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Eavesdroppers for Business Premises

Eavesdroppers for business premises are no longer a novelty in the business world. Some companies use them to monitor their employees’ work — their productivity, that is — whereas others use them as protection against unloyal competition. It may be surprising to learn that some companies find them more appealing than surveillance and hidden cameras. The reason for this lies in the fact that they are simple to use and install, and you can easily play back the recorded content.

Eavesdroppers can blend into their backgrounds discreetly. They are usually very small, and they can be placed anywhere. Some of them are even integrated into everyday objects, whereas others can be installed and set up in a requested location in no time. Eavesdroppers are an obligatory part of investigative and detective agencies’ spy equipment, and students, journalists, and paparazzi often use them, too.

Eavesdroppers — Price, Experience, Features

The price of an eavesdropper depends on its tech specifications. When it comes to monitoring larger rooms, such as offices where many people work, you need to go for eavesdroppers with an amplified mic and special noise-elimination filters. These devices will often allow you to listen to the conversations in real time, but they will also store the recorded material onto the memory card. Therefore, you will get to choose whether you want to listen to the conversation live or later on.business meeting in the office

When choosing an eavesdropper, you need to consider its purpose. The larger rooms require the most advanced eavesdropper models, whereas you can use portable ones integrated into everyday objects for smaller spaces, such as USB flash drive eavesdroppers. These are among the most popular choices when it comes to eavesdropping for business purposes.

Modern eavesdroppers also have the voice-activation feature. That means the device will start recording only after it has detected some kind of sound in the room. The user will also be notified that the recording has commenced, so they can join in and listen to the conversations live.

This device informs the user that the recording has begun by sending a message via the SIM card placed inside it or through a phone call. The user can activate the device the same way, without any light or sound signalization.

With those eavesdroppers that allow you to store the recordings onto a memory card, playing back the recorded material is quite easy. First, you will find out that the device has recorded only useful content, thanks to its voice activation feature. As a result, there will be no empty recordings, which will help you conserve space on your memory card and reduce the time needed to listen to the recordings. In addition, if you want to listen to the content, you just need to connect the eavesdropper to your computer, laptop, or another compatible device using a USB cable.

Popular Eavesdropper Models

A USB eavesdropper, which also serves as a flash drive for storing data, is extremely practical. You just need to place it in the room that you want to monitor without causing any suspicion. Most of the time, you will find 4–8 GB models, which means you will be able to store up to 150 hours of recorded content. It’s powered by an integrated rechargeable battery with work autonomy of up to 20 hours. You can use it to record business meetings, negotiations, etc. in secret.

A GSM eavesdropper is a device that you can use to eavesdrop not only on conversations in offices but also on ones in cars, thanks to its unlimited listening range and its ability to connect to the car battery. This means you can use it to eavesdrop on conversations no matter where you are, as long as there is a GSM network. By using double-sided tape, you can attach it to a convenient place in a car or an office. It works without producing any sound. Another advantage it boasts is the fact that the coded GSM frequency prevents network interference.

Some popular eavesdropping devices for business purposes include models integrated into everyday objects, such as an extension cord or a computer mouse. One of their greatest advantages is that they are connected to a constant power source, so they can work non-stop. Even if the power goes out, they have a battery with the work autonomy of up to 3 days in standby mode.

In addition, they can be voice-activated. They also have special noise-neutralization filters and coded GSM frequency. These gadgets work like any other optical mouse or extension cord, which means they are perfectly camouflaged, so there is no need to worry about being discovered.

Using Eavesdroppers — Is It Legal/Moral?

Potential users always want to know whether purchasing and using these devices is allowed and if there will be any legal repercussions. The answer is that there are no precise regulations related to this, and it’s likely there won’t be for quite some time. First of all, this is because surveillance systems are used with different apps and programs. Whenever you turn on your phone, you are being monitored, in a way. In addition, almost every company relies on surveillance cameras, which also belong in the category of eavesdropping, and so on.

Therefore, purchasing and using eavesdroppers is legal, but you will have to make sure the information you have obtained is not misused — that is, you mustn’t cause harm to third parties, disclose it publicly, etc. However, if you have learned that your employees are stealing from you or sharing some confidential information with your competition, you are allowed to take all the necessary precautions to protect your business. This also answers the second question — using eavesdroppers is moral when you want to protect your business, integrity, and career.

Eavesdroppers as a Means of Protecting Your Business and Assets

Eavesdroppers installed on business premises can provide a lot of useful information to their users — information they would not otherwise be able to obtain. As a result, employee efficiency, level of engagement, loyalty, and cooperation can be monitored. In case one of the employees is sharing inaccurate information about the company with their colleagues or encouraging them to do something unacceptable, you will learn about it with no hassle.

If you want to check how your associates and employees are handling negotiations and whether they are participating in discussions, you can listen to them in real time and learn everything first-hand. You can also play back the recorded material later on and analyze specific segments that you may not have spotted while listening live. Besides, eavesdroppers on business premises can serve as security devices, as well.

Since they are activated when a sound is detected in the surveilled room, eavesdroppers can notify the user via an SMS message or a phone call that something is going on and prevent all kinds of incidents, such as thefts, burglaries, or other kinds of damage to business property.

You can see for yourself just how useful these sophisticated devices for discreet conversation recordings are. Use them to upgrade and protect your business. Feel free to get in touch with us in case you have any questions or want more information. We’d love to recommend the device that suits your business needs best.