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Hidden camera detector

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    A hidden camera detector is a high-quality, sophisticated handheld device for detecting all types of spy cameras. This device works by detecting the reflection of strong infrared air from the lens of hidden cameras. It accurately detects all types of wired and wireless CMOS and CCD spy cameras that can be found on the market from a distance of up to 10m.

    Manual detector spy cameras are small in size, easy to carry, and very easy to use.

    The device has 6 ultra-bright LEDs that emit highly infrared radiation. Infrared rays...

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    How to use a hidden camera detector and its features

    The hidden camera detector is small in size (70 x 40 x 10 mm) and with the help of precise instructions, it is very simple to use.

    First, you need to turn on the detector and its LED indicator will start to emit light. Then you should start searching the space by looking through the red lens on the device itself. At the moment when a spy camera is detected, the detector will give you a clear signal. The device has 5 modes of LED illumination speed.

    The spy camera detector contains 6 diodes that emit high infrared radiation, which is reflected from the lens of the hidden camera. When it detects a spyware signal, the detector warns you using light, acoustic, or vibration signalization. The detecting device detects a hidden camera with a precision of 1cm. This multifunctional detector detects all types of wired CMOS and CCD spy cameras at a distance of up to 10 meters.

    You can change and adjust the signaling mode and the sensitivity of the detector yourself, according to your own needs. We always advise our customers that the sensitivity of spy camera detection devices should always be kept to a minimum and that the antenna shouldn’t be pulled out, so as to avoid reacting to the radiation of other devices from the environment, such as transformers, TV repeaters or cellular base stations. Of course, if you are looking for hidden cameras in an open space outside the city, you can set the sensitivity of the detector to the maximum and draw out the antenna.

    Which purposes is a spy camera detector used for?

    A detector of all types of spy cameras can be a perfect solution whenever you suspect you are a target of espionage. You can use this universal spyware detector preventively even before your suspicions of damage become a fact and the damage is already made. It will detect very quickly and precisely all kinds of spy cameras that are in your home, car, or business premises … And we all know that it’s never been easier to get into possession of secret recording and tapping cameras and install them practically anywhere because they are of miniature dimension and invisible to the naked eye.

    A spy camera detector is an excellent business ally if you want to prevent important business information from falling into the wrong people’s hands and from getting to your competition. You can also use it to protect the privacy and security of your home and family.

    Besides the hidden cameras, you can successfully detect other spy equipment such as spyware, GSM and RF eavesdroppers, GPS satellite locators, and mobile phone eavesdropping software with the help of this reliable detector of modern technology.

    Call us or visit our office and we will help you choose the right and original spy camera detector that will efficiently and quickly solve your problem, and our expert team will give you tips on setting up and using the detector correctly.

    • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.




    Power supply

    The possibility of working on batteries Yes
    Battery type Li-ion
    Battery life: to 3 h of work
    Integrated battery Yes
    Battery charge indicator Yes


    Detection frequency range 0 Mhz – 6.500 Mhz
    Signal detection range 10m
    Separate inclusion of each module Yes
    Signal strength indicator Yes
    Sound signaling Yes
    Vibrating signaling Yes
    Light signaling Yes

    Functions Frequency counting mode

    Signal detection range 10m

    Functions Broadband wireless signal detection mode

    Sound signaling Yes

    The device detects

    GSM and RF listening devices Yes
    Wireless spy cameras Yes
    WiFi devices Yes
    Mobile phone signals Yes
    GPS locators Yes

    Physical characteristics

    Device material ABS plastics
    Sensitivity adjustment button Yes
    Battery charge status Yes
    Headphone jack Yes
    Number of ports 6
    Port type Micro USB

    Weight and dimensions

    Weight 60g
    Width 40mm
    Depth 10mm
    Height 70mm

    Packet Includes

    • Charger

      A high-quality power cable that helps you quickly charge your detector. It comes with various adapters: type A, type C, and type G, giving you multiple options for charging your device when you are away from home.

    • Battery

      An industrial rechargeable Lithium battery commonly used in various devices such as mobile phones, PDA devices, computers, MP3 players, military equipment, medical instruments, radio devices, communication devices, digital cameras, robotics, and many other applications.

    • Headphones

      Small dimensions with good isolation that help you discover the device.

    • Instructions for use

      This manual serves as a guide for using all the device’s features effectively. You can find detailed steps in the manual on how to operate the device easily.

    How to use

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    Can it detect hunting cameras that don’t emit signals?

    Thanks to the LED diodes that emit a strong infrared signal, it can detect the lens of a hunting camera. These diodes will enable you to identify even those cameras that don’t emit any signals.

    Can it find wireless cameras only, or can it also locate wired ones?

    The detector can identify all types of cameras located in homes and cars. It comes with 6 red LED diodes that emit infrared rays. After a camera has been successfully detected, the device will inform you using lights, sounds, and vibrations.

    At what distance can it detect hidden cameras?

    It can detect all types of wired and wireless cameras that are up to 10 meters away.


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