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Mini GSM eavesdropper with a camera

A mini GSM earphone with a built-in micro camera is a revolutionary device of spy technology with exceptional technical performance. Its reach is unlimited and at the same time, it allows you to listen to conversations and provides you with video surveillance of the room where it is set up. Thanks to its minimal dimensions and inconspicuous design, it can be positioned anywhere without attracting attention.

The Mini GSM eavesdropper has the option of real-time audio and video surveillance. This means that you can watch live and listen to everything that happens in a controlled area. Also, the user can select the option of recording audio and video material on a memory card and viewing it later. The device can be set to voice activation, which means that there is no blank space in the recordings, but that the eavesdropper starts recording only when a sound is registered within the room.

In addition to voice activation, the device can be activated and deactivated by sending an SMS. Namely, the device has a SIM card slot inside so that the user can also choose this mode of operation of the device. Regarding the activation itself, it is important to note that the device is completely silent. As a result, there is no danger of it being detected. It is absolutely discreet, and it is turned on without any light, sound, or vibration signaling.

To view the recorded material, the user can connect an eavesdropper to any device such as a PC, a laptop, or a tablet. In addition, the device has the option of sending the recorded material with an MMS message to the user’s mobile phone.

How to use the mini-GSM eavesdropper and its features?

A mini GSM eavesdropper with a camera should be set to the desired operating mode before it is used. Then check the battery status, the autonomy of which is normally up to 14 days in the Stand By mode. You need to install a SIM card of any mobile operator on the device. The only thing required for the operation of the device is a mobile telephony network.

It is recommended that the number of the SIM card be kept secret in order not to cause unwanted device activation. If a user wants to watch events in a controlled area live, all that is necessary is to simply send an SMS message to the card number. By sending another message, the device can be paused. Moreover, the function of sending the recorded material via the MMS message to a given phone number is also available.

The device also incorporates a micro SD card slot on which the recorded material is stored, so the card needs to be placed inside the device before beginning the operation. The memory card enables the storage of audio and video recordings and high-resolution photos to facilitate later playback.

Besides, thanks to the encoded GSM frequency, there is no possibility of interference in the connection, and the device itself has a built-in microphone amplifier and a sound filter that provides perfectly clear and clean recordings.

In which situations can a GSM eavesdropper with a camera be used?

The possibilities of using GSM eavesdroppers with a micro camera in secret operations are practically unlimited. This device can be used for security and secret surveillance of both residential and business premises, valuable items, and things, and it is also a very useful tool for detective agencies.

Thanks to its discreet appearance and small dimensions, it is completely unobtrusive in offices, and it does not even have to be hidden especially if we consider the fact that its functioning is absolutely noiseless. Thanks to this device you can have a complete insight into the work of your employees and thus prevent any possible damage. It can also be used in warehouses, production halls, sale facilities, and all the other facilities where there is a need for this type of supervision.

In addition to the control of workers, it can also be used in the residential area for the supervision of the children, the partners, and the support staff. Also, it can also be used for security supervision of safes, work desk drawers, and other valuable things. Thanks to its small dimensions, it is easy to install it into a toy or any other household item. In this way, the user can check at any time what his or her children, or staff they are entrusted with, are doing.

Call us in case you have any questions and we will inform you about all the details related to the use of this perfect spyware and security device.


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