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Electroshockers – security and property protection devices

Security equipment can become your best ally in protecting against aggressive attackers, thieves or aggressive dogs. The most popular self-defense devices are the latest generation of lampshade shockers.

Electric shockers are devices that are used solely in self-defense and are not weapons. They can not kill the attacker, but they can cause him pain and cause immediate muscle spasm, which will give you plenty of time to escape or call for help. The latest generation of electric shockers have a built-in sound that is sometimes enough to intimidate an attacker and thwart his plans.

The electric shocker operates on the principle of periodic electric discharge, where a strong electric shock (1,000 kV – 3,000 kV) causes the current state of shock, extremely intense pain and muscle spasm in the aggressor. The first discharge is the most intense, and each subsequent is weaker.

Electric shockers are effective in winter, regardless of the thickness of the attacker’s clothing.

Feel safe and secure with the latest generation of electric shockers

Safety and self-defense equipment can be of benefit to anyone who wants to feel safe and secure, protecting themselves and their property. More beautiful female members, security workers, shop owners, and outlets can find a reliable protector in electric shockers.

Shock-flashers have built-in LED lamps of exceptional strength, so they can serve as a necessary light source at any time.

SpyTech electrocutioners are original, certified and made of durable alloy steel to the highest quality standards and technology of the German police. They are modern in design, discreet and easy to carry anywhere in everyday luggage.

Wearing electric shockers is legal

The most common dilemma people have when it comes to using a shocker is whether it is legal to wear and use a shocker to protect personal and property security. The law is clear and precise – Article 26 of the Law on Weapons and Ammunition allows adults to carry and use devices for causing electric shocks. Most importantly, when using a self-defense device, the defense intensity is never greater than the intensity of the attack.

For self-defense appliances, it is especially important to be careful not to take untested copies from the internet, because when you are in danger, the last thing you want is to know that the device is defective or too weak. Our technical support is at your disposal for any additional advice and guidance regarding the selection and proper use of the electric shocker in the form of an LED lamp.