Purchasing Discretion Purchasing Discretion Guaranteed customer discretion when purchasing
A legal purchase A legal purchase Purchase available to both individuals and businesses
Purchasing from all over the world Purchasing from all over the world Possibility of online payment
Delivery throughout Europe Delivery throughout Europe The possibility of ordering from all EU countries

03/03/2017 / Miloš Jovanović

SpyTech on the portal “Telegraf”: BECOME A DETECTIVE

On the popular internet portal “Telegraf” you can read the interview with Mr. Jovanovic, director of SpyTech, which provides the most popular spyware products in our country. In this interesting…

03/10/2015 / Miloš Jovanović

SpyTech – Interview: “Eavesdropping Affair”

Interview for the 3rd RTS1 daily overview in the office of Alfa Sistem Plus d.o.o. The topic of the interview was spying, spying equipment and the eavesdropping affair in our…

25/04/2013 / Miloš Jovanović

Spy Equipment, Security Fair

SpyTech also introduced spy equipment on state television - the first RTS channel (RTS1). When deciding on the purchase of spyware, ask yourself if any of the competitors can present…

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