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Spy equipment and Spy software

Welcome to, a spy equipment store.

My name is Miloš Jovanović, and I am the owner of Alpha System Plus Ltd. and SpyTech. I am delighted to introduce you to our equipment and products, which can help you find out anything you want.

All our products are state-of-the-art devices of top quality and superb technical performance.

One of the main mottos of our company is that YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH. You can find out anything you want by using our monitoring and audio surveillance equipment, spy cameras, bugs, locators, detectors, and software for phone monitoring and recovering deleted files.

Should you have any additional questions, my team and I will be happy to assist you.

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SpyTech's story

The SpyTech brand belongs to Alfa Sistem Plus Ltd., the only authorized distributor of spy equipment in Serbia. Spy devices and state-of-the-art software of superb quality are now available to everyone legally and with the utmost discretion.

Spy equipment can serve as a reliable shortcut to the truth in both personal and professional situations. We know how to make modern technology work for you.

How Does That Work in Practice?

All individuals, companies, security agencies, and professional detectives can easily get hold of the most advanced and original spy equipment that follows the latest global trends and innovations. You don’t need any permissions or authorizations to own or use spy devices produced by the top brands in the world.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

We offer only original, top-quality equipment — that is, the best of the best.

You will receive a receipt, a warranty, and a detailed manual in Serbian. Plus, all of the equipment we sell has been fully tested.

And that’s not all! Our technical support will help you with the installation and use of spy equipment.

What Is Spy Equipment?

Spy equipment refers to numerous devices used for monitoring, eavesdropping, recording, and spyproofing.

SpyTech’s catalogue includes innovative micro-cameras, bugs and eavesdroppers, GPS trackers and locators, spy equipment detectors, and software for monitoring phones and computers.

We are particularly proud of our award-winning spy software used for monitoring and eavesdropping on mobile phones. Thanks to it, any phone can become a perfect spy tool.

These devices will help you learn what your partner, child, or employees are doing, where your car is, and what is happening near your home, vacation home, or workplace. Spy tools protect your own safety, as well as the safety of your family, property, and business.

In addition, this type of equipment prevents you from being spied on.

Don’t Settle for the Role of a Victim

A mere glance at the news will show you that we live in dangerous times. You can accept this, thus becoming easy prey for predators, or you can take the matter into your own hands by ensuring you have protected what matters to you the most. The devices from our catalogue of spy equipment will help you sleep peacefully.

Spijunska oprema

Dedicated to Finding Out the Truth No Matter What

Everyone has the right to the truth and a good night’s sleep, and the latest spy equipment will help you get there quickly and efficiently.

Do you suspect your partner might be having an affair? Perhaps you think you are a victim of business or industrial espionage? Do you want to find out who your teenager is hanging out with and how your nanny takes care of your children? Maybe you don’t want your car to be an easy target for the thieves, or you just want to pass an exam that has been giving you trouble? Have you (accidentally or on purpose) lost some important data from your phone that has broken down?

Whatever the case is, you need to know that you are not alone. Spy equipment offers a solution to all these (and similar) problems that we face daily.

There is a detective in each and every one of us.

Spy equipment is a part of an industry that has been growing exponentially, and our task is to keep up with the new trends and offer you the latest spy devices that are up to the top global standards.

The world of espionage is rapidly facing technological changes. Most detective activities now take place online, and mobile phones have started to play a major role. That is why we try to constantly improve our services by attending important events and fairs related to the spying equipment and security and by exchanging our experience with foreign experts.

Apart from distribution, we also offer the services of repairing spy devices, installing spy software into phones and computers, or setting up crypto software.

Other services our team provides include the detection of business and private areas and protection from monitoring, eavesdropping, and espionage.

Let us know what worries you. The perfect solution lies in our vast catalogue of spy equipment and our team’s extensive experience.

The Most Popular Spy Equipment and Spy Software

Phone Tracking

Mini USB Voice Activated Audio Recorder

Camera for recording car surroundings

Spy hidden micro camera in a keychain

GPS tracker – locator

Digital Forensics of Mobile Phones

Situations in Which Spy Equipment Could Help

Mobile Tracker Online Free

Since the dawn of technology, people have never been more reliant on their smartphones. This applies to all kinds of situations, including everyday and business communication, information collection, or entertainment. Still, a widespread use of mobile devices from a young age has introduced new risks and threats, including cyberbullying, online predators, or data breaches. That is why mobile trackers have become a key tool for parents, employers, and individuals worried...
Since the dawn of technology, people have never been more reliant on their smartphones. This applies to all kinds of...

Best spy app for android without access to target phone

In today’s world, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. With the increased use of the internet and social media platforms, it is essential to ensure the safety of our loved ones, our personal information, and our business activities. As a result, monitoring activities on Android phones has become more critical than ever. Spy apps have emerged as an effective tool for monitoring and tracking various activities...
In today’s world, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. With the increased use of the internet...

How to detect hidden camera in room

A hidden camera, also known as a spy or covert camera, is a camera that is disguised or concealed in an object or device, so as not to be easily noticeable or detectable. Hidden cameras are used for various purposes, including surveillance, security, and investigations. They are often designed to blend in with their surroundings and can be hidden in everyday objects such as clocks, smoke detectors, air fresheners, and...
A hidden camera, also known as a spy or covert camera, is a camera that is disguised or concealed in...

How to Read Facebook Messenger Messages Without Being Seen

When Facebook first appeared in 2004, it gained great popularity, and the number of accounts worldwide was constantly on the rise. There was almost no internet user who didn’t have an account on this social media platform at some point. However, once new social networks appeared, interest in Facebook started decreasing. Still, even though many people wonder if Facebook is actually dead today, we can’t say the same thing about...
When Facebook first appeared in 2004, it gained great popularity, and the number of accounts worldwide was constantly on the...

Affairs Revealed by Eavesdroppers — Is My Partner Cheating on Me?

All of us have doubted our partner’s fidelity at least once. But what if you notice your emotional or marital partner has been behaving strangely lately? Are you being jealous for no reason, or do you think that where there is smoke, there is fire? Whatever it may be, the worst-case scenario is lingering in a state of doubt and questioning everything. You need to react as soon as you...
All of us have doubted our partner’s fidelity at least once. But what if you notice your emotional or marital...

How To Catch Someone Spying On You In Your Home?

Spying on someone in their own home is a serious violation of privacy and trust. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for people to suspect that they are being watched or listened to in their own homes. There aren’t any recent statistics about the prevalence of people spying on others in their homes. However, it is important to note that incidents of home surveillance can be underreported, as many victims may not...
Spying on someone in their own home is a serious violation of privacy and trust. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for...

Hidden listening device for car

Eavesdropping on somebody’s vehicle is one of the fastest and most reliable ways of getting all the important info about them. You can do this by discreetly installing an eavesdropper in their car. This will enable you to eavesdrop on everything going on live or to listen to the recorded conversation later on. According to the latest research, one of the consequences of modern life is the fact that we...
Eavesdropping on somebody’s vehicle is one of the fastest and most reliable ways of getting all the important info about...

How to Find Out if Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce and break-up. When we fall in love, we never imagine the negative scenario of being cheated on. However, this happens — unfortunately, not infrequently. Neither men nor women are immune to cheating. However, there are some differences in terms of the reasons why they choose to have parallel relationships. According to the latest statistics, 20% of married men have admitted to...
Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce and break-up. When we fall in love, we never imagine the...

The Most Famous Female Spies

Espionage is not reserved strictly for men — women have played an important role in it, as well. In fact, female spies and secret agents have carried out some of the most courageous missions in history. They used all the means at their disposal to get the information they needed, risking their lives for goals and beliefs that they held until the end. Mata Hari This exotic dancer and controversial...
Espionage is not reserved strictly for men — women have played an important role in it, as well. In fact,...

Creative Devices From the Rich History of Espionage

One of the main responsibilities of spy organizations is to devise and design gadgets that will help spies perform their tasks as efficiently as possible. Even though spy movies tend to exaggerate a lot, some of the real-life gadgets actually come close to the ones used by fictional agents. The spies from World War 2 and the Cold War were equipped with high-tech devices that were way ahead of their time....
One of the main responsibilities of spy organizations is to devise and design gadgets that will help spies perform their...

Spy Equipment

Are James Bond and Sherlock Holmes your first associations to spy equipment? If so, you probably don’t know those spy devices from movies became a part of everyday life long ago. We may not have to save the world from villains, but chances are we might need to protect our marriages, relationships, businesses, or possessions.

Production and sale of spy equipment are among the most profitable fields today. In fact, in recent years, espionage has reached its peak. Nowadays, everyone is spying on everyone, and spy equipment, easily accessible, is used widely. The newest models of spy devices are only a couple of clicks away. They can be purchased online and used without requiring any special permission.

We’ve all heard of military or industrial espionage; however, there is also business, internet, and partner espionage. Spy equipment has been keeping pace with technological advancements, so you can now find sophisticated versions of micro-cameras and eavesdroppers that are practically invisible to the naked eye.

Espionage has been around since the beginning of time, and we can safely say that there is a spy in each of us. Some people enjoy it, whereas some have been forced to protect their safety, possessions, or business with a bit of help from spy equipment.

This kind of equipment allows us to be in charge of the most valuable thing of today — information. Using spy equipment, we can find out almost everything — whether our partners are cheating on us, what our children and employees are doing when we are not around, or if we are being spied on.

So, why wouldn’t we make use of this option?

Original Spy Equipment — Everything You Need in One Place

Spy equipment refers to a huge number of devices used for secret monitoring and recording, as well as for spyproofing.

If you are planning on getting one of the spying devices, we advise you to do your research first. Make sure you have all the necessary information — after all, the last thing you want to learn at a crucial moment is that your spy gadget is malfunctioning or that it doesn’t have the technical capabilities you’ve expected. Therefore, you should:

  • Choose a product from a reputable brand;
  • Pay attention to the warranty period and return options;
  • Check whether there is a manual and technical support in English;
  • Avoid cheap knockoffs and free versions of spy products;
  • Look up the company that distributes spy equipment.

The top-quality spy devices can be purchased exclusively from authorized distributors.

Alfa Sistem Plus Ltd. is the only company authorized for selling spy equipment in Serbia. Our selection of products consists of tested and affordable spy equipment produced by reputable manufacturers. Apart from the latest monitoring and recording devices, we also offer spy equipment for security protection. By purchasing our products, you will receive a fiscal receipt, warranty, and technical support. Your privacy will be fully respected throughout the process.

The Best Offer of Spy Equipment on the Market

  1. Spy software
  2. Spy cameras
  3. Eavesdroppers
  4. Jammers
  5. GPS Locators
  6. Self-defense equipment


Spy Software


The software used for tracking mobile phones and computers is among the most popular products in our catalogue. That shouldn’t come as a surprise, seeing that we entered the digital era a long time ago and that both our professional and our private lives would be inconceivable without mobile devices and computers.

In SpyTech’s offer, you will find original, modern, and tested software used for tracking and eavesdropping on mobile devices secretly. After buying any of these products, you will receive a fiscal receipt, warranty, detailed manual, and technical support for the installation and use.

Depending on the type of problem you want to solve, you can choose among:

  • SpyTech spy software for tracking mobile phones
  • Spy software for computer monitoring and surveillance
  • USB ByPass for bypassing computer passwords
  • Mobile phone digital forensics


The software used for tracking somebody’s phone is the most efficient and fastest way of finding out whether your partner is cheating on you or what your children and your employees and associates are doing when you are not around. We give you the option of testing all of its features for 48 hours free of charge before you decide whether you want to buy the license and use it for a specified period.

Our award-winning SpyTech software for monitoring and eavesdropping allows you to have a complete insight into another person’s phone. You will get to monitor all the activities performed on it, as if you were holding it in your own hand. You will be able to do all this regardless of how far away you are.

It’s installed in the target phone quite quickly. Afterward, it disappears from the menu without leaving any trace. It will monitor everything its owner is doing on it — as a result, you will gain insight into calls, messages, passwords, social networks, Viber, WhatsApp, gallery, and even the exact location where the device user is, who they are with, or what they are doing. Spy software also allows you to control the target phone to an extent — for instance, you will be able to activate the front and the back camera.

Our spy PC software works in the same way — the only difference is that it allows you to monitor all the activities on the target computer. The programs used for the surveillance of employees’ computers have been used by big corporations for quite some time, and now, they are available to you as well. With them, you will get to optimize all the segments of your business.

You can also use this program to find out what your children are doing online, who they are interacting with, and which websites they are visiting.

The spy USB flash will help you get into any password-protected computer. It can also be used in those situations when the owner forgets the password or when it has been changed by hackers or malware. Bypassing a password enables you to do everything on a computer, as if you had entered the correct password — for instance, you will even be able to change the Windows password. Once you start the computer without the USB ByPass, the password will remain the same as before unless you’ve changed it or removed it.

Mobile phone digital forensics allows you to recover the phone data you have deleted accidentally or on purpose. Thanks to the latest Israeli software called Cellebrite Mobile Forensic, our forensic team will recover all the data from the moment your phone was first booted — contacts, calls, messages, photos and videos from your gallery, passwords, social media chat logs, notes, etc. The program is compatible with all Android and iOS phones, and it can even be used on older models from the pre-Android era.

Spy Cameras


The spy micro-cameras listed in our catalog are among the latest developments in the field of spy equipment. Thanks to their dimensions, they can easily blend in with their surroundings. They are easy to use, and they will help you get to the necessary information quickly and efficiently and solve your private or professional problems.

These cameras provide top-quality photos and videos, and most of them allow you to record at night or when the visibility is poor, so you can be sure you won’t miss anything. You can use these micro-cameras to find out whether your partner is cheating on you, to monitor your children and employees, or check on your property and cars.

Keep an eye on your office, warehouse, vacation home, or apartment directly from your phone.

Most micro-cameras from our catalogue have internal memory where they can store the recorded material, a motion detection feature, and an integrated rechargeable battery that allows them to work autonomously for a long time.

Some spy cameras, such as the flashlight spy camera, are the closest thing to multipurpose spy equipment you can find. This multifunctioning 3-in-1 spy tool has an integrated GPS tracking system, an SOS button in case of an emergency, and an LCD screen.

Ultra-thin snake and endoscope cameras are the perfect choice when you need to record something in places that are dimly lit and difficult to access.

Some of the most practical spy cameras include micro-cameras installed in everyday objects. You can place them in your glasses, keychains, pens, watches, alarm clocks, etc. and record everything going on around you without being noticed.

Micro-cameras in light bulbs and smoke detectors are an example of perfectly positioned spy devices that have a wide range and constant power supply. With them, you will get discreet video surveillance 24/7.

A hunting camera and a night vision camera are the perfect choices when you need to record something during the night. They can also be used in multiple situations when something needs to be recorded secretly.

Dash cameras can keep your vehicle from being stolen or damaged. They come with the PRS/GPS navigation and an SOS button for additional safety of the vehicle and its passengers.

Our top-quality spy cameras can help you record or photograph something secretly, both for private and for professional reasons:

  • Light bulb camera
  • Smoke detector camera
  • Flashlight camera
  • Micro-cameras for watches, pens, keychains, alarm clocks, glasses
  • Ultra-thin or Endoscope camera
  • Hunting camera or Night Vision camera
  • WiFi and many other types of spy cameras




Eavesdroppers and audio recorders allow you to record all the important conversations secretly, both for private and professional reasons.

The eavesdroppers found in SpyTech’s spy equipment catalogue are among the latest innovations in the industry. These original and proven devices have been produced by some of the most reputable brands globally. They allow you to eavesdrop on conversations live or record them. These devices can be used in all kinds of situations when you need to record something discreetly. For instance, you can use them to record meetings and business talks, follow your partner and find out whether they are cheating on you, monitor your children and employees, or check on your home and workplace.

These devices are small and easy to hide; however, some come already integrated into everyday objects. They can be used easily, and no special skills are required to operate them. They have sophisticated microphones and noise-cancelling filters, which makes their audio recordings even clearer. Most of them are activated on their own, when they register someone’s voice in their vicinity, or remotely, via a mobile phone.

These are some of the latest eavesdroppers on the market that you can find in SpyTech:

  • GSM eavesdropper
  • Extension cord eavesdropper
  • Computer mouse eavesdropper
  • USB flash drive audio recorder
  • Audio recorders in car keys, pens, and light switches


GSM eavesdropper is a practical device of unlimited range. You can hide it anywhere you want and use it for live eavesdropping. It’s voice-activated, but you don’t have to worry about anyone hearing it, as it’s completely silent. Alternatively, you can use the phone number from the SIM card located in it to activate it. You only need your phone and internet connection to eavesdrop on someone in real-time.

The extension cord eavesdropper is another practical device you can use for live eavesdropping. One of the biggest advantages of this device is the fact that it can blend in with the object found in every home and workplace. The constant power supply is another perk.

Eavesdropping in real-time has never been easier, thanks to the computer mouse eavesdropper. This perfectly hidden device can be attached to a constant power supply, and it can be activated via a phone from any distance.

Audio recorders in USB flash drives, car keys, pens, or light switches offer top-quality recordings that can be listened to on a computer or a laptop. They are often used for audio surveillance or for obtaining proof from private conversations. These devices can be utilized for car eavesdropping, as well.



Jammers and spy equipment detectors are the latest devices used for spyproofing. They can detect and disable all kinds of spy devices precisely and quickly.

Depending on the situation, you need to choose the perfect device that will help you detect and locate all the spy gadgets in your vicinity.

ST Plus 3000 spy equipment detector is a manual portable device used for detecting spy equipment precisely and efficiently. It can find all spy bugs in the range of 10 m. It’s small and easy to carry and use. Once it has found something, you will be notified by sound, light, or vibration. This modern scanner of spy equipment detects all the monitoring and eavesdropping devices on the market.

Portable HW 007 and G318 Max spy equipment detectors can pinpoint all types of eavesdroppers in a room with an error margin of one centimetre. If you use the Guard mode, you will be warned the moment a WiFi electromagnetic field is detected. They can be used both as spy device scanners and as cell phone signal jammers, thanks to their Cell Phone Lock option.

Signal jammers prevent data transfers between different spy devices. Depending on your needs or the area you want to secure, you can use Portable, Desktop, or Bomb jammers.

GPS Locators


GPS locators let you know where your car, motorcycle, or bike is at all times. GPS trackers can locate your vehicle and give you an overview of its movements. GPS locators offer the most affordable and reliable vehicle protection from theft and unexpected damages. They can be used for personal reasons, but they have also turned out to be an exceptional tool for all the companies that own numerous vehicles.

Our GPS locator is an intelligent system used for tracking and locating people, pets, vehicles, and other movable objects via satellites. It’s easy to install, and thanks to its powerful magnets, it can be attached to all types of surfaces. As a result, it cannot be detected by thieves easily. To successfully track a vehicle, you only need a mobile phone and an internet connection. A GPS tracker also has an SOS button and a remote-control option, which allows you to use some of the vehicle’s basic functions.

The GPS bike-light and motorbike-light tracker are used to track and locate two-wheelers in real-time. This tracker communicates with the master phone number via a SIM card found inside it. At any moment, you can receive the exact location of your vehicle via an SMS. The message will contain either its longitude and latitude or the precise address. You can also use this device to track children, the elderly, or your pets.

Self-defence Equipment


The self-defence equipment offered on our website includes a top-quality pepper spray made in Germany and a stun gun with a flashlight. Both of them will help you feel safer at all times. This kind of equipment will allow you to incapacitate one or more attackers or defend yourself from aggressive dogs, leaving you enough time to run away and find help.

According to the law, everyone over 16 is allowed to carry and use this kind of equipment for self-defence.

The stun gun with a flashlight can be used for self-defence. It is not a weapon, as you can’t kill your attacker with it — you can only cause great pain and immediate muscle spasms. Modern stun guns have a built-in sound, which is sometimes more than enough to scare the potential assailants and chase them away. The stun gun functions by emitting intermittent electric discharges. As a result, the attacker will be in shock and pain and experience muscle spasms. The first discharge will be the strongest, whereas each subsequent one will be of weaker intensity.

The stun gun with a flashlight comes with very powerful LED lights, so you can use it as a source of light, as well.

The pepper spray produced in Germany is extremely powerful and precise. It causes instant eye and skin irritation — even temporary blindness may occur.

In case of danger, spray the attacker’s face to disable them completely. This way, you will get enough time to run away and ask for help. Our pepper spray comes in the form of gas and gel in a convenient bottle that can fit any pocket or purse. Unlike the cheap, unreliable copies, you can be sure that this one won’t fail you in crucial moments. This spray doesn’t evaporate, and it can be safely used in confined spaces.

Spy Equipment Is a Shortcut to the Truth

Everyone has the right to the truth, and with our spy equipment, you can find it quickly and easily. We’ll help you solve all your concerns, both personal and professional, with our:

  • Phone and computer monitoring programs
  • Spy micro-cameras
  • Spy eavesdroppers and bugs
  • GPS trackers
  • Spy equipment detectors and jammers
  • Self-defence equipment

Are you worried about your partner cheating on you? Perhaps you are not sure who your children are hanging out with or what they are doing? Are you concerned about your business partners being disloyal? Or do you want to find out what exactly your employees are doing during their work hours?

Our spy equipment will offer answers to these and many other questions.

Modern spy devices are installed quickly, and they can blend in rather well. As a result, everyday objects like extension cords, glasses, or buttons, can become perfect monitoring and eavesdropping gadgets — thanks to the simple addition of a micro-camera.

Is the Use of Spy Equipment Legal?

Do you think the end justifies the means? If so, then you also have the answer to the frequently asked question of whether the use of spy equipment is legitimate or ethical.

A simplified interpretation of the law indicates that the use of spy equipment is legal unless it jeopardizes someone’s integrity — and it is up to every individual how they will use the information obtained through espionage.

By using spy equipment, you will get information that will help you improve every aspect of your life.

If you have ever been in doubt about something, then you know how it can negatively impact your productivity, interpersonal relationships, and even health. An adequate spy device will help you resolve your concerns, take the necessary steps, and sleep well again.

Don’t forget — you have the right to the truth. And, when all else fails, spy equipment will help you find it.

How Can You Use Spy Equipment?

When it comes to using spy equipment, finding out whether your partner is cheating on you is probably one of the first things that comes to everyone’s mind. Still, spying on your spouse or partner is only one of the situations when spy devices are your best allies.

The latest spy equipment is so sophisticated that it would excite the imagination of even the most experienced detectives out there. In fact, it offers tons of possibilities — you can peek into your partner’s, child’s, or employee’s phone and find out everything you want to know. With our award-winning SpyTech software for phone monitoring, the chances of getting caught are slim to none.

Our mobile phone digital forensics recovers all the data you’ve deleted from your phone, both accidentally and on purpose.

When it comes to your business competitors, the right information at the right time will give you a crucial advantage in the ruthless market. Find out what their secrets are and protect your own business data from being leaked. After all, industrial and corporate espionage has been a part of big corporations’ business strategies for quite some time.

Spy equipment will offer reliable protection to you, your family, and your assets. Use the latest spy devices to protect your privacy and all the things that matter to you the most.

Thanks to our micro-cameras and eavesdroppers, you won’t miss anything. Find out what is going on in your home, vacation home, workplace, store, or car when you are not around.

Detectors and jammers offer efficient and reliable spyproofing services, thus offering protection to both people and places.

How Can You Be Sure You’ve Chosen the Right Spy Equipment?

There’s a solution to every problem. An adequate spy device will help you get to it quickly and efficiently. Our vast catalogue offers plenty of modern spy products that can help you secretly record, monitor, eavesdrop, and spyproof.

Having a hard time deciding on what kind of device will help you face your personal and professional challenges best? You’re not alone. Our versatile offer of spy equipment with different uses and features would confuse even the most experienced connoisseurs of spy tech out there.

That’s what our customer support is for. Call us, and let us know what your problem is. We will offer professional and friendly advice based on our rich experience, and we will suggest a device that is best suited to your wishes, needs, and budget.

And that is not all.

We will be with you every step of the way to help you use your spy equipment to the fullest.