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Portable jammer – hand signal interferer

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    The multifunctional hand-held interferer of the eavesdropping device prevents the operation of all spy bugs and provides reliable protection against spying and eavesdropping. This portable jammer can be carried everywhere, it is easy to use and extremely reliable.

    A hand signal interferer works on the principle of interfering or preventing data transmission between spying devices. Jammer contains powerful transmitters that emit electromagnetic waves at frequencies of the receiver of a spy device within a radius of up to 30m, depending on the configuration of the field and the strength of the device.

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    A portable jammer is a practical multifunctional signal blocker and disruptor of all known spy devices today. A signal blocker or jammer is a device that emits signals that interfere with or prevent the functioning of spy equipment.

    A mobile signal jammer is very easy to use and easily transported to any location you wish to check and clear of eavesdropping devices.

    A portable signal-jamming device is the most modern and reliable protection against espionage and eavesdropping. It is equally successfully used to prevent spying on private and business premises and cars. It successfully interferes with bugs of all kinds.

    A handheld jammer interferes with all spy devices within a radius of up to 30m.

    The portable signal jammer works by emitting electromagnetic waves at the frequencies of eavesdropping and spying devices via special antennas, thereby interfering with or blocking their operation. Each antenna with a module is individually adjustable and can be used as a separate signal-jamming device.

    The handheld signal jammer blocks: wireless frequencies of mobile telephony and mobile internet, wireless internet and Bluetooth, GPS trackers – locators, GPS navigation in the vehicle and on the mobile phone, wireless spy cameras, and video surveillance cameras.

    Thanks to the exceptional quality of manufacture and a smart cooling system, portable jammers can operate continuously for several months without overheating and reducing efficiency.

    How a portable signal jammer works

    A handheld signal blocker for spy devices can be your reliable protection against eavesdropping wherever you want within a range of 30m. It is practical to use and operates very simply, which makes it the most popular device for protection against espionage.

    A portable jammer works on the principle of interfering with signals and the transfer of information between the base station and the mobile phone or the receiver and eavesdropper. It has several transmitters each emitting different frequencies of EM waves and each antenna module can be used as a separate spy equipment jammer. Many successfully use it as an excellent jammer for bugs of all kinds.

    In this way, it successfully interferes with:

    • wireless frequencies of mobile telephony and mobile internet,
    • wireless internet and Bluetooth,
    • GPS trackers – locators,
    • GPS navigation in the vehicle and on the mobile phone,
    • wireless spy cameras,
    • video surveillance cameras.

    The handheld jammer contains several antennas and each antenna module can be used as a separate signal jammer.

    Portable jammers can operate continuously for several months without switching off (24/7), without fear of overheating and decreasing jamming power, thanks to an active and passive cooling system. The housing is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and also effectively dissipates excess heat.

    The original mobile signal jammer can have an output power of up to 10W (i.e., 1W per module). If you have a need or desire to jam a specific frequency, the modules and antennas can be personalized and adjusted.

    Integrated passive and active cooling systems maintain the operating temperature of the signal-jamming device at an optimal 45 degrees. The fans cool the system, while special aluminum fins dissipate excess heat.

    This means that it can work continuously for several months without fear of overheating and reduced work quality. A high-quality rechargeable 8000 mAh battery gives it great operating autonomy.

    It is packed in a suitcase, easily mobile, and can even operate directly from the suitcase for some time.

    Which spy devices does the handheld signal blocker interfere with

    The portable device for jamming spy equipment successfully and reliably interferes with the operation of all known products for covert tracking and eavesdropping.

    • wireless frequencies of mobile telephony and mobile internet
    • RF eavesdropping devices as well as unlimited range eavesdropping devices that work via the GSM network (gsm bug, radio bug, etc.)
    • Wireless internet and Bluetooth
    • GPS trackers – locators
    • GPS navigation in the vehicle and on the mobile phone
    • Wireless remote controls
    • Wireless spy cameras and video surveillance cameras

    In which situations can you use a portable signal jammer

    Spy devices are available to everyone and can be easily procured. They are characterized by a high power of camouflage, so most of them cannot be detected with the naked eye.

    Espionage is becoming more and more widespread in private, especially for business purposes. We all know the danger if some important private or corporate information reaches the wrong people. They can misuse it multiple times and cause you irreparable damage. Tracking and spying seriously jeopardize your and your family’s safety and property.

    The only effective response to modern spy equipment is a professional signal jammer and spy equipment operation blocker. This mobile frequency jammer is extremely practical and reliable protection against espionage in private and business premises, in the car, and wherever you move.

    Traveling – you can easily take it with you and protect yourself from spying anywhere. It prevents the operation of GPS locators and other vehicle tracking devices.

    It is a reliable and efficient ally for all company owners, managers, and employers as protection against industrial espionage. Protect your business and do not allow important data to reach competitors.

    The portable signal jammer is often used in educational institutions to prevent cheating and copying on exams and tests. The handheld jammer also prevents and interferes with the operation of bugs, as well as all other most modern spy devices.

    Also, it is used in prisons and similar facilities where the use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited.

    The mobile signal jammer is safe protection for members of security agencies, owners of exchange offices, goldsmiths, and people who transfer cash to the bank.

    Only the original jammer will provide you with secure protection against espionage. Therefore, procure spy equipment exclusively from authorized distributors with a guarantee and fiscal invoice, detailed instructions, and of course, guaranteed discretion.

    • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.



    Power supply

    The possibility of working on batteries Yes
    Battery type LiPo
    Battery capacity 8000mAh
    Integrated battery Yes
    Battery charge indicator Yes
    Connecting to the car battery Yes
    Power supply 12 – 240V


    Device power 1W per band
    Interference frequency 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, GPS L1, GPS L2, 315, 433, 868
    Distraction radius Up to 90m
    Separate inclusion of each module Yes

    The device is interfering

    GSM and RF listening devices Yes
    Wireless spy cameras Yes
    WiFi devices Yes
    Mobile phone signals 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
    GPS locators Yes
    Remote control devices Yes

    The device detects

    GSM and RF listening devices Yes
    Wireless spy cameras Yes
    WiFi devices Yes
    Mobile phone signals 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G
    GPS locators Yes

    Physical characteristics

    Number of antennas / modules 12
    Device material Special aluminum alloy
    Working temperature -5°C do 40°C
    Max air humidity do 80%
    Cooling system Active, passive

    Weight and dimensions

    Weight 1300 g
    Width 102 mm
    Depth 55 mm
    Height 270 mm

    Packet Includes

    • Antennas

      High resistance antennas that work in frequencies from 143Mhz to 5800Mhz and thus allow you to jam signals from the mobile network via WiFi networks and GPS. They are used most often by the military and the police, but you can often see them in office meetings where privacy is essential.

    • Charger

      A durable charger with a type B connector that quickly charges your device. It is resistant to voltage changes and the wires are insulated so that it is not possible to get a short circuit.

    • Battery adapter

      A high-quality adapter that is often used in the automotive industry to upgrade vehicles. It gives you the opportunity to connect the device to a power source without fear of overheating or damaging the electronics on the vehicle.

    • Instructions for use

      It serves to guide you and adequately use all the functions of the device. In the manual you can find detailed steps on how to operate the device in the easiest way.

    How to use

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    What is the disruption radius of the device?

    Depending on the terrain and frequency configurations, the disruption radius can be from 30 m to 120 m.

    Which frequencies can it disrupt?

    It can disrupt wireless frequencies such as mobile networks, mobile data, wireless internet, Bluetooth, GPS trackers, GPS navigation (both in a car and on the phone), wireless spy cameras, and surveillance cameras.

    Can this jammer work non-stop?

    Thanks to its active and passive cooling system, this jammer can work for a couple of months without overheating. In addition, its top-quality rechargeable battery also gives it a high degree of autonomy.


    Portable jammer – hand signal interferer

    1.444,33 EUR
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