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Bicycle and motorcycle light GPS tracker

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    A bicycle and motorcycle light GPS tracker is a device designed according to all the traffic safety regulations and is used to track and locate two-wheelers in real-time.

    A GPS tracker with a SIM card slot is embedded inside the bicycle lights. A GSM card with a familiar number is to be placed inside the slot, and this number is connected to the internet. The GPS tracker inside a bicycle light works based on the communication between the number of the SIM card inside the device and the master phone number. In...

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    How to use a GPS tracker in the light for bikes and motors and its features?

    The GPS satellite locator in the bicycle and motorcycle light mounts and installs very easily and thanks to the mounting equipment, it is simply installed on all the two-wheelers. This spy tracking and location device with integrated GSM / GPS antenna function on the basis of mobile telephony.

    The GPS tracker is installed into the light of a bike or a motorbike and it contains a SIM card slot in which a GSM card with a familiar number is placed, which gives the device unlimited range. In order to use all of the bicycle light GPS tracker features, all you need is a mobile phone and a mobile phone signal. When you connect a phone number to the Internet, via a phone (by calling or via SMS, whichever setting you choose), or through a web portal, you can monitor the real-time movement of the object with a precision of 5 m.

    In practice, this means that a GPS locator sends you via SMS or via the Internet all the information that it collects. You get the exact geographic length and width or the exact address by message, and you can track the movement with all data on the web portal.

    The vibration sensor installed in the GPS satellite locator allows the device to immediately call or send a text message to a given phone number as soon as it detects any movement or vibrations.

    All these features make bicycle and motorcycle light GPS trackers the perfect multifunctional tracking device. Important information can be obtained by SMS or MMS messages and the activities in the environment of the device can be monitored via the web portal in real time, from any distance.

    The SOS or “panic” button is used in case of danger. Pressing one button the device instantly sends an SMS to your phone and to 3 additional phone numbers if needed.

    The ultra-powerful rechargeable battery provides great autonomy for up to 120 days in standby mode. The device is waterproof, and you can feel safe using it in any weather condition.


    For what purposes can the bicycle and motor light GPS tracker be used?

    The GPS satellite bicycle and motorcycle locator is most commonly installed in the front and in the rear light of the two-wheelers, thus providing accurate data on their movement and location in real time.

    In a time when the theft of two-wheelers is an everyday matter, a GPS locator is certainly the cheapest and the most reliable protection for your bicycle or motorcycle from the thief.

    A GPS locator in the bicycle and motorcycle light can provide important information to all courier owners who deliver goods using motorbikes. Using this device, you can simply control and have full surveillance and better logistics over your business vehicles at any time and thus increase their protection, and employee efficiency and reduce unnecessary costs.

    In addition, using the help of this modern spy tracking device, you always get to know where your child exactly is when he or she is riding a bicycle. If your child is in some unpleasant situation or danger, simply pressing the SOS button will get immediate notice by SMS or by calling yours and 3 more security phone numbers.

    You can install this reliable device not only in light of a bicycle or a motorcycle. You can also place it in a school bag, a travel bag, or a helmet and monitor the movement of the child regardless of the distance. This option is extremely useful for excursions, camping, and field trips.

    • Some technical details in the ‘Description’ section may vary depending on the device model. For the exact specifications of a specific model, please refer to the ‘Specification’ section.




    Power supply

    The possibility of working on batteries Yes
    Battery type LiPo
    Battery capacity 1.000mAh
    Battery life: Up to 120 days in standby mode
    Integrated battery Yes


    Type SIm card SIM
    Operating frequency 2G, 3G


    Geofence Yes
    Remote control Yes
    Low battery alarm Yes
    Overspeed alarm Yes
    Third Dimension Sensor Yes
    Connecting to the server Yes
    GPS sensitivity -165dBm
    GPS accuracy 5 m

    Physical characteristics

    Waterproof device IP67
    Device material ABS plastic
    Working temperature -10°C to 55°C
    LED lamp Yes
    Device access application Miitown
    Device color Black
    Work mode indicator Yes
    Port type Micro USB

    Weight and dimensions

    Weight 180 g
    Width 110 mm
    Depth 50 mm
    Height 40 mm

    Packet Includes

    • USB cable
      USB cable with four-pin magnetic connector, good conductivity and quality insulation, which protects your device in any situation. It serves as a charging device.
    • Instructions for use
      It serves to guide you and adequately use all the functions of the device. In the manual, you can find detailed steps on how to operate the device in the easiest way.

    How to use

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    Does the GPS tracker also function as the tail light?

    Apart from sending you the exact location of your bike or motorcycle, this tracker can also function as a tail light.

    Is this device waterproof?

    This GPS tracker is waterproof, and you can use it regardless of the weather conditions.

    Can the GPS tracker inform me when someone is trying to steal my bike?

    This device has a built-in vibration sensor, and it notifies you the moment someone wants to steal your bike.


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