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Best-Selling Spy Equipment

From our extensive and diverse range, clients have singled out these products as particularly useful, and they are among the best-selling equipment in our online store.

Our Selection of Spy Equipment and Software

Our range of spy software and devices encompasses the latest generation of equipment. All products are original and are characterized by high functionality, superior design, and reliability.

Welcome to SpyTech - The Spy Equipment Store

SpyTech is a brand of Alfa Sistem Plus Ltd., the sole authorized distributor of spy equipment in Serbia. The highest quality spy devices and cutting-edge technology software are now available to everyone, legally and with absolute discretion.

What Does This Mean in Practice?

Individuals, companies, security agencies, and professional detectives can easily access the most advanced original spy equipment that closely follows global trends and innovations. No permits or authorizations are required to possess and use spy devices from leading global brands.

What Sets Us Apart from Others?

We continually strive for professional improvement, attend relevant events and trade shows in the field of spy equipment and security, and exchange experiences with international colleagues.

We deal exclusively with top-quality original spy equipment - only the best in class.

With every device, you receive an official receipt, warranty, and detailed instructions in Serbian. All equipment is thoroughly tested and examined.

And that's not all. All our clients receive technical assistance and support for the installation and use of spy equipment.

In addition to distribution, we provide servicing for spy devices, installation of spy software on mobile phones and computers, and implementation of encryption software.

Detection of business and private premises, protection against tracking, eavesdropping, and espionage are also services successfully performed by our team.

What Is Spy Equipment?

Spy equipment comprises various devices for tracking, eavesdropping, covert recording, and protection against espionage.

The SpyTech range includes innovative micro cameras, bugs and listening devices, GPS trackers and locators, spy equipment detectors, and software for tracking phones and computers.

We proudly highlight our award-winning Spy software for monitoring and eavesdropping on mobile phones, transforming any mobile phone into a perfect spy tool.



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Original Spy Equipment - Everything in One Place

Spy equipment encompasses a wide range of devices for covert tracking, recording, and protection against espionage.

Spy devices safeguard your personal safety, the security of your family, property, and business.

If you're planning to acquire a device from the spy equipment range, it's best to conduct research and gather information beforehand. The last thing you want to discover at a crucial moment is that the spy gadget is faulty or lacks the technical capabilities you expected.

  • Choose a product from a trusted brand
  • Pay attention to the warranty period and return options
  • Ensure you receive instructions in the Serbian language and technical support
  • Avoid cheap copies and free versions of spy products
  • Research the company distributing spy equipment

The highest-quality spy devices can be obtained exclusively from authorized distributors.

The Best Selection of Spy Equipment on the Market

Our range includes a wide variety of original, tested, and high-quality spy equipment.

We offer everything from discreet hidden cameras to advanced GPS tracking devices. The SpyTech selection is designed to provide an optimal combination of performance, reliability, and discretion for all types of situations and our clients' needs.

With respect to privacy, you can choose the latest tracking and covert recording devices, as well as spy equipment for security, accompanied by an official receipt, warranty, and technical support.

Entrust us with your concerns and problems.

The appropriate solution lies within the extensive range of spy equipment and the team's years of professional experience, all while respecting your privacy.

Clients That Trust Us

Satisfied clients who trusted us

The app helped me to save my son

For some time now, my son has been behaving strangely, locking himself in his room, he studied and ate poorly. He looked kind of sad to me. I installed a spy app and realized that he was being bullied and blackmailed by older boys from the area where we live. I reported the case to the police, who successfully resolved the case.

Take care of your children.

Korisnik zabrinut roditelj koji je ostavio komentar


Mirko Tomic

An incredibly useful app

For a long time, I ignored stories about online predators and pedophiles who recruit children over the Internet. I thought that this could not happen to my child. Spytech helped me catch with its spy app and I report to the police an elderly gentleman who has manipulated my daughter insisted on a meeting late at night. Thank you for allowing me to prevent a tragedy.

All recommendations.

Korisnik zabrinuta mama koja je ostavila komentar

A worried mother

Vladislava Kumburovic

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