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Pepper Spray — Tear Gel for Self-Defense

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Peper spray


Pepper spray or tear gel is a practical and popular self-defense tool. Nowadays, when robberies, aggression, and harassment are so common, pepper spray is an effective method of protecting yourself and your safety. You can find it as a spray or a gel, and the...

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Pepper Spray — Efficient Self-Defense Tool for Any Occasion

Pepper spray or tear gel is used daily as a self-defense tool against attackers or as a means of protection against aggressive animals. In those situations when you need to protect your life, body, or belongings, pepper spray can help you avoid many harmful consequences. The statistics show that every other woman and every third man have been victims of an assault at least once in their lives. Nowadays, the risks are even greater, which is why we need to protect ourselves using anything that’s at our disposal.

Tear gel and pepper spray are legitimate self-defense options that should be carried by anyone who feels unsafe or is exposed to potentially dangerous situations on a daily basis. It is especially useful for those people who come home late, work night shifts, or are employed in unsafe environments like exchange offices or jewelry stores.

In addition, even young people can own them, especially females who may be incapable of dealing with their attackers in any other way. Apart from ordinary citizens, police officers, security workers, night guards, customs officers, and other people who perform jobs that could threaten their lives, health, or possessions use tear gas and gel as well.

Police Gel Pepper Spray — Top Choice for Close-Combat Self-Defense

The police gel pepper spray is an extremely potent tool that can help you defend yourself from an attacker. It is manufactured by a renowned German company, KKS GmbH. The fact that police officers and security guards use it as well only goes to show how efficient it is. It’s extremely reliable, practical, and easy to use. It will incapacitate the attacker in a second, and they will be left in a state of shock and pain, completely incapable of exhibiting aggressive behavior.

The police gel pepper spray is the most precise one of all, which is why it is considered the best tool for close-combat self-defense. By pressing the button, you will let out a stream of gel that will hit the target precisely. Its potency is measured in 2 million Scoville units, which places it in the category of extremely potent pepper sprays.

This pepper spray is released in the form of big and tiny drops of gel, which stick to the face and the mucous membranes of the attacker. Once it ends up in their eyes, mouth, or nose, it causes high-intensity burning, and if the attacker inhales it, the gel will stick to their lungs and disable them for an extended period of time.

Its range is approximately 4 meters, so you will have enough time to react before the attacker comes too close. Its tiny dimensions make it easy to carry and handle. It doesn’t take up too much space, and it can be carried in your pocket or even in a tiny purse. On top of the cap, you will find a protective spring, so there is no danger of triggering it accidentally.

Great for Defending Yourself From Multiple Attackers

The gas pepper spray contains Oleoresin Capsicum gas, which causes strong irritation when it comes into contact with the eyes, mouth, nose, or lungs. Namely, it will result in tearing up, sneezing, coughing, heavy breathing, temporary blindness, and loss of motor functions. It begins to work immediately, and the intensity reaches its peak after approximately 20 seconds. Its effects will disappear after 45 minutes, which leaves the victim more than enough time to run away or ask for help.

The gas pepper spray has a wide spraying angle, so it allows you to defend yourself from multiple attackers. In addition, it is extremely precise, so it can be sprayed at different angles. Plus, its protection against wind stops it from coming back into the user’s face. Another advantage of the gas pepper spray is that it does not contaminate the surroundings. So, it can be used in an enclosed area (like a car or an elevator), and its specifically designed protective cap prevents you from activating it accidentally.

Who Needs Pepper Spray for Self-Defense?

The use of pepper spray can be considered legitimate in every situation that puts your body or life at risk. A huge advantage of pepper spray lies in the fact that it cannot permanently injure the attacker — it only incapacitates them, thus preventing you from going beyond the point of the necessity of defense.

By using pepper spray, you can avoid many unpleasant or downright bad situations from occurring, such as physical harm, rape, burglary, theft, or kidnapping. It can be very useful to females or young, disabled, or senior people who do not have enough strength to face their attacker. In some cases, the use of pepper spray has even saved people’s lives.

Pepper spray can also be used by police officers, prison guards, security workers, customs officers, taxi drivers, etc. You can carry it with you or leave it in your car, office, or home. You can also use it to defend yourself from animals like stray dogs or even wild animals, which is why hunters or gamekeepers often have it on them as well.

When buying pepper spray, you should pay attention to the origin of the product because cheap copies can malfunction at the wrong moment. Only by buying pepper spray from renowned manufacturers can you be sure that it will offer protection when you need it the most.

If you want additional information about the types of pepper spray we offer and their features, feel free to call us or write to us. We can sell you original products with a fiscal receipt.

  • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.




Tear Gel


Sprayer range 3 – 5 m
Hotness scale 2.000.000 scoville scale
Tear gas content Hot pepper aroma
The shape of a tear gas Gel

Physical characteristics

Device material Aluminum alloy and ABS plastic
Protection against accidental device activation Yes

Weight and dimensions

Weight 90g
Width 32mm
Depth 32mm
Height 113mm
Volume 50ml

Pepper Spray


Sprayer range 3 – 5 m
Hotness scale 2.000.000 scoville scale
Tear gas content Hot pepper aroma
The shape of a tear gas Gas

Physical characteristics

Device material Aluminum alloy and ABS plastic

Weight and dimensions

Width 32mm
Depth 32mm
Height 90mm
Volume 40ml

Packet Includes

  • Instructions for use

    It serves to guide you and adequately use all the functions of the device. In the manual, you can find detailed steps on how to operate the device in the easiest way.

How to use

Additional information


Pepper Spray, Tear Gel

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What are the effects of using pepper spray?

Pepper spray may cause a strong burning sensation on your skin, watery eyes, and temporary blindness. As a result, it is bound to incapacitate the offender right away. The pepper spray effects last long enough to disable anyone. However, once it’s stopped working, it doesn’t cause any serious consequences.

How can I purchase pepper spray?

You can browse and purchase pepper spray in our office, or you can order it online. We will deliver it via express mail, and you can pay for it when you receive the package.

What are its reviews like?

Pepper spray has received nothing but positive feedback from our customers.


Pepper Spray — Tear Gel for Self-Defense

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