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Mobile Phone Digital Forensics

Digital forensics of a mobile phone represents a way of restoring the previously deleted data. Namely, it often happens that the data from a mobile phone is accidentally or deliberately deleted. This can happen due to resetting your phone to factory settings, due to physical or software damage to the phone, due to installing applications or programs that are causing malware and viruses, or due to a mistake made in the selection of data to delete, and the like.

In the time when mobile phones represent mini-computers where users store many important and useful data and information, their loss can be a huge burden and cause stress to the owner. So, it’s no longer just a telephone directory, but also a handful of video, audio and memo recordings that are of great importance to the user. Family photos and videos, business notes, e-mails, useful applications, messages … all this can be irreversibly lost if the digital forensic analysis process is not performed.

In doing so, make sure that digital mobile forensics is done only in an authorized service, otherwise, you may lose valuable data and even irretrievable damage to your phone. Also, there are very risky and unverified “data recovery” programs that can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet.

Digital forensic analysis can also be used as a spyware tool for the purpose of controlling children, employees, marital or emotional partners, as well as in many other covert operations.


What does the digital forensic analysis of the mobile phone look like?

The digital forensics of the mobile device is done using special devices and software. It is a piece of very expensive and sophisticated equipment, which requires special usage and management training. However, not all the devices for forensic analysis of the same capacity and capabilities, nor is the personnel working on forensic enough expertized to be able to save the maximum of erased data.

If the digital forensic analysis is done in an unverified service by unprofessional personnel, various unwanted situations can occur. It often occurs that a forensic scientist manages to save a minimum of data that is not of major importance to the user and still require the user to pay the full cost of forensic services.

Therefore, you should hire trained experts for mobile forensics. It is best to opt for a service that in performing forensics works using the devices of the Israeli company Cellebrite. It’s the ultimate forensic equipment used by the world’s largest detective agencies like the FBI.

Cell phone forensics is most often performed in the service area and rarely on the field. The phone which is to be submitted to data recovery is connected to the forensic device and after a certain time it loads and recovers the deleted data.

The amount of the recovered data depends on the phone itself, its memory, the way the phone saves the data, the length of the time the phone is being used, whether there was some type of factory reset previously performed, and on whether it was previously attempted to extract the data using other programs, software, or applications.


Data that can be recovered using the digital mobile forensics

The digital forensic mobile phone effectively recovers the data previously deleted from its memory which includes:

  • SMS and MMS messages both received and sent (with date and time)
  • Listing of incoming and outgoing calls (with date and time)
  • Phonebook
  • Photos, audio and video files
  • Social applications conversations (Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype)
  • The location of the mobile phone at a certain time
  • Records from the calendar, note, planner …

In addition to digital forensics services for your own needs, this procedure can also be used for the control and supervision of your children, your spouse or your employees. Based on the recovered data, you can find out whom your kids are exchanging messages with, what applications, programs, and games they use, how much time they spend on social networks, and whom they are having contact with. Also, you can find out where they are hanging out, whom they are talking to and much more.

If you suspect the fidelity of your emotional partner or the loyalty of your employees, you can effectively find out the truth using this procedure. All you have to do is bring a mobile phone to a proven service. You will receive the results in an electronic format as a PDF document, on a CD, on flash memory, i.e. in whichever form suits you best.

Call us and reserve the term for digital forensic analysis of your mobile device. We use the latest Cellebrite forensic equipment and software with absolute discretion and respect for the privacy of your data.