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Bugs and eavesdroppers

Listening devices are gadgets that can be used for secretly eavesdropping on people and spaces, recording private conversations, or monitoring someone's activities without their knowledge.

Listening devices are used for various purposes, for personal or professional use, as well as for law enforcement investigations and the like.

Spy bugs and eavesdropping devices enable high-quality, simple, and discreet audio surveillance of any residential or business space. These secret audio recording devices are minimal in size, making them easy to hide or camouflage, and some of them already come installed in everyday objects, further simplifying their placement and use.

In addition to classic audio recorders and wireless bugs, there are eavesdropping devices built into extension cords or pens, and mini GSM eavesdropping devices, with or without cameras, of top technical characteristics are also available. Spy bugs and listening devices can be used to record business meetings, lectures, and eavesdrop on any space.

Our Offering of Eavesdropping Devices and Bugs

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Top Quality and Feature Eavesdropping Devices

GSM Eavesdropper – Spy Bug

The Spy Bug – GSM Eavesdropper is a small dimension and inconspicuous design spy device that allows live listening to all events in the space subject to eavesdropping. For its functioning, it is only necessary to have mobile network coverage. This means that its range is practically unlimited and it is enough to have a mobile operator signal for eavesdropping to be carried out in real-time.

  • Real-time listening
  • Voice activation
  • Activation by call or SMS
  • Encoded GSM frequency
  • Battery autonomy up to 3 days in Stand By mode

Eavesdropper in Extension Cord

The eavesdropper in the extension cord gives you the possibility of unlimited range listening. Also, since it is directly connected to the electrical network, it can work without time constraints. However, a special lithium battery is built into the device itself in case of power interruption.

  • Real-time listening
  • Voice activation
  • Encoded GSM frequency
  • Constant power supply from electricity
  • Working autonomy (when only the battery is active) in Stand By mode is up to 3 days

USB Miniature Audio Recorder

The USB conversation recorder is one of the most functional devices from the spy equipment assortment, used for secretly recording conversations. It looks like a classic USB data storage medium, making it perfectly camouflaged.

  • Voice Activation
  • Built-in microphone amplifier
  • High sensitivity – recording whispers from a few meters
  • Memory from 4GB to 8GB (up to 150h)
  • Battery autonomy up to 20h

Eavesdropper in Pen

The eavesdropper and audio recorder in a pen is one of the best-selling models of eavesdroppers on the market. A mini dictaphone, with dimensions of 11mm x 140mm and a weight of 18 grams, is discreetly placed in the pen itself.
The eavesdropper in a pen, which can discreetly record sounds around itself, is activated very simply. By pulling the slide of the ballpoint pen, which is also a secret switch, the eavesdropper will be activated.

  • 130 hours in Long play mode
  • 65 hours in High Quality mode
  • 16 hours in Extra High Quality mode
  • Recording sound within a radius of 8m
  • Crystal clear and clean sound recordings
  • Internal memory of 1GB
  • Integrated rechargeable battery (working autonomy up to 12h)

Amplifier and Sound Recorder for Listening Through Walls

A special professional listening device that allows listening and recording sound through solid obstacles, walls, doors, windows, ceilings, and even floors, by amplifying the sound that has reached the microphone, is an ideal tool for eavesdropping on people and rooms.

  • Very sensitive ceramic microphone that has a special sound amplifier
  • Possibility of sound detection up to 30cm thick obstacles
  • Stereo headphones for discreet listening
  • Possibility of connecting a dictaphone for recording conversations
  • Power supply via PP3 battery – up to 24h of use
  • Possibility of installing rechargeable batteries for greater working autonomy

Eavesdropping and Conversation Recording Devices – What You Should Know

Modern eavesdropping and conversation recording devices are mini-dimension, and most eavesdropping devices are activated by voice or remotely (by calling or sending an SMS from a mobile phone).
Integrated speakers and microphones are very sensitive, filtering out noise and background noise. This means that you will hear even the quietest whisper, recorded from a large distance clearly and intelligibly, whether you are listening live or listening to a conversation on a recording.

The use of eavesdropping devices is simple. All you have to do is place them in the room you want to monitor.

Thanks to the voice activation option, which the latest eavesdropping models have, space is saved on the memory and records only when something happens in the monitored space, i.e., is heard. The recorded material is stored on a memory card and can be listened to later. Some models of these devices have the option of real-time eavesdropping and can notify the user via SMS or call that the recording has started, i.e., that voices have been registered in the space.

The recorded material is of top quality, thanks to special noise and background noise elimination filters, and additional microphone amplifiers allow recording. All devices have rechargeable lithium batteries which, depending on the operating mode, can last for several hours.

The GSM eavesdroppers from our offer also have an encoded frequency which eliminates the possibility of interference in the connection, and in addition to audio surveillance, they can also be used as efficient locators.

Where to Get the Best Eavesdropper?

Spy equipment, including eavesdroppers, have become easily accessible to everyone. Without special permits, anyone can purchase a spy bug and eavesdropper with just a few mouse clicks.
The internet is flooded with offers of the latest micro eavesdroppers. However, we recommend that you always purchase spy devices in specialized legal spy equipment shops.

Unreliable copies that attract people with low prices are of unverified quality, usually do not have specified technical characteristics, and come without instructions for use. It is not recommended to discover in a crucial moment that the eavesdropper is not correct, and then you have no one to file a complaint.

SpyTech has tested original eavesdroppers from verified spy device manufacturers, and with each product, you get a fiscal receipt, warranty, instructions in English, and technical support.

Price of Eavesdroppers

How much an eavesdropper costs is an important factor for many deciding on which eavesdropping device to choose.
The rule that the best eavesdroppers cost the most is not always current. Which is the best device for you depends on the problem in overcoming which it should help you (eavesdroppers for home or apartment, eavesdroppers for a car, eavesdroppers for business premises, etc.).

When talking about eavesdroppers, several factors influence their price:

  • Quality of workmanship and microphones
  • Working autonomy
  • Power of camouflage
  • Technical capacities and performances
  • Ease of use
  • Reliability
  • Test results

SpyTech is a leader in the distribution of spy equipment, and with us, you can get the most modern, new, and original eavesdroppers at affordable prices.
Our recommendation is that the price of eavesdropping devices should not be decisive when choosing an eavesdropper. Always take into consideration what the eavesdropper will bring you and how quickly.

There is a large number of similar conversation recording devices on the market. It is not easy to choose an adequate eavesdropper, especially if you do not understand spy equipment excessively. That’s why our technical support is here to help you choose an eavesdropper and its use, so that you use all the device’s capabilities in the right way.

Upon your request, our colleagues can provide you with a price list of eavesdroppers available in our offer.

Comparative presentation of the characteristics and prices of the eavesdroppers in our offer

Model Eavesdropper in an extension cord Spy bug – GSM eavesdropper Eavesdropper in in an computer mouse Wireless eavesdropper USB miniature audio recorder
Real-time listening (live listening) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Voice activation Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Completely silent Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited eavesdropping range Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Inability to interfere with the connection (encoded GSM frequency) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Voice activation Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Battery autonomy Up to 3 days in Stand by mode Up to 3 days in Stand by mode Up to 3 days in Stand by mode Up to 4 hours of recording Up to 20 hours of recording
Constant power supply Yes Yes Yes No No
Constant recording No No No No Yes
Memory No No No No 8GB
Device picture Prisluškivač u produžnom kablu Špijun bubica - GSM prisluškivač Prisluškivač u kompjuterskom mišu Bežična bubica USB minijaturni audio snimač
Eavesdropping device prices 18.500 rsd 12.250 rsd Out of stock Out of stock 12.250 – 22.250 rsd