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Mouse GSM Spy Bug Listening Device

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8.000 RSD

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    A computer mouse is an extremely practical spy device, which at the same time functions as a classic optical mouse. The great advantage of this spy device is that there is no need to hide it, camouflage it, or charge the battery. The device is powered directly from the computer and has its own Apple battery. It can be used to listen to an area of up to 100 square meters, and its range is unlimited, i.e. it only needs coverage of a mobile telephony network.

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    The mouse spy bug listening device can be activated by calling or sending an SMS to the SIM card number inside the device or by voice activation. It automatically activates when it detects any sound in the area, without any visual, auditory, or vibration signals.

    The GSM spy device features a microphone amplifier (able to pick up whispers from several meters away) and a special filter that eliminates noise and interference. The sound is exceptionally clear and pure, and the encoded GSM frequency keeps the line free from external interference. The mouse spy bug listening device is highly suitable for monitoring children and employees, as well as eavesdropping in offices and other work and residential spaces.


    • Listening in real time (live listening)
    • Voice activation
    • Totally noiseless
    • Unlimited listening range
    • Coded GSM frequency
    • Microphone amplifier
    • Filter for noise reduction and noise neutralization
    • Constant power from the computer via USB
    • Fully functional optical mouse
    • Battery life up to 14 days in Stand By mode

    Packet Includes

    • Device
    • Rechargeable Apple battery
    • User manual

    How to use

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    Mouse GSM Spy Bug Listening Device

    8.000 RSD
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