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Amplifier and sound recorder for eavesdropping through walls

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    This is a special device that amplifies sound and allows listening and recording of sound through solid obstacles, windows, doors, walls, floors, and ceilings, making it an ideal tool for eavesdropping on people and rooms.

    This is a professional device with a highly sensitive microphone sound amplifier, which when placed on a wall allows you to clearly hear all sounds and conversations on the other side of the obstacle, which cannot be heard by the human ear. This eavesdropping and sound recording device is ideal for gathering intelligence or audio evidence.

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    The wall-listening device was created by automotive industry engineers to listen and analyze deep engine sounds and detect any potential faults. Over time, it has been perfected and adapted for eavesdropping through walls and similar obstacles.

    The wall sound eavesdropper and recorder consists of a special amplifier to which a microphone is attached that serves to pick up all vibrations from the wall and convert them into sound. The device can also be connected to stereo headphones, which are included in the package, and a dictaphone for recording.

    The wall and ceiling conversation listening and recording device is powered by PP3 batteries, and it is possible to integrate a rechargeable lithium battery.

    How to eavesdrop on a conversation through a wall or ceiling?

    The wall sound eavesdropper and recorder is very simple to use.

    The contact ceramic microphone needs to be pressed against a wall, ceiling, door, glass… The microphone absorbs vibrations through the obstacle, then converts them into sound that it emits to the headphones.

    The microphone can register sound over obstacles up to 30cm thick. Besides clearly hearing everything spoken and happening behind the walls through the headphones, the device has an input for a dictaphone, so you can also record and listen to it later.

    The sound amplifier is adjustable, and by controlling the high and low tones, the device adapts to the circumstances and the barrier through which it eavesdrops. The microphone contains magnets, so it can be permanently attached to a metal base. For longer eavesdropping through walls and glass, the microphone can be fixed with adhesive tape.

    In addition to eavesdropping on people and rooms, the sound amplifier can be used to listen to fluids passing through pipes, and even in diagnosing problems with the gearbox and engine in vehicles.

    The wall conversation listening eavesdropper comes with stereo headphones and a dictaphone connection cable.

    It is powered by a PP3 battery, which allows it 24h of continuous listening. It is also possible to install a rechargeable lithium battery for 3X longer operating autonomy.

    Situations in which the sound amplifier is an ideal eavesdropper

    The high-sensitivity audio acoustic microphone is a professional device that, when placed against a wall, allows you to clearly hear sounds and conversations on the other side of the wall. It’s practical and very simple to use.
    There are numerous situations in which the sound amplifier for eavesdropping through obstacles will be extremely useful.

    This eavesdropper is ideal for gathering intelligence or audio evidence from noisy or violent neighbors. Record loud music or verbal abuse, and the evidence will help you carry out the next steps more easily.

    Search and rescue in the event of accidents are significantly facilitated and more efficient with a sound amplifier. Listening through obstacles will facilitate the finding of trapped persons and animals in basements, elevators, under debris, etc.

    The diagnosis and location of problems in engines, gearboxes, and other mechanical devices are facilitated by detecting the source and type of sounds.

    Find the location of insects or rodents, termite colonies in walls, ceilings, and floors with the help of a special sound amplifier with a microphone.

    The device for listening to sound through obstacles significantly facilitates and speeds up the finding of the place of pipe leaks and water in walls and concrete.

    If you are not sure that a sound amplifier for eavesdropping through walls is an adequate device for solving a private or business problem that bothers you, take a look at the complete offer of original and modern eavesdroppers and sound recorders.

    Our technical support will assist you in selecting a spy device with complete discretion for each client.

    • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.




    Fine tune the sound Yes
    Superior sensitivity Yes
    Real-time listening Yes

    Power supply

    The possibility of working on batteries Yes
    Battery type Li-ion
    Battery life up to 24 hours of recording
    Integrated battery Yes
    The possibility of changing the battery Yes
    Battery charge indicator Yes
    Power supply 9V PP3


    Listening through Metal, concrete, wood
    Max obstacle thickness to 300mm

    Physical characteristics

    A strong magnet Yes
    Device material Aluminum and ceramic alloy
    Device color Black – Gray

    Packet Includes

    How to use

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    How does the device work?

    With the device, you receive a contact microphone. When you press it against a wall, door, or some other obstacle, the microphone absorbs the vibrations and then converts them into sound that it emits into the headphones.

    Can I also record the sound/conversation I hear?

    Yes. The device also has an input for a dictaphone, so you can record everything and listen to it later.

    Through what thickness of wall can I hear the sound?

    The sound amplifier and recorder allow you to clearly hear all conversations and sounds through walls and obstacles up to 30cm thick.


    Amplifier and sound recorder for eavesdropping through walls

    112,73 EUR
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