Purchasing Discretion Purchasing Discretion Guaranteed customer discretion when purchasing
A legal purchase A legal purchase Purchase available to both individuals and businesses
Purchasing from all over the world Purchasing from all over the world Possibility of online payment
Delivery throughout Europe Delivery throughout Europe The possibility of ordering from all EU countries

Watch PC screen live

Watch PC screen live

Engage and observe all activities on the computer screen live.

Record PC screen

Record PC screen

Document all activities displayed on the computer monitor.

Listen to PC surroundings

Listen to PC surroundings

Remotely access the computer's microphone and listen live, recording all surrounding sounds.



Track everything typed on the keyboard.

Monitor all contents

Monitor all contents

Track and record user activities that are not visible on the screen.

Activate the PC camera

Activate the PC camera

Turn on computers camera remotely and watch its surrounding live.

Assumptions don't work. Spy software yes

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Spy software price list

Peace has no price. Insure it today.

Easy and fast installation in 5 minutes

Easy and fast installation in 5 minutes

You only need 5 minutes to install and configure the app.

Remote real-time monitoring.

Remote real-time monitoring.

Track all activities on the PC at any moment, no matter where you are.

Invisible tracking

Invisible tracking

In the PC you are tracking, there is no icon or sign that you are doing this. You cannot be discovered.

Safe tracking - safety first

Safe tracking - safety first

We use encryption at the bank level to transfer information. Only you can see them.

We are always here for you

We are always here for you

If you need help, ask. Whatever you need, we are here for you 24/7.

Affordable price

Affordable price

Is it expensive? Ask yourself how much it will cost you if you don't have one.

SpyTech's PC spy software

The SpyTech spy program for PCs is a software that gives you a complete insight into all the activities a computer user carries out on it. The software monitors everything someone does on the computer where it is installed. This could be your child, a romantic or business partner, or an employee. SpyTech's PC spy software is our award-winning software that allows discreet monitoring and tracking of all activities on a specific person's computer. It is most commonly used in companies to monitor employee activities at work and to supervise children. The installation of the SpyTech PC spy software is fast and simple. The installation takes about 10 minutes, and it is completely invisible to the user of the computer you want to monitor. When installed on a computer, the SpyTech PC spy software sends all activities taking place on the monitored computer to your pre-determined email: activities on email accounts, history of visited web sites, passwords, recording of everything typed on the keyboard, complete conversations via Viber, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, all uploaded and downloaded files, screen shots at predetermined time intervals and everything that is typed on the keyboard. The greatest advantage of this PC spy software is that you can access these data anytime and anywhere you want, it is only important to have access to your email account. The installation of the SpyTech spy PC software can also be done remotely, you just need to have access to the computer. We can install the PC software for you, and you can install it yourself, with the help of our detailed video instructions for installation and use. In any case, we offer you a free trial version of this software for 48 hours, with all its functions.

100% invisible software for computer monitoring

This program for secret computer monitoring operates in an invisible mode, which means that the user cannot detect it, and only you have the ability to control it. All collected data is sent directly to you via email, so discretion is completely guaranteed. You can access the data whenever and wherever you want, it is only important to have access to your email. The program records and deletes activities, so the supervision is complete and thorough. It can be used if you want to recover forgotten passwords or deleted data. It does not take up much memory on the computer, which in practice means that it does not block or slow down the work of the PC on which it is installed. SpyTech PC spy software is an original product from our offer, so you don't have to worry whether this program will damage your computer or delete important data. This often happens when such software is purchased from unverified manufacturers or when free options are downloaded from the internet, which are mostly infected with viruses, do not work well, or are trial versions that you won't benefit much from.

Software features

Be ahead of the game. Our spy software helps you with that.

Watch PC screen live

Watch PC screen live

Monitoring monitor PC

Tune in and watch all the activities live on your computer monitor

Record PC screen

Record PC monitor

PC Monitor recording

Record all activities on the computer monitor

Listen to PC surroundings

Listen to the PC environment

Access the microphone

Hear what's really happening around your computer at all times



Keyboard recording

Trace and record everything typed on the keyboard

Monitor all contents

Monitor all contents

Insight into all activities

Monitor and record all user activities that cannot be seen on the monitor

Activate the PC camera

Activate the PC camera

Turn on their camera remotely

Watch live and record everything that happens in their environment

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How You Can Use a Remote Computer Control Program

With a spy software for PC, you can discover valuable information that can significantly enhance your business and personal life. For example, this software can help you find out what your children, spouse or romantic partner are doing and who they are associating with. Additionally, it also serves as a perfect tool for controlling and monitoring employees and for protection against business espionage. By installing a PC monitoring software on your child's computer, you can access extremely important data and prevent unwanted situations and problems proactively. You can use SpyTech PC software to find out who your child is really associating with online and outside the home, what activities interest them, whether they are in contact with inappropriate individuals, whether they are part of dangerous organizations such as cults, whether they are being blackmailed or abused online, and much more. If you've noticed that your partner spends too much time on the internet and social networks and you suspect something is happening, it's the right time to check it and find out absolutely everything about their activities and intentions. This way, you will eliminate or confirm your suspicions and get the opportunity to take further steps to resolve the current situation in your emotional and marital relationship. When it comes to employees and business in general, this software is an indispensable business ally. With it, you will have full control over your employees' computers. You will find out whether they spend their time performing their work duties or surfing the internet, chatting and watching movies, or perhaps stealing your valuable business data and forwarding them to the competition. This way, you will protect yourself from many unpleasant situations, prevent damage, protect and improve your business.

Spy PC Software Turns Every Computer Into a Perfect Spy Device

A software for tracking someone else's computer will give you insight into absolutely all activities on the PC where it is installed.

Recording Keyboard Activity on the Computer - Spy software for computer control tracks and records every click that the user makes on the keyboard – all pressed keys, letters, numbers and hidden characters. This feature is also called keylogger and it has the ability to record everything that is typed on the keyboard, and this content is stored in a log file. The log file is then sent to the designated recipient by email. Keylogger can record the content of instant messages, emails, visited URL addresses and anything that is entered via the computer's keyboard, including passwords.

Recording Computer Screen Activity - The computer hacking program also records all activities on the target computer's screen for you. This is another way to ensure that nothing the user does on the computer will be missed. You can set up screenshotting of the target computer's screen at desired time intervals.

Insight into All Chats and Messages on the Computer - PC monitoring software records all messages sent and received in chats on Viber, Whatsapp, Skype, email, social networks Facebook, Instagram, etc. Most of the communication nowadays is done online, so that through this option of the PC program you can get important business and private information.

Insight into Deleted Data and Files - The spy program for computer monitoring records all information from the controlled computer, even deleted files and data. There is no way for the computer user to hide something from you, because all activities arrive at your email.

The biggest advantage of PC spy software is that you can access all this data anytime and from anywhere you want, the only requirement is that you have access to your email account.

Watch the monitor in real time
Watch the monitor in real time

Watch the monitor in real time

Turn it on and watch all the events live on your computer monitor

  • Follow all the video games they play
  • Social networks they visit
  • Protect your little ones
Record the PC display
Record the PC display

Record the PC display

Document all happenings on the computer monitor

  • Track all the dangers they are exposed to
  • Prevent cyber predators
  • Find out in time
Powerful eavesdropper with unlimited range
Powerful eavesdropper with unlimited range

Powerful eavesdropper with unlimited range

Listen to a live computer environment

  • Hear all their conversations
  • What are they talking on the phone next to the PC
  • Have ears everywhere
Powerful spy camera with unlimited range
Powerful spy camera with unlimited range

Powerful spy camera with unlimited range

Stay up to date and record all activities in the computer environment

  • What are they doing next to the computer
  • What they are doing and who they are in the room with
  • Have eyes everywhere
Powerful keylogger
Powerful keylogger

Powerful keylogger

Record everything they typed on the keyboard

  • Find out all passwords
  • Find out all correspondence
  • See what others can't
Record all activity on the PC
Record all activity on the PC

Record all activity on the PC

Find out what and how long they use the computer

  • Are they addicted
  • What preoccupies and distracts them
  • Be one step ahead

Compare package prices

Trial period Standard Standard Plus Premium Gold
Monitoring of all activities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
License duration 48h 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Technical support for software Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Transferring software from one PC to another PC during the license period Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price Free 125 Eur 180 Eur 238 Eur 351 Eur
  • If you received a promo code, use it during your purchase to get a discount
  • License extension is performed remotely without reinstallation and physical contact with the target PC
  • After expiration, licenses can be extended
  • Unlimited number of licenses

Over 8000+ satisfied users say about us

Satisfied users are the measure of our success

The app helped me to save my son

For some time now, my son has been behaving strangely, locking himself in his room, he studied and ate poorly. He looked kind of sad to me. I installed a spy app and realized that he was being bullied and blackmailed by older boys from the area where we live. I reported the case to the police, who successfully resolved the case.

Take care of your children.

Korisnik zabrinut roditelj koji je ostavio komentar


Mirko Tomic

An incredibly useful app

For a long time, I ignored stories about online predators and pedophiles who recruit children over the Internet. I thought that this could not happen to my child. Spytech helped me catch with its spy app and I report to the police an elderly gentleman who has manipulated my daughter insisted on a meeting late at night. Thank you for allowing me to prevent a tragedy.

All recommendations.

Korisnik zabrinuta mama koja je ostavila komentar

A worried mother

Vladislava Kumburovic

What can you learn with a computer spy program?

A PC spy software discreetly monitors and tracks:

  • User activity on email
  • Visited web addresses and websites
  • Passwords
  • Complete conversation of both parties through Viber, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp
  • All uploaded and downloaded files
  • Screenshots of the screen at time intervals you set yourself
  • All installations and uninstallations of various programs and applications
  • Keyboard usage (letters, numbers, hidden characters)

And finally, it can record and compress audio and video recordings with the ability to set the date and time of recording.

Who is the spy PC software intended for?

  • Employees in IT sectors of organizations for analyzing technical problems with computers and business networks
  • Employers use them to monitor employee activities, i.e., whether employees use company devices exclusively for business purposes and prevent the use of company resources for private purposes
  • It is useful for parents to monitor their children's online activities
  • They are used by law enforcement and security agencies for analyzing and monitoring incidents related to computer use
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Percentage of satisfied users

A large number of users recognize our effort and commitment.

Software users

Frequently Asked Questions

Your question is our challenge. We have already answered most of them.

Do I need to have access to the target computer to install the software?

It is necessary that you have physical access to the computer in order for us to install the software. You can bring your computer to our office so that we can install the spyware for you. If you are not able to bring your computer to us, then you can give us access via Team viewer, and in about 20 minutes a colleague can finish the installation for you.

Can I install the spy software myself?

You can install the spy software on the computer you want to monitor yourself with the help of our detailed video installation instructions.

Is the installation visible on the computer and is it possible to detect it?

The installation is not visible on the computer and cannot be detected.

Can I see how the PC spy software works before I pay you?

Of course. We offer you a free trial version of this software for 48 hours during which you can test all the functions of the computer monitoring software.

Where can I find all the information collected on the target computer?

You get all the information that the spy software collects from the monitored computer on a Web panel that only you can access with the help of a username and password that you create yourself.

Is the price of the software for a specific period or permanently?

You pay for PC spy software as a license with a limited time duration of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months, which also depends on the price.

Do I have technical support for the program if something is unclear to me?

In case of any ambiguities, our technical support team is available to you via email, call, Viber, Whatsapp, Chat.

Can I install one paid license on multiple computers?

You cannot install one paid license on multiple computers at the same time, but you can transfer it from one computer to another by reinstalling it. This means that you can monitor only one computer at a time with one paid license. If you want, you can buy an unlimited number of licenses and monitor all computers from one account.

Can I monitor multiple computers from the same monitoring account?

From the same account, you can monitor multiple computers at the same time, practically unlimited.

After expiration, can I extend the tracking license?

You can extend the monitoring license an unlimited number of times before or immediately after it expires.

Is Discretion Guaranteed When Buying Spyware?

When buying spy software, you are guaranteed complete discretion. First of all, because our business premises are adapted to your privacy and, among other things, we do not ask for your personal data. It is part of the company's Business Code, which guarantees clients discretion during every purchase and ensures the integrity of all customer data.

How do I install the software on my computer if I don't know the password?

Very simple. In our offer you can find a keylogger that you simply insert into the USB port of the computer you are monitoring. Such an imperceptibly inserted keylogger, which in almost 100% of cases is invisible to the computer user himself, collects on its memory everything typed on the keyboard of that computer, including the password itself. As soon as the user finishes working on the computer, remove the keylogger from the USB port and look at the password.