Spy equipment

In recent years, spy equipment has left the realm of fiction and become an integral part of our personal and professional lives. In movies, it’s mostly used against the bad guys; however, in real life, you won’t find a better ally in your search for truth or in your attempt to protect your property.

Perhaps you have already used spy devices. If not, chances are you will at some point — at least that’s what statistics say.

Spy devices are now accessible to anyone. You won’t need any permissions or licenses to buy or use them. Modern spy gadgets are very small and easy to hide, as they can blend in with their surroundings rather well. You can use them without any special knowledge or skills necessary. Everyday objects can become perfect spy tools in no time. They can be used to monitor everything happening in your home, office, or car when you are not around.

Your glasses, pen, or keychain that are secretly recording everything that is happening around you or the software that allows you to access somebody’s phone as if you were holding it in your hand are only some examples of modern technology used for the purposes of finding out the truth or protecting yourself.

Spy equipment can be used for different reasons.

Are you concerned about your partner cheating on you? Perhaps you are not sure what your child is doing or who they are hanging out with? Maybe you want to optimize your business, eliminate unnecessary expenditures, or stop important information from being leaked? Or do you just want to protect yourself from being spied on?

Finding out whether your partner is cheating, monitoring your children, protecting your assets and your car, and optimizing your business are some of the most frequent reasons why people use spy equipment.

Spy equipment can be sorted into a couple of categories. Therefore, you can choose among the following options based on your needs:

Is Using Spy Equipment Legal?

One of the most frequent dilemmas regarding spy equipment is whether it’s legal to buy and use it. Based on our vast experience in the distribution of spy gadgets and everyday communication with customers, we will give you the answer to this question right away.

There are registered stores for the distribution and sale of such equipment. Here, you can buy spy devices just like you can buy anything else from another type of store — you will even receive a fiscal receipt and a warranty. Clearly, the law allows you to purchase and use such devices (unless you are a minor, of course).

Naturally, many people also wonder how ethical it is to obtain information by using spy tools — how moral is it to eavesdrop on someone or record them in secret? We will let you be the judge of that. Will you misuse this information and cause harm to an individual or a business, or will this simply help you resolve some concerns in your private or professional life?

Imagine if parents were worried about their child going down the wrong path — monitoring the child’s phone can help them learn the truth, and it will be up to the parents to stop any further consequences.

Or what if a person has been going crazy over their partner’s fidelity for months, and a spy device could help them put their mind to rest?

Furthermore, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to stop important information from being leaked from your company or to prevent some malicious acts by your employees or associates that could jeopardize your business? Spy equipment can be used for these purposes as well.

Therefore, purchasing and using spy equipment is legal — as long as you don’t misuse the information you have obtained thanks to it.

Spy Micro-Cameras

Spy micro-cameras are among the top technological innovations. They are easy to install and use. You can hide them quite well since they are very small and pretty much indistinguishable from their surroundings. Some micro-cameras are already installed into everyday objects, which makes them even more practical and secure.

Micro-cameras can be used to record and monitor any room in your apartment or workspace live. You can also use them for cars. These devices can come in handy not only for secret recording but also for monitoring and protecting your valuable assets.

Thanks to these recordings, you can find out what your children are doing when they are alone, how your partner is behaving, whether your employees are stealing from you, and much more that could help you maintain your private and professional integrity.

In our catalogue, you will find light bulb cameras, flashlight cameras, smoke detector cameras, endoscope cameras, ultra-thin cameras, dash cameras, and cameras hidden in glasses, watches, pens, keychains, and alarm clocks.

State-of-the-Art Micro-Cameras

Spy cameras allow you to opt for the operating mode that suits you best. If you can connect to the WiFi, you will be able to follow everything live from your phone. That way, you will have a chance to react straight away if you need to stop something harmful from happening. In addition, you can store the recorded material onto the memory card and watch it later.

Contemporary micro-cameras can detect movement, which means they will start recording only when someone has entered the room or when they register something is happening. Thanks to their wide-angle lens and advanced night optics, they provide top-quality recordings even when the visibility has been compromised. Some of them can also record when it’s pitch-black outside (night vision).

Hidden cameras can help you record audio and video secretly, as well as take individual photos. Their power supply can come directly from a source of electricity, or you can use rechargeable lithium batteries. To watch the recordings, all you need to do is connect the camera to a computer, laptop, or another similar device that can be used for this purpose.

Light Bulb Spy Camera

The biggest advantages of light bulb spy cameras are their wide-angle lens and the fact that they can blend in with their surroundings perfectly.

They can be set up in any space, where they will be practically indistinguishable from their environment. Since such a camera is connected to a constant power supply, you can use it to record and monitor something 24/7. Thanks to the IR Night Vision option, the light bulb micro-camera can record something perfectly even when the visibility is minimal. You can set it up to take photos or capture audio and audio-video recordings of high resolution.

The light bulb camera can be connected to a WiFi network. As a result, you will receive a secret surveillance device that can work in real-time and that has an unlimited range. You will be able to control it no matter where you are, thanks to the phone app that you can download from the Google Play store.

For example, that means you will be able to watch what is happening in your workplace from your apartment and vice versa, regardless of how far away you are.

The camera has a slot for a 64-GB micro SD memory card. You can store the recordings on your laptop, computer, tablet, or phone.

The device also works like a regular light bulb, so the chances of your intentions being thwarted are slim.

Flashlight Micro-Camera for Recording in Secret

The flashlight micro-camera is a very practical device that can be used when you need to record something — even in the dark. This hidden camera can also serve as a self-defense device since it has a built-in SOS button and an alarm. You can even install GPRS and GPS in it in case you want to track and locate it.

Its powerful LED lights provide top-quality photos and recordings that can later be watched live on an LCD monitor. Thanks to its motion detection feature, the camera starts only when it registers a movement in its vicinity. In addition, its noise-canceling filter and microphone amplifier allows you to listen to even the quietest of conversations.

The recordings are stored on a TF memory card with a capacity of up to 32 GB. To watch the recordings, you need to use a USB to connect the camera to a computer, laptop, or another similar device that can be used for this purpose.

Thanks to all these features, the flashlight camera is an integral part of the equipment of rescue services, security agencies, firefighters, guards, as well as mountaineers, speleologists, and explorers.

Cameras Hidden in Glasses, Watches, Pens, and Keychains

Modern micro-cameras are very small, which is why it is easy to install them into everyday objects without raising any suspicion.

A watch on your wrist, your eyeglasses or sunglasses, a pen in your pocket, or your car keychain can become the greatest ally in your attempt to record something in secret.

Spy glasses are an ideal spy tool, as they allow you to move while recording everything that is happening around you.

They are used by detectives, paparazzi, investigators, adventurers, or drivers who want to record important moments.

You can operate the camera glasses by pressing a button, and their battery allows you to record nonstop for 5 hours.

The recordings are stored in internal memory, and you can watch them later by transferring them to your computer, phone, or laptop.

Special microphone filters eliminate all noises, which is why you can expect crystal-clear sound.

The keychain micro-camera can capture photos and audio and video recordings of high resolution.

The IR Night Vision diodes allow you to record even when visibility is poor, and thanks to their motion detection feature, they can be set up to activate only when a movement is detected nearby.

These devices can also be ideal gifts when you don’t know how to surprise someone.

Ultra-Thin and Endoscope Spy Cameras

Unfortunately, there are some places that micro-cameras can’t access — but that’s where Snake and Endoscope cameras come in. These cameras can capture photos and recordings of top quality. They are ideal for recording something in dark and inaccessible places.

The popular Snake camera is easy to disguise, as it’s very small.

It can also be connected to WiFi, so you will be able to watch its recordings live.

Everything this camera captures can be stored on a memory card. You will also have the option of saving its recordings on your mobile phone.

This camera is ideal not only for spying but also for surveillance.

The Endoscope camera comes in the shape of a probe. It’s located on one end of a bendable cable, whereas the other end is connected to an LCD screen, where you can follow everything that is happening live.

This camera can be used even in damp and dark places, like canals, thanks to the powerful light emitted by 6 LED diodes, its wide-angle lens, and its waterproof design.

The high-quality zoom allows you to capture even the tiniest of details. It also offers full rotation (360°).

Programs for Monitoring Mobile Phones and Computers

Spy software refers to programs that allow you to access and monitor all the activities on a target phone or computer in secret. This category also includes mobile phone digital forensics and a USB flash drive that allows you to enter a password-protected computer. Spy software basically refers to sophisticated programs created to monitor and record every activity of a phone or computer user.

Programs used for monitoring and eavesdropping on mobile phones and computers, the USB flash drive, and the mobile phone digital forensics will help you get reliable information about a phone or computer user. This way, you can find out everything about what your children, partner or employees are doing when you are not around.

Program for Monitoring Another Person’s Phone

A mobile phone stores a large amount of information about its user’s personal and professional life, so hacking or breaking into another person’s phone is the fastest way to resolve some of your concerns.

But how can you monitor somebody else’s Viber? How can you secretly get into somebody’s phone? How can you hack a mobile phone?

The award-winning SpyTech software for phone monitoring enables you to gain complete insight into everything your partner, child, or employee is doing on their phone.

This program designed for phone monitoring is easy to use. You just need to install it on the phone that is supposed to be monitored — the target phone, that is. The installation process itself is very short (it takes about 10 minutes), and the program doesn’t take up a lot of phone space. The phone’s functionality won’t be affected in any way — in fact, the owner won’t even know it’s there since it will be practically invisible. The program will monitor all the activities of the phone owner, and the reports will be sent to you via a personalized web panel that only you can access (thanks to the unique password).

You can leave the installation of the phone monitoring program to us, or you can do it on your own with our help.

This program will allow you to monitor all the activities of the target phone user live, provided that the phone is connected to the internet. The phone monitoring program records all conversations, incoming and outgoing messages, emails, photos, video recordings, and everything done via social media. In short, you will be able to see everything the phone user is doing as if you were holding the phone in your hand.

  • Automatic recording of all phone calls and access to all call logs
  • Monitoring Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, emails, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, Hike Messenger, Hangout, Pinterest
  • Keylogger — monitoring everything that has been typed on the phone, including all the passwords
  • Recording SMS and MMS messages
  • Pinpointing the precise GPS location and accessing the full location history
  • Viewing the photos taken with the target phone
  • Turning all the apps on the target phone on and off
  • Accessing browser history
  • Turning the front and back camera on and off and watching everything happening near the phone live
  • Listening to everything around the phone and recording it
  • Tracking a lost or stolen phone

The program comes with a license that can be renewed an unlimited number of times. You can check out all its features for free by using the 48-hour trial version. Once this period expires, you will be under no obligation to buy it.

Mobile Phone Digital Forensics — Recovering Lost Data

Is your mobile phone damaged, or have you accidentally deleted some important data? Perhaps someone has done it on purpose? Stress and panic are common reactions to these situations. But, there is no need to worry — mobile phone digital forensics offers a perfect solution.

Digital forensics allows you to recover all the data, regardless of how you’ve lost it. It can be used even if the phone is broken or physically damaged. You will be able to recover your messages, call logs, contacts, audio, and video recordings — pretty much everything that was on your phone. Digital forensics is performed via the latest device produced by an Israeli company called Cellebrite.

This equipment can recover the data from day one, even if the device is password-protected.

Computer Monitoring Program

The PC spy software is our award-winning program that gives you full insight into all the activities performed on the target computer. This software works in the invisible mode, it doesn’t affect or slow down the computer, and it collects all the data even from password-protected accounts.

It can be installed quickly and easily — the whole process takes about 20 minutes. You can do it on your own, with our manual, or you can leave it to us. The set-up can be done in our office or remotely. In case the latter is more practical for you, you will only need to provide us with access to the target computer.

Once the program has been installed, the data will be sent to the previously chosen email address. You will get information about:

  • Email activities
  • Visited websites
  • Passwords
  • Keystrokes
  • Complete MSN, Facebook, Skype, AOL, etc. chat logs
  • All the uploaded and downloaded files
  • Screenshots at the time you have chosen
  • … Absolutely everything typed on the keyboard

The computer monitoring program is mostly used in business, for employee and coworker monitoring, as well as for the monitoring of children and partners.

Eavesdroppers and Bugs

Eavesdroppers and spy bugs are used for secret audio surveillance of a household, workplace, or car. Their small dimensions and special design allow you to use them easily. They are practically invisible to the naked eye, as they can blend in with the surroundings very well. We’ve already installed some of our eavesdroppers and bugs into everyday objects, making it easier for you to eavesdrop on others.

Eavesdroppers are multipurpose spy devices. They can be used for recording conversations, interviews, lectures, and business (and other kinds of) negotiations of great importance. They are used by business people, students, journalists, paparazzi, detectives, and investigators in their secret operations.

The term “bug” is often tied to the traditional audio recorders inserted into ears. However, as technology developed, so did the bugs and microphones. That’s why we can now offer extension cord eavesdroppers, mini GSM eavesdroppers with an unlimited range with or without a camera, computer mouse or USB flash drive bugs, etc.

With our detailed manual in Serbian, all these devices can be installed and used rather easily, which is why audio surveillance has become accessible to absolutely everyone.

How Are Eavesdroppers Used?

It is only necessary to place them in the room you wish to monitor. Most of them have already been installed in everyday objects, which makes the process of eavesdropping significantly less complicated.

The majority of modern eavesdroppers come with a voice-activation mode, which means they will start working and recording only when they’ve detected a sound nearby. That way, they will save your time and device memory. The recorded conversations are stored in internal memory, and you can listen to them whenever it’s convenient for you.

These devices come with lithium batteries, which allow them to work for hours on end, depending on the chosen operating mode.

These multifunctional devices can be used for eavesdropping on your partner, children, or employees.

GSM Eavesdroppers for Live Eavesdropping

The GSM eavesdropper allows you to eavesdrop on someone live. It can be activated remotely, via a phone, and you will be informed via a text message or a phone call that the recording has started or that something is going on in the room. You can use your phone to monitor activities and eavesdrop even on the quietest of conversations.

Its small dimensions and unlimited range allow you to place it anywhere in a room or in a car. It is activated without noise upon detecting someone’s voice. Alternatively, you can use your phone and dial the number of the SIM card located in it to activate it. Top-quality batteries allow these devices to work for days on end, depending on the operating mode you’ve chosen.

GSM eavesdroppers have coded frequency, which is why signals can’t interfere during audio surveillance. You can also use them as precise locators.

Thanks to the integrated noise-canceling filters, the sound will be crystal clear. Special microphone amplifiers will enable you to hear what people are saying even when they are whispering in a room as large as 50m2. That way, you can be sure you won’t miss any important information.

Extension Cord Eavesdropper

The spy extension cord allows you to eavesdrop on someone in real time. It differs from a regular extension cord because it has an integrated SIM card that connects it to the GSM mobile network. As a result, its audio signal can travel an unlimited distance.

The only thing you need for your extension cord eavesdropper to work is good GSM coverage.

One of the biggest advantages of this eavesdropper lies in the fact that there are extension cords in pretty much all rooms, so there is no need to try to camouflage this device additionally. It can collect data in a room as large as 100m² without anyone suspecting anything.

There are two ways to activate the extension cord eavesdropper. Firstly, you can call it or send a message to the number of the SIM card located in it. You can deactivate it the same way. Alternatively, it can be automatically activated when it detects a sound in the room. You simply need to choose the Voice Activation feature, and it will begin working on its own only when there is something going on in the room.

Both of these activation options are completely silent.

The GSM frequency is coded, which is why you don’t need to worry about signal interference.

The spy extension cord is an ideal option for non-stop monitoring since it has a direct power supply. Eavesdropping continues even when the power is out, thanks to the integrated battery that can last for days in certain operating modes. A tiny safety fuse offers additional security and protects it from damage.

The spy extension cord can be used as a regular extension cord as well.

USB Eavesdropper

The biggest advantage of this device lies in the fact that you can find USB flash drives in all homes and offices. You don’t even have to try to camouflage it since not many people would assume this device can secretly record even the quietest of whispers in a room as large as 50m².

Top-quality audio recordings are stored in the device’s memory. They are sorted chronologically, and the option to increase the speed allows you to listen to the recordings more easily.

The USB flash drive eavesdropper has a voice activation feature, which allows it to start only when it has detected a sound in the room.

It’s ideal for eavesdropping on offices and cars or recording lectures, classes, interviews, and secret conversations.

Spy Equipment Detectors

Are you suspecting someone is monitoring or following you? Your doubts could actually be valid since spy equipment is developing rapidly, and pretty much anyone can obtain a spy device.

Top-quality spy devices have been refined to perfection. They are tiny and easily hidden, which is why it could be impossible to see them with the naked eye. If you have noticed that your private or professional info has been “leaking” and reaching all the wrong people, we advise you to take the matter into your own hands.

The consequences of being spied on could be huge — apart from the risk of losing your assets, you may also be jeopardizing your family’s or your own safety.

Spy equipment detectors are the only surefire way of protecting yourself from being monitored or listened to. The detectors from our catalogue can easily identify and pinpoint all the devices on the market.

They will help you find all the hidden devices in less than a minute.

Professional micro-camera and eavesdropper detectors will help you locate the device used for audio and/or video surveillance in only 10 seconds.

Thanks to this advanced tech used for detecting spy devices and cameras, you’ll be able to spyproof your home, office, warehouse, car, and phone.

No matter how well-hidden spy devices are, spy equipment scanners will locate all the wireless frequencies of cellular networks and the internet, WiFi and Bluetooth, GPS navigation and locators, mobile phone navigators, wireless cameras, and car protection systems.

They are small and easy to use, so you will be able to take them anywhere and search for suspicious objects.

Even the latest spy devices don’t stand a chance against modern detectors and spy equipment scanners.

The portable micro-camera detector pinpoints all types of wireless and wired CMOS and CCD cameras from up to 10 meters away. The wireless camera detector is an innovation of Israeli military tech. It can locate all the wireless cameras currently available on the European market.

ST3000 Plus Professional Spy Detector

ST3000 Plus is one of the latest spy detectors on the market. Its detection ability allows it to quickly and unmistakably locate all types of digital, switching, or analog signal.

It’s very small, which is why it is so easy to use and carry.

The ST3000 Plus detector can identify all types of signals — digital, switching, and analog — easily and precisely. It can find mobile phones, GSM and RF eavesdroppers, GPS trackers used for following people, vehicles, and moving objects, wireless and remote controllers, WiFi devices, radios, wireless spy cameras, wireless microphones, and conversation recorders — basically, all types of devices that emit or receive the signal.

Its alerts, which you can choose on your own, will notify you when you are getting close to the spy device.

HW 007 and G318 Max Spy Equipment Detectors

These state-of-the-art professional devices of extraordinary quality can be used for the detection of all kinds of spy equipment, including eavesdroppers, GPS trackers, mobile phones, wireless and wired spy cameras, and WiFi devices.

The HW 007 and G318 detectors can record even the weakest of signals emitted by spy cameras, eavesdroppers, and locators.

Some models come with the cell phone lock-jammer option, thanks to which the privacy of business talks and negotiations can be protected. Some have the guard mode, as well.

These detectors are quite easy to use. You just need to point them toward the part of the room you are inspecting. The device screen will display signal detection. The frequency range is approximately 5–15 meters, whereas the frequency detection ranges from 0 to 8 GHz, depending on the model. The detector is small and light, which makes it a perfect choice in any condition.

GPS Locators

GPS trackers can provide valuable information regarding the movements or the current location of a vehicle or other types of moving objects. Thanks to them, you can find out where your vehicle is at all times.

In our catalogue, you will find:

  • GPS locators for vehicle tracking
  • GPS locators for two-wheelers and other moving objects

GPS trackers provide good protection against a car or two-wheeler theft and potential damage. Thanks to them, the owners of transport companies can monitor where their vehicles are, how much they have travelled, whether they have changed the route or made unplanned breaks, etc.

GPS locators can help you track and locate not only cars but also boats, pets, and other people. They can be installed into a bike or a motorbike light, helmet, a child’s backpack, a dog collar, etc.

GPS locators are crucial for in-car security, as they will help you identify the location of your car precisely and quickly — after all, any delays could reduce your chances of finding your vehicle.

GPS locators can also be used as spy tools for secret recording, eavesdropping, and monitoring. Once the device has located the vehicle or any other object, you will receive a text message with the longitude and latitude. Afterward, you just need to type these coordinates into your phone, and you will get the precise location.

GPS devices also have SOS buttons. That is why they are also considered effective self-defense equipment. If you press the Panic button, the device will immediately send a text message to the previously chosen phone number. In addition, GPS devices also allow you to limit the area that the vehicle or another object can pass through. The vehicle won’t be allowed to go out of bounds — if it does, the owner will be informed via a message.

GPS car and two-wheeler locators boast the latest satellite tracking devices. In addition, they are very small, which is why it is very easy to hide them. Finally, they can pinpoint vehicles precisely, regardless of where they are. This is because they are connected to satellites, thanks to their GPS signal.

GPS devices can also be used for tracking people. This is an especially important feature for the caretakers of elderly people, those with dementia, or individuals with disabilities who require constant supervision.

Self-defence Spy Equipment

Self-defense equipment can be your greatest ally against attackers, thieves, and aggressive dogs. The world we live in is far from safe, which is why an ordinary walk can turn into a nightmare. That is why self-defense devices have become an essential item in everyone’s bag.

The most popular self-defense devices include:

Flashlight Stun Gun

Stun guns can be used for self-defense only; as a result, they are not considered weapons. You cannot use them to kill your attacker — instead, you can cause them pain and muscle cramps, which will give you enough time to run away and find help. The latest stun guns can even make a sound, which can sometimes be more than enough to chase the attacker away and thwart their plans.

The stun gun functions by emitting an electric discharge. A high-voltage electric shock (1,000 kV–3,000 kV) leads to an immediate surge of electricity, strong pain, and muscle cramps. The first discharge is the strongest, whereas each subsequent one is of weaker intensity. These devices even work during the winter, regardless of the thickness of the attacker’s clothes.

The self-defense equipment can be of use to anyone who wants to feel secure and protect themselves and their assets. For example, stun guns can be reliable guardians for women, security guards, shop owners, etc.

Flashlight stun guns also come with powerful LED lights, allowing them to be used as sources of light at any time.

Stun guns from SpyTech’s offer are original and tested. Steel alloy has been used to create these top-quality devices based on German police technology. Their design is modern and discreet, which is why you can carry them around in your bag

Many people wonder whether it is legal to have and use a stun gun as a means of protecting themselves and their assets. However, the law is clear on this matter — according to Article 26 of the Law on Weapons and Ammunition, everyone who is 18 or over can carry and use devices that generate electric shocks. When it comes to self-defense, the most important thing to remember is that the intensity of the counterattack should never be stronger than the intensity of the attack.

You should never buy copies of quality self-defense equipment. Let’s face it — when in danger, the last thing you want to find out is that your device is inadequate or malfunctioning.

Pepper Gel or Pepper Spray

The pepper spray we sell in our store is made in Germany. It’s used for self-defense, and it comes both as a spray and as a gel.

In case of danger, you should spray it on the attacker’s face. That way, you will incapacitate one or more assailants, and you will have enough time to run away and ask for help. You can use it to defend yourself from people and aggressive animals.

Pepper spray is extremely hot — in fact, it’s 67 times hotter than the hottest sauce. It’s powerful and precise, and it causes immediate eye and skin irritation — sometimes, it may even cause temporary blindness.

It comes in the form of both gas and gel in a convenient bottle that can fit any pocket or purse. Unlike the cheap, unreliable copies, you can be sure that this one won’t fail you in crucial moments. This spray doesn’t evaporate, and it can be safely used in confined spaces.

Purchasing, carrying, and using pepper spray is allowed to all individuals over 18, as long as they use it for self-defense only.

Where Should I Place My Spy Equipment to Achieve the Best Results?

This mostly depends on what exactly you want to achieve. The goal of every spy device is to remain undetected and to provide you with the desired information.

Before you choose the right location for your device, you need to consider a couple of things.

First, you need to think about how a person will enter the room. Do you want to prevent a thief from stealing something, or do you want to keep an eye on your nanny or your employees while you are not around? Should it point toward your safe and your valuables or toward your living room, where your family members spend the most time?

If you are using spy equipment to protect objects and your assets, make sure that the camera records not only the act itself but also the faces of the perpetrators.

Each of our clients receives a manual, which should help them use and set up the devices to the fullest.

How Can You Choose the Best Spy Equipment

If you are planning on purchasing one of the devices from spy equipment, we advise you to do thorough research before making the final decision.

The spy equipment market is versatile, and there are many producers, both from Serbia and from other countries. People are usually attracted to low prices, which is why they frequently opt for some of the untested devices bought online. Most of the time, these devices don’t have the features that were included in their descriptions. They may even arrive damaged. It’s usually at that point that people realize there’s no one they can complain to or talk to about the warranty.

Before you buy spy equipment, you need to consider these aspects:

  • Choose a product from a reputable brand;
  • Pay attention to the warranty period and manual in Serbian;
  • Check whether you can return the products;
  • Compare the technical features and prices of products;
  • Make sure the web page is reliable;
  • It’s best if you visit the seller’s office in person.

SpyTech allows you to purchase original and tested spy equipment in a registered store. With each of the products, you will receive a fiscal receipt and a warranty. Even more importantly, all our products come with a manual in Serbian. Our clients will receive technical support and help during the setup process. They can also rely on our agents whenever they are having trouble with the products.

If you are not sure which spy device suits your needs best, we will be glad to use our long experience to help you make the right choice.