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Camera for recording car surroundings

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    The micro camera for recording car surroundings is a high-definition Full HD camera with two ultra-high-end external infrared cameras (up to 15 m visibility) that allow maximum video recording in night conditions (night vision). The camera can be set to record only when something is happening in the environment (motion detection), which saves the battery and memory of the SD card on which the recordings are stored.

    The camera for recording the surroundings of the car has a wide angle, GPRS, and GPS navigation, as well as a built-in alarm system.

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    The miniature camera for recording the surroundings of a car, also known as a car camera, has multiple purposes. In addition to its primary purpose, it can be used as a surveillance camera for securing commercial and residential properties, as a GoPro camera for recording adventurous drives or events in traffic during a trip, and as a spy camera for secret filming in various situations.

    This is a device with high technical characteristics that provides the highest quality video, audio, and photo material. In addition to HD resolution footage and quality sound, the device is equipped with GPRS and GPS navigation and a security SOS button. This means that the car can be easily located and found in case of theft or other risky situations.

    The miniature camera for recording the surroundings of a car actually consists of two exterior cameras that have infrared light, which means they are specialized for night recording, and their visibility reaches a range of up to 15 meters. Thanks to a wide shooting angle of 140° (fish eye), these sophisticated spy cameras can’t miss anything, and they record the surroundings of the car only when something is happening.

    This function allows practical reproduction of footage, but also more space on the memory card. Therefore, when reviewing the recorded material, there are no empty runs, the camera records only when it detects some movement or event around the car, so up to 32 GB of useful material can be stored on the memory card.

    How to use the car camera and its features

    The miniature camera for recording the surroundings of a car is most often mounted on the windshield using a special holder and rear glass, but in principle, it can be mounted on any suitable place in the car. If used for security or secret surveillance, it is easy to camouflage and hide as it is of minimal dimensions. Thanks to the wide angle of shooting, every detail from the environment of the monitored object can be recorded, and that only when something happens.

    Before installing the camera, it is necessary to insert a memory card into the device and check the battery status. The battery is integrated within the device itself and its capacity is several hours of continuous recording in day and night mode. It can be set to record videos or take pictures. Also, the car camera can be connected to the car charger, which means it can record continuously and its operation does not depend on the battery life.

    All recorded material is stored on the memory card. When you want to view the footage, the camera is simply connected to a computer or laptop using a connection cable and the material is ready for reproduction. No installation of any special programs is required as the camera is compatible with all computer operating systems. The quality of the footage and sound is on a professional level and it is no surprise that footage from these cameras can be used as evidence in court in case of a traffic accident.

    The camera for recording the surroundings of a car has a wide angle of shooting (wide angle), GPRS, and GPS navigation, as well as a built-in alarm system in case of any unauthorized actions. It can be set to record video files or take pictures. The large autonomy of the battery allows up to 8 hours of operation in daytime mode or up to 6 hours of recording in night mode and the camera can also record continuously while on the car charger.

    The car camera can be used to protect the car from theft, vandalism, and other damages; for recording the road during driving, as a security camera for securing objects and footage from the camera can serve as evidence in case of a traffic accident. It is mounted on the car windshield or another suitable place and thanks to its small dimensions, it can be used as a spy camera for secret filming and surveillance.

    Given all the above advantages, it is successfully used by customs officers at border crossings during control and searches. It is also used by all police services, as well as security services.

    In which situations can the mini car camera be used

    The mini camera is most often used as a camera for recording driving or as a security camera for car surveillance and protection against vandalism and theft. Speed enthusiasts who want to record their skills in this way, as well as adventurers for recording panoramas and landscapes through which they pass, use it for recording driving.

    However, the use of this camera is not only reserved for recording the surroundings of the car and the road but it can be used as a very practical camera for monitoring any residential or commercial object. It can be installed at the entrance to an apartment or house, in warehouses, halls, and sales facilities.

    When used to record the surroundings of a car, the recorded material can help identify individuals who have caused any damage to the car. If the car is stolen, the integrated GPS tracker and GPRS navigation can be of great help to find the stolen car and bring the perpetrators to justice.

    When it comes to recording the road during driving or traffic, footage from this camera can serve as evidence in court. Indeed, there are different situations where the driver of a car is unjustly accused of committing some traffic offense, and he cannot prove his innocence in any other way. Then footage from this camera can prove his innocence and free him from all charges.

    Call us and choose a mini camera for recording the surroundings of a car from our offer and protecting yourself and your car from all unwanted situations.

    • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.



    Type Dual camera
    Front camera resolution Full HD
    Video recording modes Full HD
    Video recording format AVI
    Photo resolution 12 MP
    Night mode 15m
    Recording angle 170°
    Motion detection 5m
    Number of frames in second 30
    Real time viewing Yes
    Min required illuminance 0,1 LUX


    Screen type LCD
    Screen diagonal 6.85 cm (2,7”)
    Color screen Yes

    Power supply

    The possibility of working on batteries Yes
    Battery type LiPo
    Battery capacity 200 mAh
    Battery life up to 300 minutes
    Integrated battery Yes
    Battery charge indicator Yes
    Power supply 5V

    Data storage

    Type of memory card SD card
    Max memory card size 32 GB


    Type SIm card SIM
    Operating frequency 2G, 3G


    SOS button Yes
    Motion detection 5m
    Taking photos Yes
    GPS sensitivity -156dBm
    GPS accuracy 10m
    Compatibility with systems IOS, Android, Windows, Mac OSX

    Physical characteristics

    Device material ABS plastiic
    Device color Black
    Sensitivity adjustment button Yes
    Battery charge status Yes
    Port type USB mini, mini HDMI

    Weight and dimensions

    Weight 350 g
    Width 60mm
    Depth 20mm
    Height 110mm

    Packet Includes

    • Car charger
      The latest generation cable that follows modern systems in the automotive industry. You can see similar chargers in cars for charging navigation systems and phones.
    • Car holder
      Made of high-quality ABS plastic with a rubber vacuum that will firmly hold the camera in a safe place. You often see these types of mounts on car GPS, cell phone mounts,…
    • USB cable
      Micro USB cable of high quality, used on small devices such as digital watches, cameras, and external hard drives.
    • Charger
      Euro type F, conductivity from 100 to 240V with USB A cable input, which is compatible for the European market and serves to power small household appliances, such as mobile devices, tablets, recorders, WiFi speakers,…
    • Instructions for use
      It serves to guide you and adequately use all the functions of the device. In the manual, you can find detailed steps on how to operate the device in the easiest way.

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    Which angle does the camera record at?

    The dash camera used for recording the surroundings of your car has the ability to record at an angle of 140°. It is equipped with two powerful external cameras that provide full coverage of the vehicle.

    Where can I place the camera?

    You can install it on your windshield or in a hidden location in your car. You will receive a USB cable that you can use to connect it to the car battery via a car charger, thus allowing it to record for a longer period of time.

    Can I watch the recording on the camera directly?

    The camera has an LCD screen, where you can watch the recorded footage. The videos can be transferred to a computer or laptop as well by using a USB cable that is included.


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    Camera for recording car surroundings

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