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Security equipment – say STOP to attackers and burglars

Security equipment – if after reading this title just for a moment you thought that you do not need anything similar to security equipment and self-defense devices because such things only happen to others, stay with us just for a few more lines. We’ll quickly undeceive you.

Have you recently listened to current news or at least casted a glance at the front pages of daily press? Street robberies, kidnappings, thefts, stray dog ​​attacks … unfortunately, these are all traits of the world we ​​live in.

The attackers are more and more roughshod, they do not dread anything, and very frequent targets are owners of shops or stores and women. You started your business in an honest and fair way, and it’s only up to you whether you will leave your property and security to burglars.

“We live in a legally regulated state and there are law enforcement agencies that should take care of the safety of people and their property”, this is probably what the most of you are thinking at the moment. That’s the way it should be.

However, imagine if a robber was suddenly attacking you on the street or a burglar was trying to get into your apartment. There are also abandoned, aggressive dogs for which you can never know what is on their minds. Seconds share you from being robbed and hurt. You just do not have enough time to call the police or for other help.

So, what can you do to feel and live freely and safely?

You can take the safety in your own hands and do not allow to be easy prey to aggressive attackers. Security and self-defense equipment can become your best ally.


Self-defense equipment – your personal bodyguard

The most popular self-defending devices are the latest generation light-shielded electro shockers, and there are several good reasons for this:

Electro shockers are not weapons, but only self-defense devices that cannot kill an attacker, but can cause pain and the current muscle contraction and thus disable the attack. Sometimes the only sound of a shocker is enough to scare and push away the attacker. Modern models of self-defense equipment provide you with the ability to successfully defend yourself against attackers from as far as 5m distance.

After activating the shocker, a powerful shock stroke (1,000 kV – 3,000 kV) causes the current state of shock, severe pain and spasm of muscles of the attacker, and gives you plenty of time to distance yourself or call for help. Electro shockers are effective regardless of the thickness of the attacker’s clothes.


Who are the security devices useful for?

Safety and self-defense equipment is designed for anyone who wants to feel 100% safe at all times and to protect their loved ones and their property. Self-defense devices are especially useful for shop owners, security agencies, and woman.

Original and certified electroshock absorbers are of high quality and modern design, so they can be easily and completely discreetly carried anytime and anywhere. They are made of durable materials according to the technique of the German military police, and thus they are very strong and reliable.

Sophisticated battery-powered shockers have built-in LED lamps of exceptional strength, so you can always provide the required lighting at all times.

The cost of the self-defending device depends on the model, the technical characteristics and the voltage.


Is it allowed to carry around Electro shocker and safety equipment?

You have probably wondered whether it is legally allowed to wear and use an electro shocker in order to protect your personal and the safety of your property.

Here’s what the law says about this: “Electroshock devices in accordance with the Law on Weapons and Ammunition fall into category D and represent weapons for personal safety and can be used for this purpose. Article 26 of the Law on Weapons and Ammunition allows adult persons to wear and use electroshock devices. “

Most importantly, when using a self-defense device, the intensity of the defense may never be greater than the intensity of the attack.

An extra tip: when it comes to the self-defense device, it is especially important that you be careful and not to take untested and unpatched copies, because when you are in danger the last thing you want is to find out that the device is defective or too weak.

For all additional tips and information, please call our expert team. With absolute discretion and privacy protection, we will help you be safe and secure always and in every place with original and reliable safety and self-defense equipment.


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