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Easy way to install spy software

Let us do the hardest part for you

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What does our installation service include?

If you do not have enough time and patience, or if you think that your IT knowledge is not at the required level, leave it to the professionals who will install the software for you. We are at your disposal.

Our installation procedure.

If you want to install spy software on your phone, you need to call us with a video call via Viber or Whatsapp and turn on the camera to enable us to see the target phone. Our agent will guide you through the procedure so that you can relax and do the installation without any mistakes or stress. If you want to install spy software on your PC, you need to download the Any desk application on the target computer, which will give us access to it and so that we can do the complete installation for you.

How it works



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During our working hours, schedule a free appointment with an agent via email or chat.


Video call

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To install on a PC, you install AnyDesk on the target PC and send us the access information.