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Gps locator for pets

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The Pet GPS tracker GPS-201 is an innovative mini locator that integrates options for tracking movement and training pets.

This practical waterproof GPS tracker is attached to the pet’s collar and helps owners know where their dog or cat is in real-time, from any location at any moment.

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In addition to accurate positioning, you can communicate two-way with your pet, listen to what’s happening around them, restrict their movement within a certain zone, punish them for disobedience, or find them four-legged friends for socializing nearby.

The pet locator works on the principle of GPS and GSM technology, has unlimited range, and all that’s needed for tracking the pet’s movement is a mobile phone. The tracker is compatible with all iOS and Android OS devices. You can get data about the exact location of your dog or cat via an SMS message in the form of latitude and longitude, a link to Google maps, or track it by directly accessing the server via a computer and mobile phone.

The Pet GPS tracker works with a rechargeable lithium battery which can last up to 375h in Standby mode.

How the Pet GPS Tracker Works

The GPS pet locator contains integrated GPS/GSM antennas, a slot for a SIM card, a mini microphone, and a speaker.

With the help of GPS antennas, the pet tracker establishes a connection with the global satellite network and collects the location and movement information of the animal, which are updated every 5 seconds. Then, through the SIM card, a signal is established with the mobile phone network, and the obtained data is sent to the mobile phone via an SMS message in the form of longitude and latitude coordinates or a link to Google Maps. The obtained data needs to be copied into any of the maps that support this search method or click on the link and you will get the precise location of your pet with an accuracy of 5 meters.

Also, the pet’s movement can be tracked live, in real-time by logging into the server via free applications for computers and mobile phones.

What Can You Do With a Pet GPS Tracker

A multi-purpose locator with an unlimited range for pets, thanks to numerous useful functions, makes the job easier for dog and cat owners. In addition to enabling you to track movement and find lost pets, it helps in training and disciplining animals.

Pet GPS Tracker GPS-201 Features

  • Real-time location tracking and pet movement history.
  • Geo-fence: restrict the animal’s movement zone. As soon as it crosses the set border, your phone will automatically ring and you will be immediately notified.
  • Commands: record your voice with basic commands or communicate directly with the dog or cat. This way, you can call your pet to go home from any distance.
  • Listening to sounds and happenings in the animal’s environment.
  • Punishment for disobedience: extremely useful in training, a slight electrical jolt corrects the animal’s unwanted behavior.
  • Socialization: with the help of the application, you will easily find a company for your pet in the immediate vicinity.
  • Reporting the disappearance of a pet All Pet GPS locator functions are supported in 16 languages.

Usage of Pet GPS Locator

The Pet GPS tracker is used for movement control, prevention of disappearance, and finding lost pets. The locator is small in size, built into the collar, lightweight and does not interfere with the animal’s daily activities.

The device is water-resistant, and works unhindered even when the animal gets wet or soaked.

The Pet GPS tracker is most commonly used for locating and training dogs and cats. It is of great benefit to hunters to track the movement of hunting dogs. It can also be used as a locator for other domestic animals – cows, horses, sheep, or goats.

  • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.




Power supply

The possibility of working on batteries Yes
Battery type Li-ion
Battery capacity 450 mAh
Battery life: Up to 5 days in standby mode
Integrated battery Yes


Type SIm card NanoSIM
Operating frequency 2G, 3G, 4G


Geofence Yes
SOS button Yes
Remote control Yes
Low battery alarm Yes
Overspeed alarm Yes
Third Dimension Sensor Yes
Connecting to the server Yes
The possibility of pet training Yes
GPS sensitivity -156dBm
GPS accuracy 5 m

Physical characteristics

Waterproof device IP67
Device material ABS plastic
Working temperature -20°C to 55°C
Product storage temperature -40°C to 85°C
Max air humidity 5% – 95%
Device access application Baanool
Device color Black
Work mode indicator Yes
Port type Micro USB

Weight and dimensions

Weight 52 g
Width 73 mm
Depth 40 mm
Height 43 mm

Packet Includes

  • USB cable
    Micro USB cable with good conductivity and quality insulation, which protects your device in any situation. It is used both for charging devices and for transferring data from various household devices such as mobile devices, mp3, cameras…
  • Instructions for use
    It serves to guide you and adequately use all the functions of the device. In the manual, you can find detailed steps on how to operate the device in the easiest way.

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Is the GPS tracker harmful to pets?

The tracker does not have a negative impact on animals. It is mostly in standby mode and only sends location data at your request. The amount of radiation is negligible.

Can the GPS tracker locate a dog in uninhabited areas, for example in a forest, as there is a possibility that my dog could get lost there when I take him for a walk?

Although the forest is a slight obstacle to the GPS signal, our model of GPS pet tracker receives signals even in the forest so you can locate a lost dog. The only important thing is the coverage of the mobile phone signal so the tracker can send you the location.

Is the animal GPS tracker waterproof?

Yes, it is water-resistant in the case of rain and similar wet conditions. However, it is not waterproof if the dog jumps into a river.


The Pet GPS tracker GPS-201 is an innovative mini locator that integrates options for tracking movement and training pets.

This practical waterproof GPS tracker is attached to the pet’s collar and helps owners know where their dog or cat is in real-time, from any location at any moment.

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Gps locator for pets

17.500 rsd