Purchasing Discretion Purchasing Discretion Guaranteed customer discretion when purchasing
A legal purchase A legal purchase Purchase available to both individuals and businesses
Purchasing from all over the world Purchasing from all over the world Possibility of online payment
Delivery throughout Europe Delivery throughout Europe The possibility of ordering from all EU countries

Terms of Use

The online store “SpyTech” is owned by ALFA SISTEM PLUS D.O.O. company, and this website represents a presentation of products and services offered by our company. The entire content of the website is the property of the company, and copying and using the content for any purpose without the owner’s consent is prohibited. Please note that not all products are displayed, and the most detailed information can be obtained at our office.

The terms of use and business for the online store are defined in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law and the application of good business practices of ALFA SISTEM PLUS D.O.O. company. The “SpyTech” online store is a website intended for the sale of spy products available in our offer. The user or customer is a person who uses the services of our online store with the intention of purchasing specific products or obtaining information about them.

Prices on the Website

All product prices are stated in Serbian dinars and include VAT. The “SpyTech” online store reserves the right to change product prices at any time without prior notice. Changes in prices, whether a decrease or increase, will not affect products that have already been ordered through the website.

Statement on Data Confidentiality During Transactions

If you make payments for products through the website using a bank card, when entering credit card information, confidential information is transmitted over the internet in a secure (encrypted) form using SSL protocol, which represents the most advanced cryptographic technology currently available. The security of data during purchases is guaranteed by the card payment processor. At no time are credit card details accessible to our system.

Right to Privacy and Security

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law, the data provided by customers on our website is used exclusively for communication purposes related to the purchase of goods, handling complaints, and providing information to customers. ALFA SISTEM PLUS D.O.O. does not use customers’ personal data for any other purpose, nor will it do so.

Use of Spy Equipment

ALFA SISTEM PLUS D.O.O. is the only registered company in Serbia for the sale of spy equipment. When you purchase products from us, you do so legally, and you receive a fiscal receipt and a warranty. Before using any devices, you must be aware that misusing them can have consequences and lead to criminal prosecution. If your actions are classified as a “Violation of someone’s privacy,” you will be held responsible. Users themselves are obliged to comply with all applicable local and state laws!


ALFA SISTEM PLUS D.O.O. disclaims and assumes no responsibility for the use of equipment purchased from us or any of its parts.

In case of violation of the laws of the country where the equipment is used, in case of any material or immaterial, direct or indirect damage to anyone, in cases of misuse, in case of infringement of privacy, copyright, or other rights of equipment users or third parties, in cases of using equipment for discrimination on any basis.

By purchasing spy equipment, it is considered that you are aware of and accept these terms of use. ALFA SISTEM PLUS D.O.O. does not keep records of individuals to whom the equipment is sold, does not collect any personal data, and guarantees complete discretion.

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