Desktop signal jammer

Desk signal jammer

A Desktop Jammer is a reliable and precise signal interferer and the most sophisticated modern equipment for spying and eavesdropping. The secret recording is a part of our everyday life, and just about everyone can become a spying target. The consequences of secret recording and eavesdropping can be catastrophic both for your work and for your private life. It’s best to take things into your own hands and protect yourself on time, and the desktop jammer of the spyware signal is the right device to do this.

The desk jammer guarantees you full privacy protection at work, in a cottage, at home, in hotel accommodation, in a car … This efficient multifunctional desktop signaling device spyware can be easily used by anyone who wants to protect themselves from spying.

Desktop spy equipment interferers work based on interfering or preventing data transmission between spyware. With the help of powerful antennas, the jammer emits electromagnetic waves at the frequencies of the receivers of the spyware devices, thus blocking the broadcast and reception of the signal.

Depending on the model, the table jammer can have multiple antennas and each module with an antenna can be used as a separate signal jammer. If you want to interfere with a particular frequency or multiple frequencies, you can order precisely those frequencies and our expert team will configure your personal desktop jammer with the desired frequencies.

Advanced cooling systems provide a constant operating temperature that, if maintained, can allow the jammer to run for up to several months, without fear of overheating and lowering the power of the interference signal.

High-quality cabinets also contribute to the quality of the work of the interference.


How to apply a table jammer and its technical features

The Desktop Jammer reliably and accurately obstructs and prevents the operation of the most modern eavesdropping equipment, which can be of miniature dimensions and impossible to spot with a naked eye.

Table jammers, using powerful transmitters, emit electromagnetic waves at the frequencies of the receiver and prevent the operation of the spy device within a radius of up to 120 m, depending on the terrain configuration, the quality of the jammed device, and the model of the jammer. Antennas can be omnidirectional (stickers) or directional (panel) as needed:

  • With omnidirectional antennas, we reach a lower range of devices, but the angle of action is 360 degrees, which would mean that electromagnetic waves spread spherically in all directions around the device. This type of interference is suitable in buildings where it is necessary to cover the floor above and below a certain space, and where the range of the device is not a priority.

  • With directional antennas, we reach 3-4 times wider range, but at a lower angle of interference, up to 60 degrees. This type of interference is suitable on terrains where the primary goal is to achieve a greater range of devices, and where the width of the angle of interference is not a priority.


Table jammer successfully obstructs:

  • wireless frequencies of mobile telephony and mobile internet

  • Wireless Internet and Bluetooth

  • eavesdroppers of the unlimited range that work based on the radio connection and the GSM network

  • GPS tracker – locators

  • Wireless remote controls

  • GPS navigation in the vehicle and on the mobile phone

  • Wireless spy cameras and video surveillance cameras

Original desktop jammers can run continuously for up to several months without turning them off and there will be no overheating and a drop-in power interference (24/7). The Active and Passive Smart Cooling system provides a constant operating temperature that, if maintained, can allow the jammer to work continuously for up to several months. The original desktop jammer cases are made of modern materials and aluminum alloys and are thus effective in draining the excess heat.

The original desktop jammers have a minimum of 1W – 3W output power per module.

High-quality antennas support the power of each module individually and thus allow its maximum utilization, thereby directly increasing the radius of interference.

Desktop jammers can be used without any interruptions at temperatures from – 40 to +55 degrees.


For what purpose is a table jammer used

With the help of our picturesque and detailed instructions, a desktop jammer can be easily used by anyone who wants to protect themselves from spying. The signal interrupter can be used in cars, houses, apartments, offices, business spaces, warehouses, classrooms and amphitheaters, hotels…

Desktop jammers have wide applications in business. Owners of companies, employers, managers, and directors can use it as reliable protection of confidential business information.

It protects business premises, offices, or halls where business meetings are held and prevent the “leakage” of confidential information. It is great protection against the increasingly popular industrial espionage. Non-governmental organizations can help keep up-to-date information about their plans and actions with the help of a desktop jammer.

A table jammer is a perfect tool for journalists and educators. Education employees can easily use desktop signal interferer and prevent students and pupils from using cell phones, bugs, and hidden cameras for copying and cheating on exams.

This device is also an irreplaceable associate for employees in security agencies, bodyguards of famous or important politicians, celebrities, and business people.

SpyTech provides you with the ability to create a desktop signal interferer just according to your needs. If you want to interfere with spyware of certain frequencies, we have all the professional and technical capabilities for you to create a personalized desktop jammer with the desired features.

All you need to do is call us or come to our sales premises. We will use all our knowledge and experience to help you choose an adequate spyware interceptor that will solve your problems and resolve your suspicions in the fastest, the easiest, and the cheapest way, with full discretion.


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