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A legal purchase A legal purchase Purchase available to both individuals and businesses
Purchasing from all over the world Purchasing from all over the world Possibility of online payment
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14/01/2023 / Miloš Jovanović

What is mobile forensics?

Mobile forensics is the science of extracting, analyzing, and presenting digital evidence from mobile devices. It involves the use of specialized tools and techniques to acquire, preserve, and analyze data…

27/02/2019 / Miloš Jovanović

Tracking and eavesdropping a mobile phone

See for yourself all the options the SpyTech spy software provides. We offer you 48 hours long free trial without any commitment. SpyTech spyware for tracking and eavesdropping phones of…

/ Miloš Jovanović

SpyTech Spy Software for PC

SpyTech Spy Software for PC is a program that gives you full insight into all the activities the computer user performs on it. The software monitors everything that someone does…

09/11/2018 / Miloš Jovanović

Spy camera in a light bulb

The spy camera in the bulb allows for equally high-quality audio and video surveillance of any area in the day and in night conditions. It is easy to install; camera…

08/10/2018 / Miloš Jovanović

The Extension Cord Eavesdropper

The extension cord eavesdropper provides audio monitoring or eavesdropping of any residential or business premises in which it is installed. It can work continuously as it is powered directly from…

05/10/2018 / Miloš Jovanović

Wi-Fi spy camera in smoke sensor

The smoke sensor is a great place to set up a spy camera. Its position allows a complete insight into the supervised space and thanks to the wide viewing angle…

/ Miloš Jovanović

Mini USB Audio Recorder

The USB recorder is one of the most functional devices in the spyware range that serves for the secret recording of conversations. It looks like a classic USB storage media…

/ Miloš Jovanović

Ultra slim built-in spy camera

From the very moment it appeared on the market, the ultra-thin spy built-in camera occupied one of the leading positions among the sophisticated spyware products. This was primarily due to…

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