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Spy Pen Eavesdropper

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    A conversation recorder inside a pen is one of the most practical eavesdroppers on the market. This modern, functional spy pen comes with a miniature dictaphone (11 mm x 140 mm, 18 g) installed, which can discreetly record private or business meetings or any other important conversations.

    The pen eavesdropper is easily activated — by moving the slider, which is actually a pin attached to the pen. You don’t have to open the pen to access the mechanism — the recording is initiated on the outside, on the pen itself.

    This eavesdropper also contains a discreet, dark...

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    We all know what the primary use of a pen is — to write something down. Still, we offer specialized spy pens, which only look like everyday writing tools at first glance. Namely, apart from allowing you to write things down, these pens can also secretly record anything that is being said in your surroundings with high clarity.

    The conversation recorder within a pen is among the most practical eavesdropping devices on the market. A miniature dictaphone is installed inside a modern, functional pen (11 mm x 140 mm, 18 g). It can discreetly record business meetings, private talks, or any other important conversation.

    Pen eavesdroppers are activated quite easily, by sliding a pin attached to the pen. You don’t have to open the pen to get access to the mechanism, as the recording is initiated on the outside, on the pen itself.

    There is also a dark LED screen on which you can keep track of the number of files. It can be turned off when the dictaphone is on to enable you to eavesdrop even more discreetly. The spy pen works without any signalization — this allows you to record conversations in secret without the fear of getting “caught” and, consequently, stopped.

    The recorded conversations are stored in a 1GB internal flash memory inside the device.

    The dictaphone pen is powered by a top-quality battery that can be charged via a USB cable through a discreet port on top of the pen. You can also use it to connect the pen to your computer, laptop, tablet, or phone when you want to play the recorded material.

    You can listen to the recordings directly on the pen, as well, by using headphones.

    How Is the Pen Audio Recorder Used?

    One of the top advantages of the spy pen is that it’s applicable in almost any private or business situation when you need to record something.

    The eavesdropper is discreetly installed inside a regular, functional pen, so you don’t need to make any extra effort to hide the audio recorder. You can simply put the pen inside your shirt/jacket pocket or in your purse. Alternatively, you can place it on the table, and it will record everything in its vicinity (up to 8 meters away). Even if someone were to inspect it carefully, they would not be able to notice anything suspicious that would reveal its real purpose or your true intention.

    The dictaphone inside the pen is activated quite easily — you just need to press the sliding switch/pin located on the pen.

    There is also a dark LED screen where audio recordings are displayed. Once the pen is activated, you can turn it off completely so as to avoid getting caught.

    After you have turned the dictaphone pen on, it will begin working silently, without any signals, noises, lights, or vibrations when the recording starts, during the session, or once it ends. It won’t alert you even when the battery is running low.

    The pen places everything it records onto a 1GB USB internal memory, including:

    • – 130 hours in the Long Play Mode
    • – 65 hours in the High-Quality Mode
    • – 16 hours in the Extra High-Quality Mode
    • – 3 hours in the PCM-CD Quality Mode


    Thanks to the upgraded and refined microphone, the audio recorder registers every sound, and the filters disable the background noise and chatter. As a result, the reproduced audio recordings are crystal clear, so you won’t miss anything that is said.

    You can listen to what has been captured directly from the pen by connecting headphones to it. The eavesdropper can be connected to a computer or a laptop through a USB cable inserted into a port on top of the pen. That way, the recorded material can be downloaded and listened to carefully.

    You don’t need any special programs to listen to these audio recordings, nor do you need advanced IT knowledge. Plus, this eavesdropper is compatible with all the popular operating systems (Windows, macOS, etc.).

    The eavesdropping system installed inside the pen is powered by a top-quality Li-On battery, which can be charged via a USB cable connected to a computer. You will need around 2.5 hours to charge it completely.

    Once full, the battery allows you to record conversations for 12 hours.

    Advantages of Spy Pen Audio Recorder

    There are numerous reasons why a pen audio recorder is a perfect choice when you need to document a conversation or a situation:

    • – Perfect camouflage within an everyday object
    • – Easy to activate and use
    • – Works discreetly, without signalization
    • – Registers conversations within an 8-meter radius
    • – Crystal clear sound when recordings are played back
    • – 1GB internal flash memory
    • – Recordings played directly on the pen using headphones
    • – Material downloaded and played on a computer or laptop
    • – Integrated rechargeable battery with a high degree of autonomy — up to 12 hours
    • – Useful in a variety of private and business scenarios
    • – Functions and writes just like a regular pen

    When Can You Use the Spy Pen?

    The pen sound recorder can be used in a variety of situations when you need to document something without being noticed.

    The eavesdropping device in the pen can be used by anyone — you don’t need any special training or experience with spy equipment. Audio recordings are of top quality: they are clear and comprehensible, so you will be able to hear everything that matters.

    Conversation recording can be a great solution to many concerns and problems, both in personal and business life.

    The dictaphone pen is mostly employed for professional purposes. You can use it to record meetings, important negotiations, conferences, presentations, and even one-on-one conversations (when you need to get a confession or proof) — just activate the recording mode and put the pen in your shirt/jacket/T-shirt pocket or place it on a table. It will capture everything discussed within an 8-meter radius.

    The spy pen is an irreplaceable accessory for most detectives, investigators, and journalists. It’s very practical, and it can even be used by students who want to record lectures and presentations.

    You can also use the dictaphone to prove your partner’s infidelity. If you suspect they are seeing someone, just turn on the recording device, and you will soon have your proof — or, at least, your doubts dispelled.

    Finally, the spy pen works just like a real pen, so you can always use it to jot something down, thus preventing others from doubting its true purpose. You will also get a substitute ink chamber with your purchase.

    The pen eavesdropper is a very authentic and creative gift for all types of special occasions.

    If you want more information about this (or any other) spy device, feel free to get in touch. Contact us, and you will receive professional and friendly advice related to the use of eavesdropping tools that are bound to help you solve some of the issues related to your business or personal life.

    • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.




    Recording playback control Yes
    Superior sensitivity Yes
    Max listening area 16m²
    Soundless device Yes
    Impossibility to interfere in the relationship Yes
    Audio format WAV, MP3

    Power supply

    The possibility of working on batteries Yes
    Battery type Li-ion
    Battery life up to 130 hours of recording
    Integrated battery Yes
    Battery charge indicator Yes

    Data storage

    Internal memory capacity 1 GB


    Compatibility with systems Windows, Mac OS, Linux

    Physical characteristics

    Headphone jack Yes

    Weight and dimensions

    Weight 18 g
    Width 11 mm
    Depth 11 mm
    Height 140 mm

    Packet Includes

    How to use

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    Does this device work as a recorder, or can I listen to conversations in real time?

    This device works as a recorder, and you can activate the eavesdropper by moving the pin-shaped slider.

    Does the device’s light come on when it’s recording?

    The light signals will not appear when the pen starts recording. This will allow you to keep your recordings secret.

    What is the maximum distance at which it can record a conversation?

    Conversations within an 8-meter radius can be recorded with this device.


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