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Spammers and detectors

Signal jammers and spy device detectors are the only reliable way to protect yourself from espionage and eavesdropping.

They very accurately and quickly detect and prevent the operation of all known spy devices today.

Anyone can be a target of eavesdropping and spying, perhaps even you. Confidential personal or business data obtained by spying can be misused in various ways, and the damage can be of immeasurable proportions. Even your lives and the lives of your loved ones can be put in danger.

The good news is that devices for detecting and jamming spy equipment are being developed and improved alongside spy tools.

Our offer of detectors and signal blockers for spy equipment

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WiFi Camera Detector

An advanced technology product that flawlessly detects the frequencies of all known wireless cameras in a room being searched, as well as other spy devices, in less than 10 seconds. The professional wireless camera detector is easy to use, and its sensitive antennas register the signal of even the most sophisticated spy equipment within a radius of 20m, regardless of obstacles. When it detects the signal of a spy device, it will very clearly show you that with sound signalling, frequency display on a smaller monitor and the image the camera sees on a larger LCD screen.

Spy Equipment Detector ST Plus 3000

A handheld device for detecting spy devices that accurately and efficiently detects all spy tools within a radius of 10m, no matter how well hidden. The ST 3000 Plus detector is small in size, making it very easy to use by holding it in your hand and moving through the room you are searching. As soon as it detects a spy device, it alerts you with sound, light, or vibration signaling. This modern spy equipment scanner detects all known tracking and eavesdropping devices available on the market: wide spectrum digital, switch or analog signals, such as mobile phones, GSM and RF eavesdropping devices, GPS trackers, wireless and remote controllers, WiFi devices, radios, wireless spy cameras, wireless microphones and conversation recorders, i.e., all devices that emit or receive signals.

Spy Camera Detector

Accurately detects all types of wired and wireless spy cameras from a distance of up to 10m. Small dimensions and simple handling make the universal Spy Camera Detector a very practical and efficient device for scanning and detecting micro cameras. When it detects a spy camera, the detector alerts you with sound, light or vibration. It will quickly and error-free detect even the most hidden cameras in your home, office or car.

Spy Equipment Detectors HW 007 and G318 Max

Handheld devices that easily detect all types of eavesdropping devices in a room with exceptional accuracy of 1cm. These state-of-the-art multifunctional spy equipment detectors can be used in 3 ways: as reliable spy device scanners, with Gard mode you will be instantly alerted as soon as it detects a WiFi electromagnetic field and as a mobile phone blocker with the Cell Phone lock option.

Desktop Jammer

Is a desktop signal jammer and disruptor of modern spy equipment. The desktop jammer provides complete and reliable protection from espionage and eavesdropping. The signal blocker is the perfect device for educational institutions and prisons, as they can stop issues of cheating on exams and unauthorized use of mobile phones with it. The desktop jammer prevents the operation of all spy devices within a radius of about 120m.

Handheld Signal Jammer – Portable Jammer

A modern portable jammer of spy equipment operation that you can carry everywhere with you. The handheld jammer provides reliable protection from espionage by disrupting data transmission between spy devices within a radius of 30m. The portable jammer has special antennas for jamming signals, and each can be separately adjusted to the desired frequency. The handheld jammer is ideal for personal security protection, preventing eavesdropping at home, in a business space or in a car.

Professional Bomb Jammer

Used to disrupt the signals of spy equipment in both small and extremely large spaces. It is part of the equipment of leading world security and anti-terrorist agencies, border police, and is made according to modern Israeli military technology. You can control the professional signal jammer remotely, and thanks to a special cooling system, it can be active 24/7.

Latest generation signal blockers available to everyone

Signal jammers emit electromagnetic waves with the help of transmitters at the frequency of the spy device receivers, so instead of the desired information, people spying on you get very unpleasant sounds.

In our rich offer, everyone can find a suitable device to resolve their suspicions and protect personal privacy and safety. Our professional and friendly advice is to never risk with unverified copies of detectors and jammers of spy devices that you can find on the internet. Not only do they have nowhere near the capabilities of the originals, but they are also unreliable, and by the time you discover this, it may be too late.