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How to Find Out if Your Partner Is Cheating On You

Infidelity is one of the leading causes of divorce and break-up. When we fall in love, we never imagine the negative scenario of being cheated on.

However, this happens — unfortunately, not infrequently.

Neither men nor women are immune to cheating. However, there are some differences in terms of the reasons why they choose to have parallel relationships. According to the latest statistics, 20% of married men have admitted to cheating on their wives at least once. 13% of women have said the same thing.

Based on this research, we have noticed a trend has emerged — namely, infidelity seems to be on the rise among women. Experts say this is probably due to their higher social status and financial independence, both of which their mothers and grandmothers lacked.

Technological advancements have also influenced emotional relationships — there’s no doubt about that. The internet, mobile phones, social networks, chatting and dating apps, etc., have all made communication easier, making it easier to be unfaithful.

Why People Cheat

Infidelity is often defined as a physical (sexual) relationship with another person without their partner’s or spouse’s knowledge or consent. Still, it is believed that it begins long before physical manifestations occur. Therefore, we can distinguish between two types of infidelity:

  • Emotional affair
  • Sexual affair

Many people consider texting and exchanging photos online with another person as another form of betrayal or an introduction to physical infidelity.

The motives behind cheating are numerous. Studies have shown that the reasons why men cheat are mostly of sexual nature, as they are looking for diversity and a greater number of intercourses.

On the other hand, women have affairs because they are looking for an emotional connection, support, security, and a listening ear. They also want to feel desired or seek revenge sometimes.

Work environments and business trips are usually the most common places for affairs to occur. In fact, according to a survey done on the Gleeden platform in which over 8,000 people participated, more than half (62% of men and 57% of women) said they had cheated on their partners while on a business trip.

Statistics show that women who work in the fields of medicine and education cheat the most. When it comes to men, craftsmen and those who work in the IT sector are the most prone to affairs.

That is why being away from home frequently is often one of the first signals that something is going on, and it should never be ignored.

Here are some other indicators of infidelity in marriage or relationships.

Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

When you are in an emotional relationship, you need to be able to recognize the early signs of an affair, especially because it starts long before the first date or physical contact. By doing something in a timely manner, you may prevent it from happening at all, thus saving your relationship/marriage.

According to psychological experts, the list of suspicious behaviors that may indicate cheating includes:

  • Your partner is constantly talking about someone new (a colleague or an acquaintance) and glorifying them.
  • There is a greater emotional distance between you two.
  • You have noticed a sudden show of commitment and kindness — they have started buying you gifts for no reason or helping around the house.
  • They are putting more effort into their looks — frequent gym visits, facials, new clothes, and too much perfume.
  • They often have to work long hours or go on business trips. Also, they are going out with friends more frequently and spend less time with you.
  • They are spending more money than before — you may have noticed large sums of money being withdrawn from their own (or your joint) bank account.
  • They have become more jealous and often accuse you of cheating.
  • They don’t want to share things with you (their car, for instance).
  • Everything on their phone is password protected suddenly, and they are trying to hide their phone screen from you.
  • There is a different fragrance on their clothes.
  • You are no longer discussing your future together.
  • They seem disinterested — they don’t want to argue or discuss things with you.
  • You often catch them lying to you.

When you share your doubts and point out all the signs indicating they are cheating, it may make them feel upset or angry. Either they will try to avoid the topic entirely or they may react badly.

Subtle signals should never be ignored — instead, you should use every means possible to find out if you are being cheated on. Even if your doubts are unfounded, your distrust will only grow, and it will influence your relationship negatively.

When Is the Perfect Time to Hire a Private Detective?

If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, or if you are fairly certain, despite how well they are hiding it, it’s best to hire a professional.

Private detectives are highly skilled at resolving infidelity issues in emotional relationships.

By approaching the matter objectively, they will gather information, give answers to many questions that are bothering you, and help you make the right decision regarding your relationship/marriage.

Hiring a detective is much better than asking your friends for help or trying to investigate things on your own. This is mostly because, unless you are a professional, you may overstep the legal boundaries related to supervising someone, tracking their location, or trespassing.

Professional detectives are neutral. They are familiar with the methodology they will use to gather irrefutable evidence more efficiently — either live by tracking them or via digital media.

The private detective’s report about your partner’s behavior will be detailed. It will contain photos and audio and video recordings. Of course, everything will be done discreetly and in accordance with the law.

A private detective can also be a witness in the court, where they will report their findings. This can be of great importance in a divorce case, when assets need to be divided or when the issue of child custody needs to be resolved.

You will get all this only by hiring a detective agency with all the necessary licenses and certificates. In these places, you will find professional detectives with plenty of experience in the investigation of affairs in marriages and relationships.


Infidelity often goes beyond the loss of trust between partners. Unhealthy relationships and suspicions may influence all aspects of a person’s life, including their health, productivity, self-esteem, relationships with others, parenthood, and even financial situation.

Being honest about an affair certainly has its advantages, but it does not absolve the cheating partner of the crime.

That’s why it’s no surprise that only every fourth person has admitted to cheating. Most of them needed six or more months to pluck up the courage to do this. Interestingly enough, they’ve mainly admitted to having physical relationships with other people, whereas they did not mention kissing, texting, and similar activities.

A lie detector is a reliable and efficient way of finding out whether your partner has been cheating and answering all the questions that have been bothering you. A licensed center for polygraph examination will help you resolve any situation with up to 100% certainty. Professional experts and examiners with plenty of experience use the latest testing techniques in every individual case, which, together with modern equipment, offers precise and valid results.

One of the greatest advantages of these examinations is that you don’t have to wait for too long to learn the truth. You will get the results in about 10 minutes.

The lie detector can be a great choice if you’ve been wrongly accused of being unfaithful and you want to prove to your partner that you are innocent.

According to experts, when you are feeling frustrated, distrustful, or dissatisfied with your partner’s behavior, you should face reality as soon as possible and put an end to uncertainty.

Infidelity doesn’t necessarily mean your relationship has to end. According to professionals, if both partners take responsibility and put in enough effort, the relationship can transform and become even better than before. The reasons why someone has cheated may reveal chronic issues in a relationship. By overcoming them, you may even take things to the next level.

Your best allies in such situations are experts for uncovering affairs, therapists, and time.


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