GPS tracker

GPS locators protect vehicles from theft and damage

GPS locators of the latest technology give you the ability to know exactly where your vehicle is at any time. They currently locate your car and give you full control over its movement. With the help of GPS locator you can secure your vehicle and protect it from theft and damage…

And that’s not all.

You can also use these multifunctional, intelligent, end-to-end object tracking systems to locate people, pets, or any other moving object. Install the GPS locator in the bike, helmet, backpack, or pet collar, and in a split second you will get the exact position where they are on your mobile phone.

Factory-installed satellite tracking systems are well known to experienced vehicle thieves. The latest models of GPS GPS trackers can be discretely positioned anywhere in the car so that thieves cannot even assume that they will be immediately discovered and stopped in theft.

Reliable and accurate GPS trackers of the latest technology

GPS trackers are reliable and accurate, virtually invisible, easy to install on different types of materials, and all you need to quickly locate a vehicle, child or pet is a signal and a mobile phone. GPS locators operate on the principle of mobile telephony, and are connected to the satellite by a GPS signal.

When it locates an object, the tracker sends latitude and longitude coordinates via text message to a mobile phone as a Google Maps link. Just click on the link or enter those numbers into Google earth or another map and you will see the exact location of the object, ie you get real-time tracking.

The panic button they have makes GPS trackers a reliable personal safety device. If in danger, the person automatically sends a message to the number set to receive the location by pressing the SOS key.

GPS locators also have the option of restricting movement space. If the vehicle or other object leaves the predefined zone, you will be notified immediately by SMS.

A GPS locator is also a device for secret recording and eavesdropping

You can also use the GPS tracker as an effective spy device for secret recording and eavesdropping, with phone-controlled features.

This tracking device can be of great help to businesses that have a larger number of vehicles. You can monitor and control your vehicles at any time to increase vehicle safety, employee efficiency and reduce potential costs.

SpyTech offers the latest generation of locators – GPS tracker in the light for bicycles and motorcycles and GPS locator for moving vehicles.