Professional Bomb Jammer – Signal Breaker

Professional Bomb Jammer, spyware and cell phone signaling interceptor is a product manufactured under the Israeli military technology license and is used for complete protection against spying 24/7 and 365 days a year.

This professional spyware blocker is used by the world’s leading intelligence services, secret service operations, the military, state institutions, prisons as well as all serious companies with the aim of protecting their privacy and security. The bomb jammer has an extremely large radius of interference of up to 1 km. Therefore, it can be used to interfere with spyware in both smaller and extremely big rooms and environments.

Another great advantage that makes this device stand out from other desktop and hand jammers is that each frequency on the device can be adjusted separately digitally, using a remote controller.

This serious machine (over 50 kg in weight) for the detection of eavesdropping and spying equipment can also work on the rechargeable high capacity battery pack you get. The battery’s autonomy is up to 2 hours.

The Bomber Jammer case is made of special aluminum alloys that do not overheat and are designed to work continuously and without turning off. The operating temperature of 20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C enables it to operate smoothly in all weather conditions.

The interferer is protected in a Pelikan waterproof case, fitted with silent coolers, shockproof and dustproof.


How to use the Bomb Jammer and its technical features?

Bomb Jammer is a professional interferer of a wide range of frequency spy equipment and a mobile phone signal that is designed in the way that it can work continuously 24h every day. This way, it provides complete protection from spying and eavesdropping in both smaller rooms and in wider environments.

It consists of a casing made of special durable aluminum alloys that prevent overheating devices and of modules with highly-sensitive rod or panel antennas. The frequencies of each module are switched on and configured separately using a special remote controller. It can thus be adapted to all user needs.

The radius of interference is extremely wide and ranges from 500 – 1000 meters 30m @ – 75dBm depending on the configuration of the terrain.

The output power of this professional spy signal jammer is extremely large, a total of 720W for a model of 8 bands. The Bomb Jammer is equipped with special protection systems, such as Smart Cooling System, VSWR, Over-voltage and Over-current systems. This ensures continuous operation 365 days a year without fear of overheating or malfunction.

Bomber signal jammer can also be powered internally with a rechargeable lithium battery up to 2h as needed.

This professional jammer is additionally protected from shock, moisture, and dust by a quality Pelican suitcase in which you receive it.


For what purpose is the Bomb Jammer applied

As its name suggests, the Bomb Jammer is often used to prevent hostile communications and block frequencies used for remote bomb detonation, which can be seen in action movies. This jammer detects and blocks a whole range of known communication mechanisms – GSM, CDMA, Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, RF, radio signal, mobile phone signals …

For years, it has been successfully used for protection against eavesdropping, both in our country and around the world. It is precise, accurate and reliable and it can work 24/7.

This portable professional jammer is a product of modern Israeli military technology and is often applied precisely in military interventions.

The most common application is found in high state institutions, diplomatic buildings, military bases, checkpoints, border crossings, prisons, and military bases. It is also used by intelligence services and security agencies to protect VIPs and people from the political top.

The bomb jammer can be used in police, anti-terrorist and secret operations of every kind. It can also be of great use in various flammable and explosive locations, such as gas stations, oil and gas pumps, and plants.

Large corporations can also use this spyware interceptor to protect privacy and security.

In the end, the issue of health safety and the harmfulness of the jammer to the human body is often raised. These talks are still in the form of assumptions since these issues ware never scientifically confirmed. Of course, for the sake of prevention, it is not recommendable to stand in the immediate vicinity of the jammer while it is switched on.


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