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Spy equipment

Take a look at the selection of spy equipment and software we provide

Spy equipment has long left the realm of movie sets and become an integral part of our private and business lives. In movies, spy equipment is used to deal with villains, but in reality, you won’t find a better ally on the path to truth or asset protection.
You may have already used some spy devices, and if you haven’t, there’s a high probability that you will, at least once. That’s what the statistics say.

Spy devices are now easily accessible to everyone at affordable prices and without the necessary permits and licenses for their purchase and use. Spy equipment can encompass a wide range of devices such as hidden cameras, voice recorders, bugs, covert recording devices, GPS tracking devices, presence detectors, spy bugs, and more. These devices are often designed to be discreet or camouflaged to enable secret recording or surveillance. Everyday objects can quickly be transformed into perfect spy tools that allow you to monitor everything that happens in your home, office space, or car from any distance when you’re not present.

Glasses, a pen, or a keychain that discreetly record everything happening in their surroundings or software that gives you full access to someone’s phone as if you were holding it in your hand are just some examples of modern technology in the service of truth and security.

People use spy equipment for various purposes.

Do you suspect your spouse or romantic partner of cheating? Are you unsure who your child is hanging out with and how they spend their time? Do you want to optimize your business, reduce unnecessary expenses, and prevent leaks of important business information? Or do you want to protect yourself from espionage?

Uncovering deceit, monitoring children, protecting assets and cars, and improving business are the most common reasons for using spy tools.

Spy equipment can be categorized into several categories, so depending on your needs, you can choose:

  • Spy cameras

    Spy cameras are devices with advanced technical characteristics that are easy to install and use. They are small in size, perfect for camouflage and hiding. Some micro cameras come already installed in everyday objects, making them even more practical and secure. Micro cameras are suitable for covert recording and live monitoring of any room in an apartment, office space, or car. In addition to covert recording, micro cameras can also be used as security cameras to protect assets.

  • Bugs and listening devices

    Listening devices and spy bugs are used for secret audio surveillance of residential spaces, office spaces, and cars. Their small size and special design enable easy use and simple concealment, making them practically impossible to detect with the naked eye. Some of the bugs and listening devices are already installed in everyday objects, significantly facilitating room eavesdropping.

  • Phone and computer monitoring software

    Spy software programs allow secret access to all activities on targeted mobile phones and computers. This also includes USB flash drives for accessing password-protected computers and digital forensics for mobile phones. Spy software is a sophisticated program created to monitor and record every activity of phone or computer users.

  • GPS trackers and locators

    GPS trackers provide valuable information about the movement and current location of vehicles and other mobile objects. With GPS locators, you can always know where your vehicle is located. GPS trackers provide effective protection against car and motorcycle theft, as well as potential damages. Transport company owners can use them to monitor vehicle movement, mileage, deviations from the assigned route, unplanned stops, and more. GPS locators can be used to track and locate not only vehicles but also boats, people, and pets. They can be installed in bicycle or motorcycle lights, helmets, children’s backpacks, collars worn by pets around their necks, and more. When it comes to car protection, GPS trackers are crucial for quickly locating the current or moving position of the vehicle because every delay reduces the chances of finding it. GPS trackers can also be used as spy equipment for covert recording, eavesdropping, and tracking. When the device detects the location of a vehicle or other object, it sends a written message with coordinates in the form of latitude and longitude to the user’s mobile phone. You just need to enter the received coordinates into a map, and you will get the precise location of the object.

  • Spy device detectors and signal jammers

    Do you suspect that you’re being monitored or tracked? Your suspicions may be well-founded, considering that spy equipment is advancing rapidly, and tracking and surveillance devices can be obtained by anyone. Spy device detectors are the only reliable way to protect yourself from tracking and eavesdropping. The detectors in our range reliably locate and detect all spy devices currently available on the market. They will help you find all hidden spy devices in less than 1 minute.

  • Self-defense devices

    Self-defense equipment can become your best ally in protecting yourself against aggressive attackers, thieves, or aggressive dogs. We live in an unsafe environment, and even a simple walk can turn into a risk. That’s why personal safety protection devices have become an essential part of our belongings.

Is it legal to use spy equipment?

One of the most common dilemmas regarding spy equipment is whether it is legal to buy and use spy equipment. Based on years of experience in distributing spy gadgets and working with people, we will give you immediate answers to these questions.
There are registered stores for distributing and selling spy equipment where you can buy these devices like any other product, with a fiscal receipt and warranty. This makes it clear that the law allows the acquisition and use of spy equipment by all adults.

Another aspect concerns the information obtained through spy tools and, of course, the ethical aspect of listening and secretly recording someone. That is left to the personal responsibility of each individual. Will you misuse that information to harm someone or a company, or will it help you resolve doubts or problems in your private and business life?

Imagine a parent who suspects that their child is heading down the wrong path, and by tracking the child’s phone, they can find out the truth and take timely steps to prevent further consequences.

Or a person who has been plagued by suspicions of their romantic partner’s fidelity for months, and a spy device can help them confirm or dismiss those suspicions and sleep peacefully again.

Also, wouldn’t you do everything to prevent leaks of important information from your company or malfeasance by employees and collaborators that could jeopardize your business? Spy equipment can be successfully used for those purposes as well.

Therefore, the acquisition and use of spy equipment are legal as long as the information obtained through them is not misused.

How to choose the best spy equipment?

If you’re planning to purchase a device from the range of spy equipment, we recommend conducting thorough research before making a final decision.
The spy equipment market is diverse, and there are numerous domestic and international distributors on the internet. People are often attracted by low prices and opt for unverified devices found online. Most of the time, these devices do not have the advertised features and are often completely non-functional. When that happens, you realize that there’s no one to turn to and file a complaint.

Before buying spy equipment, consider the following aspects:

  • Choose a spy product from a reputable brand known for its quality and reliability.
  • Check if the product comes with a warranty period and instructions, which will facilitate its use and installation.
  • Review the return options and the product return policy offered by the seller.
  • Compare the technical specifications and prices of different spy devices to find the best balance between quality and price.
  • Ensure that the seller’s website is reliable and provides secure online shopping.
  • Visiting a physical store is often beneficial as it allows you to obtain all the necessary information and consult with experts.

SpyTech offers the opportunity to purchase original and tested spy equipment from a registered store, with a fiscal receipt and warranty. More importantly, every product in our range comes with detailed instructions in Serbian, and our clients receive technical support and assistance with device installation and usage.

If you’re unsure which spy device will best solve your problem, we will use our experience to help you make the right choice.

High-quality spy equipment available in Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, and beyond

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As experienced sellers of spy equipment for over 15 years, we are proud to offer you the opportunity to purchase our products not only in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, and Slovenia but also in countries across Europe and beyond. Whether you are located in Austria, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Romania, or any other country in the EU or beyond, our online store enables the easy and secure purchase of spy equipment with delivery to your desired address.

While some spy shops in the region charge high prices and offer no guarantees or refund options, our store not only offers high-quality spy equipment but also provides a full warranty, a money-back policy, and technical support for all our products.

Whether you are in Vienna, Berlin, Rome, Budapest, Bucharest, Sofia, or any other city in the EU, you can easily access our online store from any location and find spy devices that meet your needs.

Visit our online store today and explore our extensive selection of spy equipment. Take advantage of our user-friendly interface, secure payment options, and prompt delivery services to your desired location.