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Spy bugs and eavesdroppers of the latest technology

Spy bugs and eavesdroppers provide high-quality, simple and discreet audio monitoring of any residential or commercial space. These secret recording devices are small in size, so they can be easily hidden or camouflaged, and some of them come pre-installed in objects of everyday use, making their setup and use even easier.

In addition to the classic cordless earbuds, there are eavesdroppers built into the extension cord, computer mouse or USB flash, and mini GSM eavesdroppers with or without a high-tech camera are also available. Spy bugs and eavesdroppers can be used to record business meetings, lectures and in general for audio surveillance of any space. They are also often used by reporters, paparazzi, and detective agencies in their covert operations.

Spy bugs and eavesdroppers that are undetectable

Using spy eavesdroppers is very simply. All you need to do is place them in the room you want to monitor. Thanks to the voice activation, they save memory space and only record when something is happenig or heard in the monitored space. The recorded material is placed on a memory card and can be viewed later. Some models of these devices have the option of eavesdropping in real time, and they can also notify the user by means of a text message or a call that the recording has started, or that they have registered voices in the space.

The recorded material is of superior quality, thanks to special filters to eliminate noise and background noise, and additional microphone amplifiers allow whisper recording and audio monitoring of up to 50m². All devices come with rechargeable lithium batteries, which can take up to several hours depending on the mode. The GSM eavesdroppers in our offer also have a coded frequency that eliminates the possibility of interference, and in addition to audio monitoring, they can also be used as efficient locators.

You can use spy bugs and eavesdroppers to find out what your kids are doing while you are away, what your employees are talking about in the workplace, with whom your spouse or emotional partner is talking to, and also the staff hired to help with the housewotk. If you opt for a mini GSM eavesdropper with a camera, then you can not only hear but also see what is happening in the monitored space.