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Wireless audio bug

A wireless bug is a device that serves to allow the users to secretly communicate with another person at a certain distance. It’s a miniature headset that is placed in the ear canal so that it’s impossible to spot it even from the immediate vicinity. Only using the tweezers can it be removed from the ear canal.

The wireless bug contains a receiver and a loudspeaker. The received sound is perfectly clean, there is no interruption in communication, and thanks to the anatomical shape of the headset, the sound is directed inward, and it is impossible to be heard from the side, and it is also impossible for it to remain stuck in the ear canal. Thanks to this, the device can be used in extremely loud places, as well as in places where absolute silence prevails.

The device is very easy and simple to use. The user of the bug hears the caller through the headset in his ear, and the interlocutor hears the user using a transceiver and a microphone within the same device and stands somewhere hidden, usually under the wearer’s clothing. The handset is equipped with a special microfilter that prevents the penetration of the ear wax inside the device so that it is not only hygienically safe for use but also protected from failures.

Wireless bugs are of great help to students when taking the exam but can also be used for all other secret operations, for example during business meetings when users need accurate instructions and coordination in the negotiations. For such actions, it is very important that the user is not detected, and the latest generation of wireless bugs does so thanks to their design and technical characteristics.


How are the wireless bug and its features used?

To use a wireless bug, the user must insert a SIM card of any operator into the slot provided for the card before the start of a secret operation and then turn on the device. The transceiver itself has an enhanced induction to connect with the bug in the listening channel. The user puts the wireless bug into the ear canal and is then able to listen to everything that the interlocutor tells him.

The interlocutor also hears everything the user is talking about through a hidden microphone and, based on this, he or she supplies the user with all the necessary feedback. The microphone and signal receiver placed in the device of a size of a credit card are best hidden under the users clothing, on the side of his body on which the wireless bug itself is located.

The wireless bug has a battery capacity of up to 15 hours of conversation time. This means that the battery must be replaced if it is used for communication surpassing this time limit. Therefore, if a wireless bug is actively used for one hour, it can be reused whenever needed without any concern about whether the battery will be emptied.


In which situations can a wireless bug be used?

A wireless bug is commonly used for doing exams and for secret communication in business negotiations. Thanks to the wireless bug, passing the exams is extremely facilitated to many students while the business people are enabled to conclude the best deals.

If the student is doing an exam and does not know the answer to a question required or is not sure of the correct answer, the interlocutor, on the other hand, can immediately help, remind him or give the correct information. This means that the interlocutor is hearing not only what the user of the bug is saying, but everything that happens in the room in where the user is located.

A wireless bug can be equally effective for taking both oral and written exams or tests. When it comes to a written exam, all the user needs to do is to dictate questions to the interlocutor, listen to the answer and write down it. Thanks to the enhanced microphone, the user can practically just whisper the question to the interlocutor, and he will be able to hear it.

The great advantage of wireless bugs is their discreet design and outstanding technical features that enable uninterrupted communication. There is no fear that the connection will be interrupted or that someone will notice the use of this device.

Our agency’s offer includes the most advanced wireless ear bugs of renowned creators. Call us for more information and we will be happy to answer any additional questions you might have.


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