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Phone Tracking for Business Purposes

Phone tracking has become one of the main tools business people use to make sure their company is safe. Installing phone tracking software into employees’ phones has become quite common. However, when these programs first appeared, many people argued they were morally wrong.

One of the reasons why they were frowned upon was the question of ethics. Still, work ethic is a two-way street, and it doesn’t refer to employers only. One of the most essential values it proposes is the commitment to your job. When this aspect is violated, it’s reflected in the overall business performance.

Generally speaking, some kind of employee tracking has always been around — the only difference is that it used to be done only by managers, supervisors, and controllers. Workers had to record when they were coming to work and leaving the office. Based on that, they reaped rewards and faced consequences. Basically, thanks to technological advancements, the only thing that has changed is the tracking method. Nowadays, phones are used the most.

Eavesdropping on Phones — Better Safe Than Sorry

Mobile phone tracking

Unloyal, lazy, and irresponsible workers can do a lot of damage to a company. Employers often find out about their oversights when it’s too late — that is when the damage has already been done. If the employer chooses to initiate disciplinary or court proceedings, they have to prove that the employee has actually done something wrong. More often than not, it’s easier said than done. Should the employer fail to prove their claim, they will have to cover the cost of the proceedings. This will make them a double loser.

Eavesdropping on mobile phones has turned out to be useful when gathering evidence is concerned. All the messages, calls, and video recordings can be used as proof. But, here’s the best part: you can prevent any negative consequences from occurring at all. Based on the info you have gathered, you will be able to react on time and avoid any significant losses.

Phone Tracking — Real-Life Examples

Phone tracking has proved to be a very efficient way of keeping an eye on your employees. Let’s take a company that produces car parts as an example. The owner noticed a constant shortage of stock, but he couldn’t figure out what was going on. The incoming and outgoing invoices were identical, but according to the inventory, some products were missing.

The warehouse workers were the first suspects, but there was no proof. The owner wanted to fire them straight away, but his friend recommended that he install phone tracking software on all employees’ phones. The information he received shocked him. It turned out that warehouse workers did nothing wrong — instead, the goods were stolen by an employee who was in charge of invoices.

Since the warehouse was a part of the retail store, she visited it often and pretended to check the stock, product keys, and similar things. Naturally, nobody found it strange. The damage she caused was huge, but, according to the owner, the greatest benefit was the fact he did not mistreat the warehouse workers.

Whatsapp Spy As a Business Ally

display of tracking app on the phone

In the example mentioned above, the worker was using WhatsApp to contact car part buyers. She kept the details in a hidden folder, which the software managed to detect.

WhatsApp spy has turned out to be an excellent ally in discovering other types of frauds, as well. It was also discovered that the worker exchanged the original parts for the copies that were made in China. Of course, she kept the money for herself.

There were many other examples in which Whatsapp was useful since this app has been increasingly used for business purposes, as well. WhatsApp eavesdropping is an excellent way to keep your business under control and notice all irregularities on time.

Phone Tracking Equipment

Phone eavesdropping equipment is the only tool that is completely invisible. All you need to do is install the software on the target phone — and that’s it. Afterward, you will be able to follow everything from your own phone or from the web panel.

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