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Spy micro camera in a wristwatch

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A spy wristwatch with a hidden micro-camera is a watch of a beautiful design that can be worn at all times. In addition to having all the functions of a modern watch, it is also a sophisticated spyware tool that allows secret recording,...

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A spy micro camera in a wristwatch is a device for discreet recording, eavesdropping, and taking photos. A high-resolution mini camera is integrated within a modern design watch, which is fully functional just like any other wristwatch. The spy camera is controlled via buttons located on the watch itself and does not differ from the buttons used to set the watch mechanism. The user can choose between three modes: sound recording only, video recording, and taking photos.

The recordings are saved directly onto the internal memory of 8GB. The camera operates on a rechargeable lithium battery and provides 90 minutes of continuous recording. If the battery runs out, the watch needs to be connected to a power source using a special power cable included in the package. To review the recorded material, you need to connect the watch to an optimal playback device. This can be a computer, laptop, or the user’s mobile phone if it has that option. The connection cable for the micro camera, or rather the watch, is also included in the package with the device.

The watch is waterproof, requires minimal lighting, and is very suitable for recording in night conditions (night vision). To view the recorded material, you need to connect the watch to a computer or laptop using a USB cable. A wristwatch with a hidden micro camera can be used to record business meetings, negotiations, lectures, and in all situations when something needs to be secretly or publicly noted.

How to use a spy micro camera in a wristwatch?

Before using the spy wristwatch, check the battery charge to prevent recording interruption at a crucial moment. The camera is operated using two buttons. One button turns the device on and automatically starts recording, while a longer press on the other button switches the user to photo mode. A short press on the same button indicates photo-taking.

There is also a special button on the watch that looks like a watch winding button, and under it, there is a USB cable input. This button needs to be unscrewed to connect the watch to a computer, laptop, or another device. One part of the USB cable goes into the watch and the other into the playback device. After that, all that’s left is to transfer the recorded material to the device and review what the camera has captured.

Technical characteristics of a micro camera in a wristwatch

The micro camera in a wristwatch has top-notch technical features, provided you are buying an original product and not cheap Chinese copies. Photos and video materials are high resolution, the recording speed is high, so there is no image chopping. The sound is clear and clean in reproduction, thanks to special noise-canceling filters. The resolution of the video recording is Full HD 1920 x 1080 P, and the photo resolution is 12 Mpx.

The mini camera in the wristwatch falls into the category of IR Night Vision cameras, which means it records excellently even in low light conditions. The optic capture width, or the recording angle, is 90°. The operation of the micro camera is unnoticeable, given that the camera lens and microphone are well camouflaged and impossible to easily spot, even up close. The watch is waterproof.

What purposes can the spy wristwatch be used for?

Thanks to easy handling and high-quality recorded material, the mini camera in a wristwatch is an integral part of detective and investigative agency equipment. As it’s already on the wrist and just needs to be activated, this spy device facilitates the execution of covert operations without the risk of exposure. In addition to detectives, anyone who needs to discreetly record something can use it.

The spy wristwatch is popular with journalists and paparazzi, and students can use it to record lectures, seminars, take notes, and the like. It’s practical for businessmen who use it to record business meetings, agreements, or negotiations. Adventurers, nature lovers, mountaineers, and extreme athletes can also use it.

When you need to quickly capture an authentic scene or event, this watch has proven to be very practical. With one press of a button, a photo is taken, or a video is recorded. Compared to the situation where you need to pull out a camera or mobile phone to take a picture, a wristwatch with a camera is incomparably more functional. It can be used on various occasions and for different purposes. If placed on the interior rearview mirror of a car, it can record traffic events or interesting landscapes during a drive.

If you want to surprise someone with an interesting, attractive, and practical gift, choose a spy wristwatch. No matter the occasion, a spy wristwatch is always a good choice. Our offer includes watches with Citizen, Longines, or Omega mechanisms, and there is the possibility of installing the appropriate micro camera into the watch you bring us. Each watch has an adjustable clasp, and leather, metal, or rubber straps are available.

Call our technical service and ask anything you’re interested in. In addition to the micro camera in a wristwatch, our range includes other micro cameras integrated into various objects. We are at your disposal for any additional questions and information.

  • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.




Time and date Yes
Max listening area 5m²


Type single camera
Front camera resolution Full HD
Video recording modes Full HD
Video recording format AVI
Photo resolution 12MP
Night mode 2m
Recording angle 90°
Number of frames in second 30
Min required illuminance 1LUX

Power supply

The possibility of working on batteries Yes
Battery type LiPo
Battery capacity 400mAh
Battery life up to 60-100 minutes
Integrated battery Yes
The possibility of changing the battery Yes

Data storage

Internal memory capacity 16GB


Taking photos Yes
Compatibility with systems IOS, Android, Windows, Mac OSX

Physical characteristics

Device material Stainless steel, rubber, brass
Working temperature 0°C to 45°C
Device color Chrome – Black
Multi-function control button Yes
Work mode indicator Yes
Battery charge status Yes
Port type 2.5mm, 4 pole jack

Weight and dimensions

Weight 92g
Width 50mm
Depth 55mm
Height 17mm

Packet Includes

  • Spare cap
    A stainless steel cap that serves to cover the device’s charging port. If you lose the cap, don’t worry, you get a spare one and thus complete the look of the watch itself.
  • USB cable
    2.5mm 4-pin cable that provides you with the ability to charge and manipulate data from the camera at an exceptional speed.
  • Instructions for use
    It serves to guide you and adequately use all the functions of the device. In the manual you can find detailed steps on how to operate the device in the easiest way.

How to use

Additional information


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Is this spy watch only capable of recording video, or can it also record sound?

Apart from video recording, the spy camera in this watch can record sound, too.

How can I watch the videos?

This device comes with a USB cable. If you want to look at what you’ve recorded, you will have to connect your watch to your computer or laptop using this cable.

How complicated is it to use this device?

This spying device is very simple to use. There are two recording buttons on it. By pressing one of them, you will turn on the camera. When you press the other, the watch will start recording. Another press of the same button will stop the recording process. The videos are automatically stored on the Micro SD card.


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Spy micro camera in a wristwatch

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