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Spy hidden micro camera in a keychain

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The hidden micro-camera embedded in the keychain represents a perfectly camouflaged spyware. A keychain hidden camera can be placed directly on a desk or any other suitable place without causing any suspicion. It is especially suitable for secret recording of business talks and meetings, lectures and seminars where recording is not permitted, as well as in any other situation when it is necessary to secretly or openly record.

The keychain digital camera is set to work using two buttons located on the pendant itself. Pressing the button selects an option that allows...

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Life is often unpredictable — but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared at all times.

Here’s how we can help.

Almost everyone can recall a moment when they regretted not recording an important business (or perhaps private) conversation or event. And if you had been prepared, you would have got your irrefutable proof!

Modern cell phones have at least two cameras, but activating one of them and using the phone to record something would probably not go unnoticed. And that’s probably what you wanted — an ability to record and photograph in secret.

Hidden digital mini cameras in keychains are the perfect solution that will enable you to take videos and photographs discreetly whenever you need to. This inconspicuous tool can be your own personal detective on your quest to find out the truth and reveal important information.

The biggest advantage of spy cameras is that they don’t even look like spy tools. In fact, this is one of the most discreet mini cameras used for recording secretly.

Even if you are not a fan of spy equipment, this irresistible and practical gadget will win you over right away. And wait until you hear about the things you can do by using it — you’ll be confused about how you managed to live and work without it so far!

Pocket Detective That Notices Every Detail

Imagine you are having a relaxing evening with your friends at home or in a restaurant. In front of you, there is food, drinks, a couple of phones, and a car alarm.

Now, you are having an important business meeting or conversation. On the table, you’ll find some papers, a laptop or a computer, a cell phone, and a car alarm activator.

You are in a car with your business associates or your partner — your keychain (a car alarm) is there, but it’s a very common thing to see in any vehicle.

Now, imagine there was a hidden micro camera integrated into this alarm — and you’ve just realized the biggest advantage of this perfect spy gadget.

Complete camouflage allows you to discreetly record and photograph situations, surroundings, people, and important documents — whatever, wherever, and whenever you want.

The spy micro keychain camera is a secret weapon and a reliable tool used by many experienced detectives, journalists, businesspeople, and security personnel.

Now, it can become a part of your everyday life and your alliance on your quest for the truth. It’s available to everyone, and it can be used easily without prior experience with spy gadgets.

And most importantly, nobody will suspect you are up to something because it also works as a real car alarm.

Regardless of what you are driving — whether it’s BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. — our spy car alarm camera is available for all popular car models.

What Makes the Mini Car Alarm Hidden Camera So Special?

The mini camera integrated into a car remote is one of the most practical portable spy devices. You won’t have any trouble concealing it because it’s already well camouflaged into an everyday object.

The keychain hidden camera is easy to operate — you only need to use a single button. The button for operating this mini camera inside the car alarm is big, which makes using it more convenient. When you press it, you can turn the camera on/off or change the mode to videos/photos.

The mini camera in a keychain can be voice/motion activated (voice and motion detection). If you opt for one of these modes, the device will start only when it registers sound/voice or motion in its vicinity. That means the keychain can simply be left aside — it will do all the work for you by recording important events and conversations nearby.

State-of-the-art night optics allow you to capture top-quality videos and photos in poor light conditions.

The hidden digital camera inside a remote car alarm can make quality HD photos or audio/video recordings.

All the material is stored on the camera’s internal memory — a micro SD with up to 32 GB of storage. If you want to download and view the recordings and photos, you need to connect the device to a computer, laptop, or phone.

The high-quality battery enables you to record for hours. It’s charged easily via a USB cable.

Spy Camera That You Can Carry Everywhere

The camera hidden inside a keychain represents an ideal way to record all types of situations discreetly and quickly, regardless of where you are.

All the camera commands are located on the keychain itself, and they match the design of the car remote control perfectly. A simple interface and single-handed operation place this secret camera among the most practical ones out there.

You won’t miss out on anything important because this micro camera records and photographs everything perfectly, even when the light conditions are poor.

Naturally, the invisible camera in an alarm keychain works without emitting any signal, completely silently and discreetly.

The mini camera in a car alarm can be a perfect business tool, as it can allow you to gather all the necessary data and information when meeting your client. You can also use it to record conferences, presentations, occasions when signing major contracts about collaboration, etc.

It’s an indispensable tool for everyone in the field of investigation, journalism, or detective work. It is also a valuable ally to all parents, as well as to those suspecting their partner is cheating on them.

Finally, students (and everyone else learning new knowledge and skills) can use it to record lectures and seminars.

How Can I Choose the Best Keychain Hidden Camera?

The secret camera in a car remote control is a very popular device and one of the most discreet cameras in our spy equipment catalog. There are many different models, and choosing the right one may seem challenging, especially if you have no experience.

These are the features you should pay attention to when choosing the best car alarm spy camera.

Resolution of Videos and Photos

The high definition (HD) of audio/video recordings and photographs will produce top-quality material that will be easier to use afterward. That is why you should always pay attention to the number of pixels that a keychain micro camera offers.

Night Vision Options — Recording in the Dark

You may find yourself in a situation where you want to record something in the dark or in poor lighting conditions. That’s why you need to opt for a spy camera that can capture nighttime videos.

Recording Time and Battery Life

You don’t want to be left without recordings of the most significant events and conversations only because your battery died. Recording time depends on the capacity of your battery. Choose a device that has a battery with a high degree of autonomy, and make sure to charge it regularly.

Memory Capacity

The camera hidden inside a keychain stores all the videos and photos onto its own memory — that is, the SD card. Memory capacity is a key factor when choosing the perfect spy camera.

Motion and Voice Activation Mode

The camera that is motion/voice activated will save you a lot of battery, memory, and, of course, time because it will record only the important moments. When there is nothing going on, it will remain inactive, so no unnecessary data will be captured.


Do you want a secret camera that will last you a long time and that will be able to endure all types of harsh weather conditions? Then that’s exactly what you should pay attention to when choosing the perfect device. Ideally, it should be made of some sturdy, waterproof materials.

Original and Tested Car Alarm Secret Cameras

The SpyTech catalog contains plenty of modern, original, and reliable spy camera products created by world-renowned brands in the spy equipment industry.

The micro camera integrated into an alarm activator is available for the majority of popular models.

Mini cameras hidden inside a car remote control can be purchased legally, with a fiscal receipt and guarantee. The tech support will provide all the necessary information and suggestions that will allow you to use this multipurpose spy gadget to its full potential.

Contact us and get a trustworthy spy device that will help you solve any personal or professional problem — discretion is guaranteed.

  • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.




Superior sensitivity Yes
Max listening area 10m²


Type single camera
Front camera resolution Full HD
Video recording modes Full HD
Video recording format AVI
Photo resolution 5MP
Night mode 3m
Recording angle 90°
Motion detection 3m
Number of frames in second 30
Min required illuminance 1LUX

Power supply

The possibility of working on batteries Yes
Battery type LiPo
Battery capacity 450mAh
Battery life Up to 80-120 minutes
Integrated battery Yes
Battery charge indicator Yes

Data storage

Type of memory card micro SD
Max memory card size 32GB


Motion detection 3m
Taking photos Yes
Compatibility with systems Windows, Vista, XP, Mac OSX, Linux

Physical characteristics

Device material ABS Plastic
Device color Black
Multi-function control button Yes
Work mode indicator Yes
Battery charge status Yes
Port type Mini USB

Weight and dimensions

Weight 40g
Width 35mm
Depth 72mm
Height 20mm

Packet Includes

  • USB cable
    Mini USB cable of high quality, used on small devices such as digital watches, cameras, external hard drives.
  • Instructions for use
    It serves to guide you and adequately use all the functions of the device. In the manual you can find detailed steps on how to operate the device in the easiest way.

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Does the lamp on the key turn on when it’s recording?

When the camera is activated, a red indicator lights up. This way, you will see whether you’ve turned the camera on or off. Indicators won’t appear while you’re recording, though.

Is the video saved after the spy camera is turned off?

After the camera is turned off, all the recorded material is automatically saved to the Micro SD card. If you want to keep recording, you only need to charge the device.

How high is the video resolution?

The key micro camera can capture Full HD videos (1920*1080).


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Spy hidden micro camera in a keychain

12.250 rsd