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The Extension Cord Eavesdropper

The extension cord eavesdropper provides audio monitoring or eavesdropping of any residential or business premises in which it is installed. It can work continuously as it is powered directly from the power supply. In addition, there is also a special Apple lithium battery that can be recharged, and its capacity is up to 14 days in Stand By mode.

This listening device looks and works like any other extension cable. It can easily be used to power various devices, and when activated, it becomes the perfect spy device. The operating principle is the same as for other GSM eavesdroppers. Below the cover of the extension cable, there is a spy bug with a slot for the SIM card through which the device is activated.

The extension cord is compatible with all mobile networks and has an unlimited range. It is activated either by calling or by sending an SMS message to the card number that is inserted into the device. It has a voice activation option which means that it starts to work when it registers a sound in the room.

The essential characteristic of this listening device is preload protection. This means that the device is protected from burnout and thus from the outage from the network. Therefore, in case of power failure and in case of high voltage, the device continues to operate. The SIM card does not need to be taken out and then returned to the slot, as is the case with other similar devices.


How to use the eavesdropper in an extension cable and its features?

In order to enable the eavesdropper to work, you need to first insert a SIM card into it. When you remove the cover or the plastic mask on the extension cable, you will see a slot in which you need to insert the mobile phone card. Then put the cable into the room you want to monitor and that’s all.

The cable within which the GSM eavesdropper is located is a very common extension cable with 6 sockets and 3 or 5 meters of cable. It’s a very high-quality extension cable that works perfectly and smoothly even when it’s functioning as an eavesdropper.

The activation is silent, without any sound, light or vibration signals. Therefore, no one is able to notice this extra function. To activate it, you need to send an SMS message of specific content to the card number that is located in the device or to call the card number. After that, you can listen to everything that happens in the area that is being under surveillance.

The device also has the option of voice activation, which means that it starts working as soon as it registers sounds or voices in the room. The user then receives a call from a SIM card that is inserted into the device and can listen to everything that is happening. By sending a reverse SMS of a particular content this option can be disabled.


In which situations can the eavesdropper in an extension cable be used?

The extension cord is ideal for monitoring office space, such as offices, shops, warehouses, workshops, and kiosks. It allows you to find out what’s happening at your workplace when you’re not here. And more than that, this device helps you get a real insight into the situation at work, the atmosphere among the colleagues, their intentions, work ethics and relationship to the company and to you as the owner.

The extension cord can be set up in the conference and in other business halls. You can listen live and find out whether your employees, your associates and the people of confidence negotiate and do the job for your benefit or not.

With eavesdropping, many unclear situations, both at work and at home, can be resolved. Therefore, if you suspect that your spouse is hiding something, or if you do not know what your kids are doing when they are alone or if you notice that the staff you hired to help does not work hard enough, here’s a great way to resolve these dilemmas.

The quality of this eavesdropper is at the highest level thanks to the enhanced microphone and built-in murmur filter and noise neutralization. This means that the user can hear even the quietest conversation inside the supervised space.

Call us or come to us. We will explain in detail how the eavesdropper in an extension cable works and we can together consider other spyware options that can be of use to you.


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