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Spy software

In the era of digital technology, spy software represents the most sought-after products from our offer. These are top-notch programs that enable secret monitoring of all activities of the user of the targeted mobile phone or computer.

Last Generation Mobile Phone and Computer Spy Software in Our Offer

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Phone Tracking and Eavesdropping Software

The phone tracking and eavesdropping software enables monitoring of the complete communication taking place on the so-called target phone where it’s installed: messages, calls, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram inbox, social networks, photos, and front and rear cameras. The program can be tested for 48 hours completely FREE and without obligation.

Spy software for tracking and eavesdropping on a mobile phone is the most reliable way to find out what your children, spouse, or employees are doing. Information about who they are communicating with, socializing with, or what they are planning can help you confirm or refute all your suspicions.

Spy USB Flash

It is used to access a computer that is password protected when the password is forgotten or changed by hacker intrusion and malicious programs. Bypassing the password allows you to do absolutely everything on the computer as if you entered the correct password, including changing the Windows password. Upon restarting the computer without a USB ByPass, the password will still be there, the same as before, unless you have changed it or turned it off.

The spy USB flash can be used for monitoring children, employees, and emotional or marital partners. It looks and works like any other USB device and can also be used for storing various text, video, and audio recordings.

Spytech PC Spy Software

It provides insight into all activities performed on the computer where it’s installed. You can monitor email correspondence, browsing history, passwords, downloaded files, keystrokes, and social networks. It is installed easily and quickly, within about 10 minutes, and is absolutely invisible.

PC spy software has multiple applications and is most commonly used to control employee activities on computers, as well as the activities of children and spouses. Installation and use of the program are simple, requiring no special computer knowledge, just basic computer skills.

Digital Forensics of Mobile Phones

It represents the process of retrieving all deleted data from a phone since it was turned on, even if the phone is locked: SMS messages, incoming and outgoing calls, contacts, photos and videos, and correspondence from social apps (Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype).

The amount of data recovered is influenced by a number of parameters such as the type of phone, memory capacity, prior use of forensic programs, data recovery applications, and similar. In addition to personal purposes, digital forensics of mobile phones is used to monitor the activities of children, spouses, employees, etc.

Spy Software – Quick and Easy to the Truth

Spy software is easy to install and use. When it comes to spy software for PCs and mobile phones, installation is quick and leaves no trace. It does not slow down the operation of the computer or mobile phone. Programs do not take up much space in memory and are absolutely invisible to the user of the targeted computer or phone.

Everything that the user does through the computer or mobile phone can be monitored on a web platform or via a mobile phone. Using a spy USB is also simple. The device needs to be connected to the computer, laptop, or tablet USB port, then the program automatically starts and bypasses all set passwords.

If you are interested in digital forensics of mobile phones, it is performed using a special device and software. The damaged, locked, or reset phone needs to be connected to a forensic device and wait for the program to read all the data. Therefore, digital forensics of mobile phones is most often performed in a service center. In this way, almost all intentionally or accidentally deleted data can be recovered.

Our technical support is available at any moment to all users. PC and mobile phone programs can be installed remotely, and we will guide you step by step until the installation process is completed. We will explain to you in detail all ways of using and tracking data from the target device. Installation can also be done on our premises. The confidentiality of data and discretion is fully guaranteed.