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Wi-Fi spy camera in smoke sensor

The smoke sensor is a great place to set up a spy camera. Its position allows a complete insight into the supervised space and thanks to the wide viewing angle of 100 degrees, this camera doesn’t miss almost anything. The important advantage of this camera is the real-time viewing function. Namely, the camera in the smoke sensor connects to any Wi-Fi router in its vicinity and only the user can access it.

It can be said that the Wi-Fi spy camera in the smoke sensor represents a perfectly camouflaged camera for secret recording and surveillance. Integrated inside the smoke sensor housing, this camera is safe from accidental finding and the sensor itself looks like every other one, and it’s impossible to discover its true purpose. Smoke sensors are quite commonplace in business and residential areas and are therefore suitable for the installation of spyware.

In addition to allowing live viewing of controlled areas, the Wi-Fi spy camera in the smoke sensor has a micro SD card slot with up to 32 GB of memory capacity. This means that the user can set the camera to record everything that happens in the supervised space on a memory card. Viewing the recorded material, in this case, is simplified as the camera has the motion detection option, which means it starts recording only when it detects an event in the controlled area.


How to use a WiFi spy camera in the smoke sensor and its technical features?

A Wi-Fi spy camera in a smoke detector needs to be mounted in a suitable place or the usual place where smoke detectors are installed. Most often this is the ceiling of the room. Installation is simple and fast and does not require special knowledge. Before installing the camera, it is necessary to insert the micro SD card into the slot integrated inside the case, as this camera also has the option of recording the material on the memory card.

When the camera in the smoke detector is set up, there is no need for an additional power supply because it is directly connected to the power supply, which means that it provides constant video surveillance 24 hours a day. In the event of a power failure, the camera will continue to operate because it has a rechargeable lithium battery that also supplies an internal power supply.

When the camera is set up, it connects to the nearest Wi-Fi router and the user can access it whenever desired. All it takes is an Internet connection and access to data. This means that no one else other than the user can access a camera. The camera provides the perfect image and tone at any time and thanks to nighttime diodes it is suitable for shooting both in low light and in total darkness.


In which situations can a Wi-Fi spy camera in the smoke sensor be used?

The Wi-Fi spy camera in the smoke sensor can be effectively used to control both residential and business premises. It is excellently camouflaged and positioned so that it gives a maximum overview of the supervised space.

If installed in the apartment it can be used to control the children, the helping staff, the safes, and the valuables. Parents can use this camera to check what their kids are doing while they are alone, how the babysitter or the house service behaves, and can also be installed in the bedroom and serve to monitor the behavior of a spouse or emotional partner.

Business people use this camera very effectively to control and monitor the employees. It can be installed on all business premises, such as offices, outlets, warehouses, halls, conference rooms, meeting rooms and the like. In this way, employers secure their property not only from unlawful alienation but also protect their business integrity from corporate espionage and other similar actions.

The biggest advantage of this camera in addition to excellent camouflage is easy to access. From any distance, the user can connect with the camera and watch what’s happening live. The only condition is that it has access to the Internet on the mobile phone. In doing so, the user chooses to use the camera for making audio and/or video or just for taking pictures.

Call us and see for yourself the benefits of this perfect spy camera. We will explain to you all the details of its installation and use.


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