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Bicycle and motorcycle light GPS tracker

bike and bicycle GPS tracker

A bicycle and motorcycle light GPS tracker is a modern satellite device for tracking and locating that gives you the possibility to keep track of the movement of your two-wheelers, but also of children and grownups in real time. A bicycle and motorcycle light GPS tracker is designed according to all the traffic safety regulations. The front light emits strong white light and illuminates the space in front of the vehicle, while the backlight emits a bright red color thanks to strong LEDs.

But its functions provide much more than ensuring safety in traffic.

These spy devices mostly operate on the principle of mobile telephony, and they connect to the satellite using a GPS signal. A SIM card (also used in mobile phones) is inserted into the GPS tracker.

The GPS Tracker locates a bike or a motorbike by tracking it using coordinates in the form of latitude and longitude that it sends to your mobile phone as a Google Maps link via text message. By clicking on a link from a message or by simply typing those coordinates in Google Earth or any other map that supports search by coordinates, you get to see the exact location of the object (maximum inconsistency is 5 m).

The built-in vibration sensor allows the locating and tracking device to call or send a text message to the given phone number as soon as it detects a movement or a vibration.

Upon request, the exact location of the device can be obtained at any time by SMS message in the form of latitude and longitude or in form of a precise address.

The GPS locator provides you with the ability to accurately track the real-time movement of two-wheelers on the web portal, where you can instantly obtain and see all movement-related data regardless of the distance.

In addition, you can place this locator anywhere and get an efficient and reliable device for eavesdropping on an unlimited range.



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