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Professional Wireless Camera Detector

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    Wireless Camera Detector is a professional Israeli military technology scanner, which reveals in less than 10 seconds even the most sophisticated wireless spy cameras. This detector works in the 900 – 2700 MHz frequency range, which includes almost all wireless cameras that can be found on the domestic and global markets.

    The device is very easy to use. As soon as turned on, thanks to extremely sensitive antennas, it automatically scans the frequency of any video signal within a range of up to 20 m even through obstacles.

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    The WiFi Camera Detector is a state-of-the-art device that accurately detects wireless camera frequencies in less than 10 seconds. This detector was created as a product of Israeli military technology, it is used by many well-known security agencies, which further confirms its quality and functionality.

    Operating within a radius of 500m, this detector scans frequencies from 900-2700 MHz, detecting all known wireless cameras. It can be powered by batteries or electricity.

    This professional wireless camera detector can also function as a signal jammer, preventing eavesdropping and leakage of confidential information.

    In addition to wireless cameras, it can detect other bugs in your home, office, vacation home, hotel room, or any suspicious area.

    The WiFi Micro Camera Detector is compact and easy to use. Carry it anywhere and effortlessly search the desired space.

    Moreover, this detector offers the option of covertly recording, making it a versatile spy device.

    How to Use and Features of the Wireless Camera Detector

    The portable detector is user-friendly. Once turned on, it automatically scans video signal frequencies within a 500m range, even through obstacles, depending on the camera’s signal strength.

    Upon detecting a WiFi camera frequency, it immediately alerts you with an audio signal. Within seconds, the exact frequency is displayed on the small LCD screen (1.25″), while a high-resolution (2.5″) monitor shows the live view of the covertly monitored area. With a simple switch press, the detector resumes scanning for other wireless cameras nearby. Scanning can be done automatically or manually.

    Furthermore, you can record or connect the detector to external video recorders (AV OUT), such as TVs, laptops, or computers.

    Equipped with highly sensitive antennas, this wireless camera scanner provides reliable protection against espionage and doubles as a spy device. It operates on rechargeable lithium batteries but can also be connected to a power source.

    Applications of the Wireless Camera Detector

    The wireless camera detector is an invaluable tool for military and security agencies. It’s also useful for educators to uncover and prevent students from using unauthorized spying devices during exams.

    It’s used to detect wireless spy cameras in residential spaces, offices, cars, vacation homes, garages, etc. It’s an excellent solution for business owners aiming to safeguard against industrial espionage and prevent the leakage of vital business information.

    Aside from eliminating spy devices, this multi-purpose scanner can be used for audio surveillance.

    Please note that this professional wireless camera detector is exclusively available through SpyTech. Contact us for a discreet visit to our showroom, where we’ll assist you in effectively removing all spy devices from your environment.

    • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.





    Screen type LCD
    Screen diagonal 6,36cm (2,5”)
    Color screen Yes

    Power supply

    The possibility of working on batteries Yes
    Battery type Li-ion
    Battery life: up to 3 hours
    Integrated battery Yes
    Battery charge indicator Yes


    Detection frequency range 900 Mhz – 2.700 Mhz
    Signal detection range 20m
    Signal strength indicator Yes
    Light signaling Yes
    Video signal interception Yes
    Manual frequency scanning Yes
    Automatic frequency scanning Yes

    Functions Frequency counting mode

    Signal detection range 20m

    The device is interfering

    Wireless spy cameras Yes

    The device detects

    Wireless spy cameras Yes

    Physical characteristics

    Device material ABS plastic
    Sensitivity adjustment button Yes
    Battery charge status Yes
    Speaker Yes
    Port type AV out

    Packet Includes

    • 2 Antennas
      An antenna labeled as ”L” used for detecting low-frequency signals emitted by cameras.
      An antenna labeled as ”H” used for detecting high-frequency signals emitted by cameras.
      This device covers a wide range of frequencies, increasing the chances of finding all types of hidden surveillance cameras.
    • Charger
      A high-quality power cable that helps you quickly charge your detector. It comes with various adapters: type A, type C, and type G, giving you multiple options for charging your device when you are away from home.
    • Battery
      An industrial rechargeable Lithium battery commonly used in various devices such as mobile phones, PDA devices, computers, MP3 players, military equipment, medical instruments, radio devices, communication devices, digital cameras, robotics, and many other applications.
    • Instructions for use
      This manual serves as a guide for using all the device’s features effectively. You can find detailed steps in the manual on how to operate the device easily.

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    How quickly can this device detect spy cameras?

    This detector needs only 10 seconds to detect the wireless spy camera frequencies. As soon as it’s powered up, it starts scanning for the video signal frequency.

    Can I record the video that I am watching via the detector?

    Detectors for wireless cameras can be connected to your TV, PC, or laptop — that is, any device that can display images. That way, you will be able to record the video you are watching.

    How will I know the detector has found cameras?

    When the device detects camera frequencies, it emits a warning signal. Plus, you will see the frequency of the video signal on the detector’s display. That way, you can find out where exactly the camera is and what the person who has installed it has recorded.


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