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Micro camera in glasses – Spyglasses

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Spy micro-camera glasses allow you to record high-resolution audio and video and high definition images. The minimum-size micro-camera is incorporated into the frame of the glasses and is perfectly camouflaged. It’s absolutely imperceptible even when the camera is in the shooting mode due to the lack of reflection from the camera lens. Spy glasses are of modern design, practical for use and look no different from other glasses.

The micro-camera in the glasses is switched on and off using the buttons on the glasses. Longer or shorter keystroke selects the camera mode,...

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You can use the micro camera in this device to record a variety of events and situations. Spy glasses with a hidden camera are very popular among detectives, investigators, and paparazzi, as they allow them to eavesdrop on conversations, record videos, and take photos inconspicuously during secret operations, while also concealing their identity. Besides, spy glasses can be worn by everyone because they are easy to use. They are also an integral part of extreme sports athletes’ and adventurers’ (skiers, mountaineers, cyclists, motorcyclists, hunters) equipment — as a result, they are a fantastic gift option.

How Can Spy Glasses Be Used and What Are Their Characteristics?

To activate spy glasses, you need to insert a Micro SD Card into the right slot first. Then, you need to charge the battery via a USB cable. You can connect it to a computer or a compatible adapter. When you are charging it or inserting the card, the device must be turned off.

Afterward, the spy device will be ready to record. You can control it through a button located on the frame. By applying a long push, you will turn on the spy glasses camera. From that moment on, it will be in the Stand-By mode, awaiting your command. After a short push, the spy camera will start making audio/video recordings and photos.

It stops recording after another long push. Everything that has been recorded is automatically stored on a memory card. After that, it can be systematically viewed. To watch the content, you need to connect the spy glasses to a PC computer, laptop, or another compatible device.

You only need a USB cable to connect the glasses to your computer — no installation CD is required. Your computer will recognize the device and offer you to choose the next step. Once you have transferred all the recorded material onto your computer or laptop, you can watch it. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the device needs to be completely turned off when connected. Only then will you be able to transfer the recorded material to a computer or another compatible device.

In Which Situations Can I Use a Spy Glasses Camera?

You can use a micro camera in glasses to record not only covert operations but also a wide range of events and actions. Motorcyclists, cyclists, skiers, and other extreme sports athletes use this camera because it allows them to move freely. The same goes for car drivers, mountaineers, hunters, and fishermen — basically, different types of extreme situations when you need to focus on the task at hand.

Under such circumstances, there is no other way to document the event rather than by using a micro camera. We are talking about so-called GoPro videos that can capture interesting action-packed adventures of their users. That is why spy glasses are a nice, practical, and useful gift that will make your friends happy on any occasion.

Professional spy glasses are of great use to detectives, investigators, and journalists, as well. Many famous paparazzi photos are taken with these hidden spy camera glasses. Detectives often use them in their secret operations because they are very practical — that is, they don’t have to be hidden. That way, they can document many specific details that otherwise couldn’t be recorded — especially not with classic cameras.

Get in touch with us, choose the professional model of spy glasses camera that you like best, and start recording anything you want. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need our help.

  • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.




Max listening area 10m²


Type single camera
Front camera resolution Full HD
Video recording modes Full HD
Video recording format AVI
Photo resolution 12MP
Recording angle 90°
Number of frames in second 30
Min required illuminance 1LUX

Power supply

The possibility of working on batteries Yes
Battery type LiPo
Battery capacity 260mAh
Battery life Up to 80 minutes
Integrated battery Yes
Battery charge indicator Yes

Data storage

Type of memory card Micro SD
Max memory card size 32GB


Taking photos Yes
Compatibility with systems Windows, Mac OSX, Linux

Physical characteristics

Device material ABS Plastic
Working temperature -10°C do 40°C
Device color Black
Multi-function control button Yes
Work mode indicator Yes
Battery charge status Yes
Port type Micro USB

Weight and dimensions

Weight 35g
Width 150mm
Depth 150mm
Height 38mm

Packet Includes

  • USB cable
    Micro USB cable with good conductivity and quality insulation, which protects your device in any situation. It is used both for charging devices and for transferring data from various household devices such as mobile devices, mp3, cameras,…
  • Cotton cloth for wiping glasses
    Made of microfiber so that it can clean glasses, camera lenses and other glass surfaces that require exceptional finesse with great efficiency.
  • Instructions for use
    It serves to guide you and adequately use all the functions of the device. In the manual you can find detailed steps on how to operate the device in the easiest way.

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Can I take photos using this spy glasses camera?

The spy camera in the glasses is activated through the button located in the left part of the frame. By pressing this button, you will take a photo.

Will I receive a case with the glasses?

You will get a USB cable, a cleaning cloth, and a case where you can store your glasses.

Do spy glasses come with diopters?

These glasses come without diopters; however, if you want to, you can take them to your doctor and have them adjusted.


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Micro camera in glasses – Spyglasses

17.250 rsd