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Keychain Spy Micro-Camera

Spy micro-camera in the car keychain

A micro-camera integrated into the key ring or remote controller of the car is an excellent spy device that can be used in various covert operations. It can make audio and video recordings, as well as high-resolution photos. Easy handling, storage, and playback of the recorded material classify this product as one of the most practical spyware devices.

The offer includes spy micro-cameras embedded in a pendant or remote car key for Mercedes, BMW, VW, and other popular brands. The great advantage of this spy camera is precisely its good camouflage. The pendant does not differ from any other similar products, which allows the user to unhindered secret recording and a variety of spyware maneuvers.

The spy micro-camera in a keyring can be activated in two ways, by voice activation or by motion detection. The user chooses and adjusts the activation option he wants to use in a given situation. The operating mode can be easily changed by pressing the button on the pendant itself.

The camera also captures great images in low light thanks to its high-quality night vision and its high resolution. The device also has a rechargeable lithium battery of high capacity, as well as a storage space for storing data up to 32 GB. To view the recordings, it is necessary to connect the camera to a computer or a laptop, and then just transfer the recorded files.


How to use the spy camera in the keyring and its features?

A spy micro-camera in the keyring is operated using the buttons on the pendant, similar to when used to remotely unlock or lock the car. Unlike other spyware devices, on which the keys for handling are fairly small, this is not the case with this device. This makes it easy to operate or to quickly select the recording mode options.

By pressing a certain key, the device is turned on and off, while by pressing a second key, the mode of the spy camera is selected, that is, audio and/or video recording or taking pictures. The LED light on the pendant indicates clearly to the user clearly in which mode the camera currently is, thus leaving to place for confusion.

Before using the micro-camera, you need to insert the memory card into the device. The micro SD card slot is integrated inside the product and is located under the cover. The micro SD card is inserted in the same way as with other devices, that is to say, by pressing the slot until a characteristic click is heard. It is taken out the same way.

Below the cover, there is also an input for the USB cable, through which the camera connects to the computer, laptop, tablet, phone or other compatible devices. Besides, the USB cable also charges the battery. Sounds and images are of extremely high quality, even if videos or photos are recorded in night conditions, primarily thanks to an extremely high-quality night vision.


In which situations can a spy micro camera in the keychain be used?

A spy micro-camera inside the keyring can be used for all secret surveillance and eavesdropping operations. It is intended for detectives, investigators, paparazzi, and everyone who has a need to record something secretly, be it with a photo or with an audio recorder. It is also very popular among students and scholars for doing tests or exams, as well as among business people.

Detective agencies must have this camera in their assortment of spyware because they provide quality recorded material, are well camouflaged and easy to handle. Journalists are also often using it on their tasks, whether on the secret ones or the regular ones, and it is convenient to the paparazzi when it is necessary to secretly record some interesting or intriguing situation.

Business people often use this camera to record business meetings and negotiations, can also be used for surveillance in specific circumstances, and to students, it can be useful in various situations. In addition, this camera is an interesting and practical gift that will surely delight your loved ones.

Call us and get more information about our range of spy equipment. We will try to advise you on those products that can help you the most in your specific circumstances.


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