Spy software

Spyware for the latest generation of mobile phones and computers

In the digital age, spyware for monitoring and eavesdropping on mobile phones, PCs, digital forensics and spyware USB flash are the most sought after products in our offer. These are top quality programs that allow you to secretly monitor all activities of a targeted mobile phone or computer user.

PC spyware has multiple applications and is most commonly used to control the activities of computer employees, children, and spouses. Installation and use of the program is simple, it does not require special IT knowledge but basic knowledge of computer work. The program needs to be installed on a targeted computer, the installation is short and takes about 10 minutes and the program itself is invisible to the end user.

Spy mobile phone monitoring and eavesdropping software is the most reliable way to find out what your children, spouse or employees are doing. Information with whom they are corresponding, socialize or plan, can help confirm or disprove all your doubts. These programs allow you to automatically record conversations over the phone, making photos and videos, and you also have a list of all calls, messages, as well as a complete overview of activities on social networks. With this program you can track the movement of a person, locate all the places where she stayed, and with the camera you can live monitor whom she meets and hang out with.

Spyware – easy and fast to the truth

In addition to these high-end monitoring and eavesdropping programs, you also have digital forensics services as well as USB flash to access your password-protected computer. Digital forensics is the process of recovering all deleted data from a mobile phone, ie SMS and MMS messages, contacts, photos, audio and video, correspondence from social networks (Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Skype) and all other data that existed in cell phone but accidentally or intentionally deleted.

Spy USB flash allows access to a password protected computer. This device looks like any other USB flash drive and can also be used to store various text, video and audio tracks. The device must be plugged into a USB port of a computer, laptop or tablet, then the program will automatically start and bypass all set passwords. When your computer restarts without plugging in a USB flash drive, it will be protected by the same password as before, so no one can suspect that anyone else has used it.