Purchasing Discretion Purchasing Discretion Guaranteed customer discretion when purchasing
A legal purchase A legal purchase Purchase available to both individuals and businesses
Purchasing from all over the world Purchasing from all over the world Possibility of online payment
Delivery throughout Europe Delivery throughout Europe The possibility of ordering from all EU countries

Miloš Jovanović

Director and Founder

"Harness the power of information and reduce worry. That's the power of Spytech. Because you have the right to know more."

Based on his practical knowledge and many years of experience in working with spy equipment he founds in 2011 Alfa Sistem Plus doo. Since then, he has taken a safe path to achieving his business goals, driven by a healthy dose of ambition, continuous improvement and responsibility towards each client, but also the employee. A growing list of users who are always returning and are happy to recommend SpyTech devices and services proves that the company is on its way up. Type his name in the browser and you will see that renowned TV channels often call him as a reliable and expert guest speaker when it comes to the topics of spying and detective equipment. He is improving his knowledge at international and domestic security fairs, so that you can always find the most effective gadgets and services in the sphere of spying and privacy protection at SpyTech. A man with long-term thinking, charismatic and creative leader with top managerial abilities, successfully organizes, leads and inspires people, which leads to the fast realization of corporate goals. That’s why competitors respect him. He likes challenges and is not afraid of change and innovation. Guided by the moto that everyone has the right to the truth, he has filled the offer of SpyTech company with the most up-to-date original devices that make the way to the truth easier and faster. The spy is hiding in each of us, and Miloš is trying to make detective gadgets available to everyone in the region, absolutely legally and with full discretion.

”How much does yours cost, you ask? Imagine how much it costs you not to know.”

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