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Security equipment

Electric stun guns and pepper sprays serve for self-defense and are the best allies in protection against aggressive attackers, thieves, or aggressive dogs. The latest generation of electric stun guns in the form of a lamp and pepper spray in the form of gas and gel are the most popular personal safety devices. Pepper spray and electric stun guns are a legitimate means of civilian protection, and the law allows the purchase, carrying, and use of self-defense devices for all adults.

Our offer consists of original, latest generation self-defense products.

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Electric stun guns in the form of a lamp

Electric stun guns are devices that are used exclusively for self-defense and are not weapons. You cannot kill an attacker with them, but you inflict pain and cause immediate muscle spasms, giving you enough time to escape or call for help. Modern technology electric stun guns have a built-in sound that is sometimes sufficient to intimidate the attacker and thwart their plans.

The electric stun gun works on the principle of periodic electrical discharge, where a strong current shock (1,000 kV – 3,000 kV) induces an immediate state of shock, extremely intense pain, and muscle spasms in the aggressor. The first discharge is the strongest, and each subsequent one is of lower intensity.

Electric stun guns are effective even in winter, regardless of the thickness of the attacker’s clothing.

Pepper spray in the form of gas and gel

Pepper spray, also known as pepper spray or tear gas, is a reliable means of self-defense. We offer the highest quality German-made pepper spray in gel and gas form, with exceptional potency and precision, used by security agencies worldwide. Pepper spray provides safe protection against one or more attackers. Spray the aggressor in the face, and they will immediately feel intense itching, burning of the skin and eyes, and even temporary blindness. During that time, you can call for help or escape and avoid the worst-case scenario.

German pepper spray is characterized by its strength with every spray. It can be used in enclosed spaces, and a special protective cap prevents accidental spraying and evaporation when not in use. The pepper spray gel and gas are packaged in a convenient bottle, making it easy to carry in a pocket or bag.

Electric stun guns and pepper sprays – for feeling safe at all times

Self-defense devices can be useful for anyone who wants to feel secure and safe, protecting themselves and their property. Women, security personnel, shop and business owners can find reliable self-defense equipment and protection in electric stun guns and pepper spray.

Battery-powered stun guns in the form of flashlights have built-in high-intensity LED lights, serving as a necessary source of light at any moment.

Electric stun guns and pepper sprays from the SpyTech offer are original, certified, and made to the highest quality and technology standards of the German police. They are modern and practical in design, discreet, and can easily be carried anywhere in everyday luggage.

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