used to bypass the password and unlock PCs, laptops, and tablets. The way it’s used is quite simple, all you need to do is connect it to the appropriate USB port on the computer.

The Spy USB flash drive for accessing a protected computer can be used to monitor children, marital or romantic partners, employees, business associates, and in all other situations when it’s necessary to subtly and secretly access relevant information. It’s a very practical device that’s useful to have on hand in case you yourself forget or accidentally change access data, or if your children or one of the household members do so.

The computer access password can be changed by a hacker’s intrusion or the activation of malicious programs. Reinstalling the operating system in these cases isn’t the best solution because this procedure loses all data, installed programs, files, and documentation if they aren’t stored appropriately.

Another way to access a protected computer is by using special password-cracking programs, but we certainly don’t recommend them because they require prior preparation, take a long time, and are unreliable. In secret operations that require speed and discretion, this isn’t a good solution, especially since some versions of these programs that can be downloaded for free from the internet can seriously damage your computer.

How to use the Spy USB flash and its features

The Spy USB flash looks like any other device of this type. It’s used by connecting the device to the USB port located on the computer or laptop. After a few seconds, you’ve entered the computer and can do anything you want on it, as if you’ve typed in the correct password, and even change the Windows password. Upon restarting the computer without the USB ByPass, the password will still be there, the same as before, unless you have changed or disabled it.

A key feature of this spy device is that it leaves no traces of access. Therefore, the owner or user of the computer cannot see that someone has accessed the computer even when it comes to proficient users of operating systems. This is very important for further monitoring and insight into all activities on the targeted computer.

The Spy USB flash can be used to monitor children, marital or romantic partners, control and monitor employees, and business associates, as well as in all other secret operations. For example, using this device, you can enter a password-protected computer and install spy PC software on it.

With spy PC software, you can find out absolutely everything the user does on the computer and the internet. The program works inconspicuously, doesn’t take up a lot of space, and sends all collected information to you only via email.

In which situations can the Spy USB flash be used

If your children or spouse spend a lot of time on the computer and social networks, it’s time to react, bypass the password, and assure yourself of all their activities. You can get valuable data on what your children do on the internet and social networks, who they are chatting and hanging out with, what games they play, and whether they are exchanging their personal data with suspicious individuals. In this way, you can protect them from many unpleasant situations.

Also, if you suspect the fidelity of your spouse, you notice that they spend too much time online and hide their activities, don’t wait but confirm or deny your suspicions. This will relieve you of unnecessary stress and give you the opportunity to take concrete steps to solve that situation in accordance with the information you have obtained.

The Spy USB flash is very useful for controlling and monitoring employees, business associates, and partners. If they have protected the computer they work on with a password, this could be a sign that they are hiding something. So check how your employees do their job, whether they are harming you with some illegal actions or perhaps transferring confidential information to the competition.

Call us and order this multifunctional and practical Spy USB flash. We will also recommend other products from our assortment that can solve your every problem.


  • bypassing the password of any computers you want to access,
  • when you forget your password on your computer,
  • when your child changes the password on your computer and you want to check it out,
  • industrial espionage,
  • access to hard disks and all data on them such as photos and videos, important documents, confidential data, saved passwords,
  • various lists, search history
  • access to locked computers from which you can download information about confidential information
  • access to computers in the company to have an insight into the work of employees,
  • by accessing a computer with a USB bypass computer, you can smoothly install PC software.

Packet Includes

  • Instructions for use
    It serves to guide you and adequately use all the functions of the device. In the manual, you can find detailed steps on how to operate the device in the easiest way.

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How much time does it take to bypass a computer password?

Depending on the computer or laptop model, it should take around 10 minutes. It will be impossible to trace you afterward.

Does this software support all operating systems?

The spy USB flash can be used to access all types of computers and laptops that run on the Windows operating system.

Can I use it to change the password I’ve forgotten?

You can use this program to change the forgotten password on your computer — just connect the USB to your PC or laptop, bypass the password, and reset it.


Spy USB Flash

112,73 EUR
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