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GPS trackers and locators

State-of-the-art GPS locators provide the ability to know precisely where your car or two-wheeler is at any given moment. GPS trackers instantly locate your vehicle, giving you full control over its movements. With the help of GPS trackers, you can secure your vehicle and protect it from theft and damage.

But that's not all.

You can use these multifunctional intelligent tracking systems for objects in motion with unlimited range to locate people, pets, or any other moving object

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Top-quality GPS locators and trackers with outstanding features

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GPS locators for satellite tracking and location of vehicles and all moving objects are the cheapest and most reliable way to protect your vehicle from theft and damage. The latest models of GPS locators for vehicle tracking can be discreetly placed anywhere in the car so that thieves cannot even guess that they will be immediately discovered and stopped in the act of theft. GPS trackers are installed quickly and easily, and all you need to use them is a mobile phone and an internet signal. GPS locators give full control over the vehicle from any distance, and the ability to limit its movements.

A GPS tracker in light for bicycles and motorcycles for tracking and locating two-wheelers in real-time is based on mobile telephony, so all you need is a mobile phone and the internet to get a precise location of your motorbike or bicycle whenever you want. It is installed in the front and rear lights of the two-wheeler and is made in accordance with all traffic regulations. Install a GPS locator in a bicycle light, child’s helmet, backpack, or pet collar and you will receive the exact position where they are on your mobile phone in a fraction of a second. The primary purpose of GPS trackers for two-wheelers is theft protection, but they can also be used as a listening device with an unlimited range.

How GPS locators work

GPS trackers are reliable and precise, practically unnoticeable, and easily installed on various types of materials, and all you need to quickly locate a vehicle, child, or pet is a signal and a mobile phone. GPS locators work on the principle of mobile telephony and connect to the satellite via a GPS signal.

When it locates an object, the tracker sends coordinates in the form of latitude and longitude to the mobile phone as a link for Google Maps. All you have to do is click on the link or type these numbers into Google Earth or some other map, and you will see the exact location of the object, i.e., you get real-time tracking.

The panic button that they possess makes GPS trackers a reliable device for personal safety protection. If in danger, a person can press the SOS button to automatically send a message to the number set to receive the location.

A GPS tracker can also be used as an efficient spying device for secret recording and listening with unlimited range, which you control via phone.

This tracking device can be of great assistance to businesses that have a large number of vehicles. At any moment, you can monitor and control vehicles, thereby increasing vehicle safety, and employee efficiency, and reducing potential costs.

Models and Characteristics GPS tracker – lokator Pametni sat GPS tracker GPS locator for pets – Pet GPS tracker
Connection to server Yes Yes Yes
Video resolution No HD 2MP No
Slot for micro SD card Yes No No
USB port Yes Yes Yes
Internal memory No 2GB No
Geo-fence Yes Yes Yes
Recording location Yes No No
Sim Card Nano/Mini SIM Nano SIM Nano SIM
GPS Accuracy up to 5 meters up to 5 meters up to 5 meters/td>
GPS Sensitivity -165 dBm -165 dBm -165 dBm
GSM Frequency 3G 4G 4G
Picture GPS tracker – lokator Pametni sat GPS tracker Pet GPS tracker
GPS tracker prices 12.250 – 24.750 rsd 17.500 rsd 17.500 rsd