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A miniature camera for recording the surroundings of a car

mini cam for recording the surroundings of a vehicle

A miniature camera for recording the surroundings or so-called Car Camera has multiple purposes. Besides its basic purpose, it can also be used as a surveillance camera for the security of business and residential objects, as a GoPro camera for recording adventurous driving or traffic in the road and as a spy camera for secret recording in various situations.

It is a high-performance device that provides the highest-quality video, audio and photo material. In addition to HD resolution and high-quality sound, the device is equipped with GPRS and GPS navigation and a security SOS button. This means that the car can be easily located and found in case of theft or any other risky situation.

The miniature camera for recording the surroundings of a car actually consists of two outdoor cameras that have an infrared light which means they are specialized for night shooting and that their visibility reaches a range of up to 15 meters. Thanks to the wide angle of 140 ° (fish eye), these sophisticated spy cameras won’t miss anything and record the car’s surroundings only when something is happening.

This function allows a convenient playback of recordings and provides more space on the memory card. Thus, when viewing the recorded material, there is no inactive frames. Thanks to the motion detection function, the camera starts recording only when it registers motion or something happening around the car so that up to 32 GB of useful material can be stored on the memory card.


How to use a Car Camera and its features?

The miniature camera for recording the surroundings of a car is most often mounted on a windshield and on a rear glass using a special holder but it can practically be mounted on any convenient place on the car. If it is used for security or secret surveillance, it is easily camouflaged and hidden because of its minimum dimensions. Thanks to the wide angle of the recording, every detail from the surroundings of the supervised object can be recorded, and that only when something actually is happening.

Before installing the camera, you need to insert the memory card into the device and check the battery status. The battery is integrated inside the device and its capacity is of several hours of continuous recording in day and night mode. It can be set to record video or to take pictures. Also, the car camera can be connected to a car charger, which means that it can record continuously i.e. that its functioning does not depend on the battery life.

All recorded material is stored on the memory card. When you want to watch the videos, the camera is simply to be connected to a computer or a laptop using a connecting cable and the material is ready for playback. There is no need to install any special programs because the camera is compatible with all operating systems. The quality of the video and of the sound is on a professional level, and it is not surprising that the recordings made with these cameras can be used as an evidence in the case of a traffic accident.


In which situations can a mini car camera be used?

Mini cameras are most often used as car ride cameras or as security cameras for car surveillance and protection against vandalism and theft. Speed lovers use for car ride recording because they wish to record their skills this way, while the adventurers use it to record panoramas and areas through which they pass.

However, the use of this camera is not only reserved for recording the surroundings of a car and of a road but can also be used as a very practical camera for monitoring any residential or business facility. It can be installed at the entrance to the apartment or house, in warehouses, halls, sales facilities.

When used to capture the surroundings of a car, the recorded material can be used to identify the persons who did any damage to the car. If car theft occurs, the integrated GPS tracker and GPRS navigation can be of great help with the search after the stolen car and with bringing the perpetrators  to justice.

When it comes to recording a road during the ride or in the traffic, the videos made with this camera can serve as evidence in court. Namely, there are numerous situations when the driver of the car happens to be unjustly accused of having committed a traffic violation and is not able to prove that he is not guilty. In that case the tapes from this camera can prove his innocence and relieve him of all the accusations.

Call us, select a mini camera to record the car surroundings from our offer and protect yourself and your car from any unwanted situation.


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