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Art in the Age of Innovation: How Modern Museums Merge Technology and Aesthetics

The Grimaldi Forum in Monaco has significantly upgraded its security and visitor experience through the implementation of i-PRO’s advanced AI-based surveillance technology. This state-of-the-art facility, renowned for hosting over 100 diverse events annually, including high-profile art exhibitions and cultural events, has chosen to integrate multi-sensor and fisheye security cameras from i-PRO, a global leader in professional security solutions. This technology enhancement is designed to ensure heightened visitor safety, protect valuable artworks, and provide a seamless, secure environment during notable events such as the “Monet in Full Light” exhibition which attracted 120,000 visitors​​​​​.museum exhibition

Key features of this technology include wide range coverage without blind spots, enabling the security teams at the Grimaldi Forum to monitor activities across large rooms with precision. This was achieved by combining exceptional imaging performance with wide-area surveillance and IR LED lighting. The implementation of these cameras significantly reduced the number of cameras needed, thus saving costs. Furthermore, the discreet design of cameras allows them to blend into the venue’s aesthetic​​​​​.

The Grimaldi Forum also utilizes i-PRO’s Scene Change Detection, an AI-based analytic application that alerts the security team to anomalies within the cameras’ field of view. This feature is particularly valuable for protecting artworks by identifying unusual behavior or unauthorized proximity to valuable pieces. Additionally, the technology includes AI Video Motion Detection (VMD) to detect intruders or loiterers in restricted areas, thereby enhancing artwork safety​​​​​.

Real-time, proactive monitoring is another crucial aspect of this technology. The i-PRO Active Guard plug-in allows the Grimaldi Forum’s security team to conduct real-time searches during incidents or in-depth forensic analysis post-event. This feature enhances situational awareness and supports proactive security measures. For instance, operators can set up specific attributes in their watch lists, like “male wearing a red shirt and blue pants”, and receive real-time alarms when matches are identified​​​​​.

Moreover, managing occupancy and visitor flow is made efficient with strategically positioned fisheye cameras. These cameras, equipped with advanced AI analytics, enable the detection of congestion, management of visitor traffic flow, and counting of the number of people in specific areas. Heat maps generated by this system provide valuable statistical insights into traffic flow​​​​​.

This upgrade has not only bolstered visitor safety during high-profile events but also strengthened the Grimaldi Forum Monaco’s security posture for handling a variety of upcoming events and future expansion plans​


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