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Hunting camera

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    An infrared digital camera for hunting is a high-quality camera designed for photographing and recording outdoors. It was named after the area it most used in – hunting.

    The digital camera for hunting is completely waterproof and can be used indefinitely in an open space in all weather conditions. Camouflage color helps the camera fit into the natural environment.

    The hunting camera has the ability to capture photos and create audio/video recordings. Also, the camera has an option for motion detection and recording high-definition videos.

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    A digital infrared hunting camera is an ideal spy camera for recording and spying in outdoor spaces. It comes in camouflage colors, making it easy to blend into the natural environment, and it’s named as such because it’s most commonly used in hunting.

    This spy camera is completely waterproof, allowing you to use it without limitations in all weather conditions, both day and night.

    The hunting camera is a versatile spy device that allows you to take individual photos or record high-quality audio and video. It can be activated by motion detection, and instead of an automatic photo or video activation, you can choose the option of cyclic photography at specific time intervals. Additionally, it can also be used as a regular webcam.

    Motion and heat sensors, IR LED lights, flash, SD and TF card slots, WiFi SD card, digital zoom up to 4x, alarm system, and a speaker that can repel or attract animals make it an ideal tool for hunting as well as spying and eavesdropping.

    The WiFi SD card enables wireless connectivity between the camera and any device with a WiFi card, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. This means you can practically control this spy camera with your mobile phone from a distance of up to 50 meters. Similarly, from a safe distance on your mobile phone, you can see everything that the hunting camera captures.

    The recorded material includes important information such as the date and time of recording, temperature, air pressure, and even lunar phases. GPS coordinates can also be added.

    Application and Features of the hunting camera

    The versatile waterproof camouflage hunting camera allows for photography and audio-video recording in outdoor spaces under all weather conditions. The photos and videos are in high-definition color.

    Invisible infrared LED lights enable the camera to operate seamlessly both during the day and at night in conditions of reduced visibility. The hunting camera is equipped with motion and heat sensors, allowing it to self-activate as soon as the activity is detected up to a distance of 25 meters. Additionally, you can choose the option of periodic activation and recording at specific time intervals.

    The 4x digital zoom allows for close-up and magnification of observed objects, and the recording angle is wide at 120 degrees (fish-eye). And that’s not all that this perfect spy camera has to offer.

    It’s equipped with a WiFi card slot that allows easy connection to any device that has WiFi. This way, from a safe distance, on the display of your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, you can observe everything that the camera captures and control all the functions of the hunting camera. If you have ideal observation conditions, the WiFi router’s range can reach up to 50 meters, while the average range is 20-30 meters.

    The recorded material is stored in the camera’s internal memory of up to 64 GB. Access to the camera’s options and recorded material can be protected by a security password.

    The hunting camera is powered by rechargeable batteries, and there is also the possibility of adding a solar panel. Its long operating autonomy allows you to leave it in one place for months to record.

    What are the purposes of using a spy camera for hunting?

    As the name suggests, this spy camera can be of great help to hunters, making it easier for them to wait for and locate prey. Instead of sitting hidden in one place for hours, a camera with a WiFi card allows them to observe the terrain in real-time from a more comfortable and safer location on their mobile phones and spot game in time.

    The hunting camera also features a speaker that can be used to lure or deter wild animals.

    With the help of a hunting camera, hunters can easily obtain valuable information about animal behavior, weather conditions, and gathering places, which can save them a lot of time. Wildlife enthusiasts, animal researchers, and individuals responsible for game reserves can also use the camera for the same purposes, preventing poaching and intrusions by poachers. The footage from the camera will provide them with information about the animal population, potential diseases, and food needs.

    Camping and spending time in nature with all the capabilities of this camera will become memorable experiences.

    The hunting camera can also be a perfect spy device for property protection. Since it can operate independently for months and only activate when there’s a real need, this spy camera is an excellent choice if you want to protect your apartment, store, garage, weekend house, field, orchard, or vineyard. Its camouflage color makes it invisible and discreetly blends into the environment, and the waterproof material allows you to place it anywhere outdoors without worry.

    • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.





    Type single camera
    Front camera resolution Full HD
    Video recording modes Full HD
    Video recording format AVI
    Photo resolution 12MP
    Night mode 12m
    Recording angle 120°
    Motion detection 25m
    Real time viewing Yes
    Digital zoom 4x
    Min required illuminance 0,1 LUX


    Screen diagonal 5,08 cm (2”)
    Color screen Yes

    Power supply

    The possibility of working on batteries Yes
    Battery type LiPo
    Battery life Up to 60 days
    The possibility of changing the battery Yes
    Battery charge indicator Yes

    Data storage

    Type of memory card SD card
    Max memory card size 64 GB


    Wi-Fi Yes


    Motion detection 25m
    Taking photos Yes
    Compatibility with systems IOS, Android, Windows, Mac OSX

    Physical characteristics

    Waterproof device IP66
    Device material ABS plastic
    Device color Camouflaged
    Multi-function control button Yes
    Sensitivity adjustment button Yes
    Button to change indication Yes
    Work mode indicator Yes
    Battery charge status Yes

    Weight and dimensions

    Weight 550g
    Width 600mm
    Depth 900mm
    Height 1700mm

    Packet Includes

    • Retaining strap
      The belt is made of polyester fibers that are made to withstand the load. They are most often used in the military industry when making backpacks, slings, purses, whose main role is to withstand the harshest conditions.
    • USB cable
      Micro USB cable of high quality, used on small devices such as digital watches, cameras, and external hard drives.
    • TV cable
      A cable whose function is to connect a camera or video recorder to a screen, and thus it is most often used by security services to monitor the environment from the security room.
    • Instructions for use
      It serves to guide you and adequately use all the functions of the device. In the manual, you can find detailed steps on how to operate the device in the easiest way.

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    Can this device send photos?

    There are some trail cameras in our catalog that send MMS to your phone the moment they register some commotion or movement.

    What is the maximum recording time?

    If you choose the option that enables this camera to start recording once it detects motion, then it can work for a couple of months. Afterward, when you want to watch the recorded footage, you just need to connect it to your computer or laptop via a USB cable.

    At what distance can it detect motion?

    Its detection sensor can register motion as far as 25 meters away.


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