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A spy camera in a flashlight

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    A micro camera placed in a LED flashlight makes it a perfect spy tool for covert day and night recording, in conditions of reduced visibility and in inaccessible places. Also, thanks to the possibility to install GPRS that supports GPS tracking, a built-in SOS key, and a sound alarm, this multipurpose device can be used to track and locate people and moving objects, as well as for securing safety.

    Modern spy cameras in LED lamps have options for making individual photos, as well as high-definition video HD 1920 * 1080p.

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    The modern spy camera in an LED lamp offers options for taking individual photos and recording high-definition audio and video at 1920*1080p resolution. Activate the camera manually with a press of a button.

    Recorded footage is stored on external memory, a 4 to 32 GB TF memory card, providing several hours of high-quality recording. Easily connect it to a computer or laptop with a USB cable, and use the built-in 1.5″ LCD monitor to view the footage in real time.

    The camera in a flashlight features two powerful built-in LED lights, making it suitable as a regular battery-powered lamp for illuminating spaces. Its rechargeable lithium batteries provide extended operating autonomy.

    The camera in the LED lamp has a wide range of applications, including construction, industry, transportation, hunting, education, and as a covert device for secret recording and surveillance in security services and agencies, during police and firefighting interventions, at borders and prisons, and in rescue operations.



    • Video / Audio / Photo
    • 2 powerful LED lights
    • Video resolution: HD 1920 x 1080p, 30 FPS; Video compression H.264
    • Focus, Lens F = 3.6mm; F / NO = 1.8
    • SONY IMX322lQJ-C Sensor
    • 48dB microphone sensitivity
    • LCD monitor 1.5 "
    • Slot for TF card from 4 to 32GB
    • GPRS Can be integrated; supports GPS tracking; SOS and audible alarm; motion detection
    • Recording time - interrupt after 1min / 3min / 5min
    • Operating temp. -10 ° - 60 °; Humidity 15 - 65%
    • Power supply 1.4 - 1.6 A

    Packet Includes

    • Device
    • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
    • USB and AV connecting cable
    • Charger
    • Case
    • User manual

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    A spy camera in a flashlight

    15.000 RSD
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